How to Easily Create a Quality Back-To-School Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

Creating a quality back-to-school wardrobe for your kids doesn’t have to be stressful. This post will break down how you can EASILY create a kids capsule-style wardrobe and make back-to-school shopping a breeze!

Little girl wearing plaid dress playing with wood toys

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I’ve always loved fashion, trends and buying cute clothes for myself. Then about four years ago I started creating my own little people and realized it’s 100% more fun to dress them. Are they cooperative? Not really. But adorable nevertheless. My oldest is off to school this year which is exciting and emotional all at once. SO to distract myself from the emotion, I’m focusing on something I enjoy- Getting his wardrobe together for school!

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Why Create a Kids Capsule Wardrobe?

Capsule Wardrobes are a huge craze right now in the college and adult populations. It’s so easy to just randomly go to the store and buy a bunch of clothes without being PURPOSEFUL with the items we buy. This results in a bunch of clothes we have only ever worn ONCE. Super wasteful!

Little girl in plaid dress running towards window in nursery

I’m not necessarily a minimalist in terms of clothes. In fact, I actually enjoy a good trend here and there and I realize I’m not going to wear every single item of clothing in my closet FOREVER. But I do firmly believe in the premise of capsule wardrobes: Finding great essentials that can be mixed and matched so you never feel like you have NOTHING to wear!

So, why create this kind of wardrobe for your KIDS? They grow out of stuff so fast anyways!

Why create a kids capsule wardrobe

Why Create a Kids Capsule Wardrobe for Back-to-School?

  • It Saves Money. How many times a year do your kids tell you they need to buy an outfit for ”xyz”? Or that they have nothing to wear/don’t like their clothes anymore? A capsule gives them a ton of options to create new/fun outfits which will save you the headache of buying new clothes constantly.
  • Decreases arguments about clothes for school. I’m looking at you, tweenagers. My four year old is already getting picky about certain textures and colors. Try to bring your kids in on the buying process so that a lot of the clothes are things THEY picked out!
  • Teaches kids to put outfits together. This is absolutely a life skill that many (boys especially) have…never? learned. A capsule is designed to allow freedom to mix/match the pieces.
  • Makes back-to-school shopping easier. If you tell your child the number of items they need and that each item has to be purposeful, it helps you and your child to stay focused and not stray from the task/budget!

So, What Do I Need to Create a Back-to-School Capsule Wardrobe?

Well, it’s actually much more simple than you may think!

Capsules consist of staple items that can be mixed and matched. To simplify this, I have created a checklist guide for both boys and girls! These checklists are super helpful to guide you as you make outfit selections. If your kids are in a lot of sports/need more athletic clothes, are plus sized or have different clothing preferences, all of these factors can be easily modified to their specifications.

Back to school kids capsule wardrobe checklist

Click HERE to get the FREE PRINTABLE above for boys capsule wardrobe checklist.

Back to school kids capsule wardrobe girls

Click HERE to get my FREE PRINTABLE for girls capsule wardrobe checklist!

How to Mix and Match Items From a Capsule Wardrobe:

The free printable checklists above will help you purchase the staple items you need, but how do you actually mix/match items to form outfits?

Again, it’s not as hard as you might think! Below are several clothing boards that show how easy it is to make outfits from your capsule.

Boys casual outfits

Casual Looks:

Boys dressy looks

Dressy Looks:

Back to school boys capsule

Outerwear + Accessories:

Girls capsule casual looks

Casual Looks:

Girls kids back to school capsule wardrobe

Dressy Looks + Matching Sets:

Girls capsule back to school

Outerwear + Accessories:

Hopefully, these outfit boards give you some great inspiration to create a fun back-to-school capsule wardrobe for your kids!

Mood board of boys outfits kids capsule wardrobe

Girls outfit moodboard kids capsule wardrobe

Please comment below if you have any specific items you are looking for! I love putting together kids outfits and outfits for special occasions/family photo shoots. If you enjoy this kind of content, check out the post below on family photo shoot outfits!


Are there any specific items you are looking for for the school year? Let me know below!

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