How To Plan An Adorable Flower Power Birthday Party For Baby Girl

My sweet first baby girl turned TWO this year. I can hardly wrap my mind around that one, but I had the greatest time ever planning a flower power birthday party for her celebration! In this post, you’ll learn how to plan a flower power birthday party for your little one and also find links to everything I used to make the planning process insanely easy!

Birthday table scape with pink balloons and streamers

What Is a Flower Power Birthday Party?

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I started seeing this adorable theme circulate social media about a year ago and I immediately knew it was in my wheel house.

Since my daughter was turning two, we went with the “Two Groovy” version but I’ve also seen it called “young, wild and three”, flower power, hippie, 60’s themed, 70’s themed, retro etc… But basically this theme focuses on hippie styled items from the 60’s-70’s.

I didn’t want to go so full on tie dye and leather vests, but I LOVED the idea of Volkswagens, retro fonts and cute toddlers in bell bottoms.

Flower Power Birthday Party Decor

The first step to planning an AWESOME flower power birthday party is finding the right decor items. I started by selecting these adorable invitations from Etsy. The download is totally editable and I printed the invitations on my home printer.

I LOVED this design and how it used soft pastels and the cute Volkswagen decal so I purchased a few more of these downloads for my party signage.

I ended up purchasing a welcome poster, a birthday banner, some cupcake toppers and a few signs for the food table.

** Keep in mind the larger posters you’ll have to print from Staples or Home Depot .

Hippie Bus Prints:

Another decor item I created for the party was an ombré streamer wall. I wanted the wall behind the food table to have a cool accent and this idea ended up being perfect and so easy to throw together.

All you really need is THIS streamer pack from Amazon. I did 3 rows of double sided tape across the wall: 1 across the top, 1 through the center, 1 towards the bottom. Then, I gradually added the streamer colors to create an ombré effect. The other awesome thing about this was it was SO easy to clean up!

The last element I added was a balloon arch. I’ve done a few of these and have gotten quite a bit faster at putting them together. However I will say that the BEST thing to do is invest in an automatic balloon pump!

Ombré Accent Wall & Balloon Arch

Flower Power Birthday Party Food

Planning a menu for a toddler birthday party is always a challenge! Usually I aim to plan a menu that is less “themey” and more convenient/easy for me and all the other parents.

We planned this party for around 10:30 on a Saturday morning so that everyone could be home by nap time. I was super excited about this because I LOVE a good brunch menu.

Our menu consisted of donuts from a local cake donut place (if you’re local, Duck Donuts is amazing!), a parfait bar complete with fruit/cereal toppings/homemade granola and custom sugar cookies! We also made virgin mimosas. It was FANTASTIC, and one of the easiest hosting menus I’ve done.

I staged the donuts on platters and decorated with the cupcake toppers and daisies from Trader Joe’s flower section!

Flower power birthday party yogurt bar

The parfait bar was YUM. I made two types of granola: a Nutella granola and then a nut free honey & blueberry. It was also nice to have a healthier option.

Flower power hippie cookies

Ok, are these not the cutest personalized cookies you’ve ever seen?! Thankfully my best friend also has a cookie business and seeing the designs she came up with was so fun. They never disappoint!

Hippie birthday party mimosas

I purchased these inexpensive drink dispensers for our faux-mosas & water and decorated the drink station with tons of daisies. Daisies could have been the sub-theme of this party lol.

Flower Power Food Items:

Flower Power Birthday Party Favors

Party favors are always something I struggle to pick out. You want them to be on theme but also not just be junk that parents are going to throw away the second they get home. Here’s what we ended up choosing for our goody bags!

Flower Power Birthday Party Outfits

Probably my favorite part of the entire party was dressing my sweet baby up in bell bottoms. The rest of our family dressed a little retro too and it was a blast! She looked adorable and had the time of her life. (P.S. If you’ve read my blog, you know I LOVE putting together family outfits. Check out some my posts on selecting great family outfits HERE).

I might be biased but WOW is she cute.

Big brother joined in with the retro vibes! By the end of the party she was covered in chocolate and sprinkles but she was happy as can be.

Birthday Outfits:

Flower Power Birthday Party Games & Activities

I’m a very low key person when it comes to party games and I personally think they are pointless with a bunch of 2 year olds. We went very simple and inflated a mini bounce house and filled her baby pool with plastic balls for a “ball pit”.

** We decided to purchase a bounce house because it cost just as much to rent one, plus we figured we could use it for parties in the future.

Flower power birthday party activities

That wraps up the adorable, insanely fun flower power birthday party I threw for my daughters 2nd birthday! I hope this inspires you to throw a similiar party! If you do, I’d LOVE to hear about it! Let me know below in the comments section.

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