35 Last-Minute Family Halloween Costume Ideas (2023)

I can’t believe that Halloween is already right around the corner! If you are a procrastinator like me and desperate for some easy Halloween costumes for the whole family, this post is for you! Group costumes can be challenging but here you will find all the inspiration you need to create last-minute costumes the whole family will love! Enjoy these 35 family Halloween costume ideas 2023!

Family halloween costume ideas 2023
Family Halloween Costumes

How to Create Easy Family Halloween Costumes

Family halloween costume ideas 2023

I’ll admit, I have never been a big costume person. I most relate to Jim Halpert from The Office in that any time there was some sort of dress-up thing in college, I’d do as little as possible. I’m not a center of attention type of gal and costumes are a bit much for me. BUT, that all changed when my littles came along! Halloween became too much fun to miss out on!

The best way to create family costumes is to select a theme that has a lot of different characters. I will give a ton of examples below PLUS links to buy the costumes easily online. This makes life SO much easier and don’t forget to order EARLY so you don’t get price gouged! 

Family halloween costume ideas 2023

Last year, our whole family dressed up as “Peter Pan” characters and these photos are honestly some of my favorite to look at. We pulled off this with some homemade Halloween costume hacks and other items we purchased new.

This was SO much fun and now I’m addicted to family Halloween Costumes.

If you love this Peter Pan theme, I have a whole blog post with how we made these costumes!

All the links to these costumes/similar costumes are below!

Trend Alert: Family Barbie Costumes 2023

If you are searching for the perfect family Halloween costume ideas 2023, Barbie is a no-brainer! Barbie is going to be VERY popular for Halloween this year! Check out these options for fun Barbie Themed costumes for the whole family!

barbie halloween family costumes 2023

BEST Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Families 2023

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase

​Note: This post is intended to give you some family Halloween costume ideas. I linked similar items to the costumes you’ll see here! They are not all the exact same items. I tried to link only items still available on Amazon, but this is a busy time of year and some items may have sold.

1. Hippie Family

Cute and easy, you might have a lot of these items laying around! Example: Tie dye T-shirt, bell bottom jeans, bandana…

NOTE: If you love this Hippie theme as much as I do, check out my post HERE where I show you how I threw a Hippie party, complete with costumes!

Here are some similar options:

2. “Grease”

This is a great opportunity to wear your favorite black outfit! Pair a black top with black jeans or black leather pants for mom. Dad can wear black jeans with a white t-shirt. If you already have a leather jacket, this idea is basically a no-brainer! Don’t forget your red lipstick and heels. 

3. Mary Poppins

I have wanted to try out this idea FOREVER! 

It’s maybe not the cheapest option since these costumes are a bit ”out there”  and you might not have items at home that work. 

BUT…This is so freaking cute, I can’t handle it. If you have more children, you can easily have multiple penguins OR add a few chimney sweeps!

4. Peter Pan

I’m listing this one again because it’s just THAT good. Here is an example of pulling off this family costume look with fur babies included. I love it!

5. Super Heros

These are costumes you can easily find at a costume shop or even from a thrift store! Super easy and great for last-minute diy Halloween costumes. This classic costume assembly works because (especially if you have boys), you may already have superhero costumes laying around.

6. Wizard of Oz

Look at how this family of SEVEN pulled off this look!

This is such a great option for Halloween family costumes… Mainly because there are so many characters to work with! A classic witch costume, a princess, a lion, scarecrow, flying monkeys, tin man, the list could go on!

7. Moana

One of my kid’s favorite movies and such a fun idea. Dads can join in and go as Maui. Anything green could be worn for Tafiti and I linked a green wig here!

8. Tangled

This idea is great because more characters could be added easily! Mother Gothel, a horse, etc. Dad can pull off a DIY costume here as well with a vest and satchel for Flynn Rider.

9. Flintstones

Meet the Flintstones! This would be SO fun. These are great DIY costumes also because random fabric pieces can be used to create the cave-man ensemble.

10. The Greatest Showman

Based on a “Greatest Showman” theme, these costumes give you endless options for a large group!

I’ve seen a lot of different takes with this one also and I think this look could be thrown together with a lot of household items on hand!

11. Pooh Bear and The Hundred-Acre Wood

Cute, timeless, and simple. If mom is pregnant, the Kangaroo costume is adorable!

12. Family Zoo

What an easy idea! The parents here are the zoo keepers and the kids can be any assortment of zoo animals!

13. Alice in Wonderland

Nothing quite matches the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland. There are so many options for this fun theme with a host of characters to choose from!

14. Mummy Family

If you are looking for a very last minute, easy and CHEAP family costume idea, this one is gold! All you need is a sheet you can tear up OR some of the mummy cloth I linked below! Another very simple option for the whole family.

15. Up

Carl and Ellie deserve their own place on this list. The cutest family costume idea complete with a bunch of colorful balloons!

16. Aladdin

How cute is this Aladdin costume theme? Again, this movie has SO many characters to choose from and it’s perfect for big families!

17. Ratatouille

This costume idea is amazingly easy. If you want to go super simple, you could purchase white aprons for mom and dad and baby will look adorable in a mouse costume! Keep it simple.

18. Harry Potter

My husband has been suggesting we dress up as Harry Potter for several years now. These costumes would totally be a load of fun. They have so many options to choose from as well! Dumbeldore, witches, wizards, dementors, doby… The list goes on!

19. Star Wars

Whether you go the classic Star Wars route or focus more on Mandelorian, this theme is so fun! Don’t forget to bring your furry friends to act as “wookies”!

20. Bluey

I have a feeling Bluey is gonna be a popular costume pick in 2023! My kids are obsessed with the avdentures of Mom, Dad, Bingo and Bluey and I gotta say I love the show too! Check out these cute “Bluey” costumes!

21. Little Mermaid

With the new Little Mermaid movei out on Disney Plus, I think we also might see a LOT of little mermaids out on Halloween night 2023! The good news is, this costume theme is SO cute, and whimsical. Especially if you are a girl mom, your kiddos will be obsessed!

22. The Lion King

A timeless classic that is never a bad idea… The Lion King is always a top pick for families on Halloween. It gives a broad selection of characters to choose from and

23. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty was my absolute favorite princess fairytale of all time when I was young. The story-line has so many various characters with such fun costumes for the whole family!

24. 101 Dalmations

101 Dalmations is one of my kid’s favorite movies. They are obsessed with dogs and this costume would be such a blast for our family! The bonus of this is no matter how many kids you have, you can always add a few more Dalmatian pups so everyone has a costume. I call dibs on Cruella, though.

25. Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc is another one of those Disney films that is nostalgic for me. I love the plot and all the adorable monsters. I also think my 2 year old looks exactly like Boo.

26. Encanto

Encanto is extremely popular for the last few years! The adorable characters, bright colors and music really won my kids over. This outfit idea is perfect for a family with lots of girls! They will love getting to dress up as Mirabel and her sisters! Don’t forget to dress Dad up as Bruno!

27. Toy Story

Toy Story is such a fun and classic theme for Halloween! Once again, this is the perfect Halloween option for families because there are a plethora of options for the whole family. We’ve got Woody, Buzz, Potato Heads, Forky, Barbie, Little Bo Peep, Slink… the list goes on!

28. Hocus Pocus

Any other 90’s babies super nostalgic about Hocus Pocus?! One of my fave things to do after decorating our home for Halloween is drinking a steaming cup of cider, eating some apple bourbon crumble coffee cake and watching this hilarious movie. These costumes are so overly-Halloween-Themey in the best way!

29. Mario

With the new Mario movie out this year, I imagine we’ll see a lot of Mario characters out and about on Halloween night 2023!

30. Frozen

Frozen is still a winning costume for families with little girlies like mine! But no worries, there are a ton of options for Dad and bros as well! We’ve got Anna, Elsa, Christoff, Sven, Olaf, the list goes on!

31. The Addams Family

Another theme that is sure to be very popular this year due to the new “Wednesday” show! I love some good classic halloween costumes and The Adams Family gives you the chance to bring out the makeup, and classically creepy elements in a way the whole family will love!

32. Willy Wonka

Although the new Willy Wonka doesn’t come out until December, I am SO excited to see Timothee Chalamet has Willy Wonka! These costumes are absolutley adorably fun! And a baby Oompa Loompa might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

33. Popeye

34. The Incredibles

The Incredibles are one of those classic costumes that are incredibly easy because you can all wear the same outfit!

35. How to Train Your Dragon

This family Vikings ensemble is freaking amazing. “How To Train Your Dragon” is such a cute film and this would be an absolute blast for family costumes!

Halloween is fast approaching! What are your costume plans for the family this year?! I hope these Family halloween costume ideas 2023 helped.

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