10 Best Little Girls Bedroom Ideas On a Budget

My first baby girl is 2.5 years old and as CRAZY as that is, this year I am working on transitioning her vintage floral nursery into a toddler girl bedroom! In this post, you’ll find my 10 best little girls bedroom ideas on a budget! You’ll also find some amazing, creative options that make a charming toddler girls’ room attainable for anyone!

TOP 10 Best Little Girls Bedroom Ideas on a Budget:

Select a Color Scheme

The first step to a successful toddler girl renovation is to select the perfect color scheme.

First, you need to select the perfect paint color. Do you want white walls or do you love vibrant colors? What color schemes does your child love? Do you want to give the room a fresh coat of paint, or leave it as is?

Wall color can be the make-or-break decision when creating a little girl’s room design plan. I shared HERE that I selected “Pink Phenomenon” by SW for Charlotte’s nursery after many trial/error runs and sampling 15 paint colors. I selected this color in hopes that it would transition seamlessly as my little girl grows!

little girls bedroom ideas on a budget

Here are 6 paint colors that are neutral and would transition with your little girl as she grows. These are mostly by Farrow & Ball. They can be a bit pricey so I always have them color-matched at Lowes or Home Depot!

There is no easier way to make an entire room pop than with a creative gallery wall!

A gallery wall is a great way to make your toddler girls’ room shine! Gallery walls are beautiful and creative and when done well, can be a significant focal point. A lot of us picture the quirky gallery walls of the mid-2010’s with quotes like “Live, laugh, love”, but the truth is that gallery walls have evolved right along with modern home style!

When creating a gallery wall for your toddler girls’ room, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Frames: Do you want all your frames to be the same color/material?
  2. Size: Are you covering a large area with large pieces of art or do you need just a few small frames?
  3. Art: What style of art goes with your room design?
  4. Photos: Do you want to mix photography into the gallery wall or is it strictly art?

When selecting frames and art for your gallery wall, try mixing frames with various finishes, colors and textures. This will give your gallery wall a unique dimension!

Select Adorable Wall Art

Make your little girl’s room pop by selecting art that enhances the look of the entire room! There are so many different styles of art to choose from.

For a gallery wall, I like to do a mix of imagery, word graphics, and even some actual pictures of my children in black and white.

If you have a vintage-styled room like I do, try to select vintage art pieces. A room that is brightly colored and modern, will mesh with some fun word graphics!

My Secrets For Finding Beautiful, Affordable Art

  1. Antique stores. My kid’s rooms are filled with unique and vintage art pieces that I’ve found at my local fave antique store. Often the art will already be in a beautiful frame and the entire piece of art will come in under $20. This is my top hack for finding art. This takes some patience and frequent trips to the antique store, but it’s worth it to me!
  2. Etsy Prints. If I can’t find a specific type of art I’m looking for, the next option is to find a print of the art as an Etsy download. Usually the downloads cost anywhere from $1-$7. After downloading the art, I order it online and it’s delivered to my house. Depending on where you order the print, you can select watercolor paper, mattte paper, etc. to make the art look more expensive!
  3. Society 6. A site where artists sell their art as high-quality prints delivered right to your door. They have frequent sales and awesome products! See below!

I LOVE to select a mix of vintage art and beautiful photographs but if budget is a concern or you don’t want to spend a lot of money, making your own art prints is also a good option! I use CANVA to create digital word graphics. They have a new feature where you can order your designs as a poster right from the Canva site. SO cool.

Accent with Bright Colors or Vibrant Colors:

When creating a color scheme for your little girls’ bedroom, use bright/vibrant colors to accent. I like to select a neutral or mid-tone paint color (like above) for the bedroom walls and then use brighter colors in an accent wall, throw blanket, throw pillows, or wall art.

The colors you accent with can make a huge difference in the overall vibes of the room.

Top Picks in Bright and Vibrant Colors:

Select the Perfect Bed For Your Little Girl

Picking the perfect bed is a huge decision when planning a little girl’s bedroom! What size bed is appropriate for the space? Do you want a toddler bed or a regular twin? If you have multiple children sharing beds, do you need bunk beds? Are you working with a small space and need a bed that will fit in an awkward area? All of these are things to consider before you buy.

Our space is rather large for a twin-size bed or toddler bed. We’ve had a toddler bed in here as a placeholder for some time and it leaves the room looking empty and awkward! However, we know our 2 little girls are only 1 year apart and will share a room at some point.

crate and kids rattan bed

For this reason, I selected THIS bed by Crate and Kids! I know I’ll eventually order a second twin bed when we move Hattie in AND these beds are adorable and would even work for teenage girls! Since this post is about the best little girls bedroom ideas on a BUDGET, I’ve included some other, more affordable options here as well!

Here are more options for little girl’s beds and bunk beds!

9 bed ideas for little girls bedroom
  1. Crate and Kids Rattan Bed– $899.00
  2. Crate and Kids Maple Jenny Lind Bed + Matching Nightstand– $899.00
  3. Wayfair Gold Canopy Bed – $209.00
  4. Wayfair Wrought Iron Bed- $250.00
  5. Overstock Green Bunk Bed- $667.00
  6. Mack and Milo SImple Wood Bunk bed-$790
  7. Cottage Garden bunk bed- $960
  8. Girl velvet trundle bed- $1,159
  9. World Market Kira Rattan Cane and Wood Daybed Frame– $699.00

Create an Adorable Reading Nook

reading nook ideas

It’s always a great idea to add a reading nook! This is a fun, cute accent that can easily be added to large and small rooms alike!

Charlotte loves her little reading book we installed when she was a baby. However, we know we need to refresh it! She no longer likes to be rocked at night (TEARS) so I will be trading out her sherpa rocker for a comfy armchair to read in together! This a fun way to encourage reading and development in your little one.

Top Picks For Reading Nooks:

Create a Sweet and Fun Accent Wall

Accent walls are a fun way to create depth and interest in your bedroom design! They can also be a huge budget saver because the interest is being drawn to one wall and can save you time and money designing the rest of the space.

My favorite two options for an accent wall are:

  1. Wallpaper or a wallpaper mural
  2. Large-scale art like a tapestry
lana tapestry from anthropologie

The TOP TRENDING item from my home is THIS gorgeous tapestry for Charlotte’s room.

It is a timeless piece that can transition from nursery to little girls’ room to teenage girls’ room and beyond!

Consider using a piece of large-scale art like this if you have a large blank wall and don’t where to start!

Top Picks For a Fun Accent Wall

Here are more, similar ideas for an accent wall!

Budget Idea: Use Wall Stickers for a Renter Friendly Accent Wall

Maybe wallpaper or a wallpaper mural is just a bit too pricey or you can’t do such a large-scale renovation in a rental home. One of the best little girls bedroom ideas on a budget is to use wall stickers or decals!

Wall stickers are a simple way to add a similar accent to your room for a much cheaper price.

Start with a smooth, flat surface and apply the sticker to the wall. After that, all you need to do is smooth out and YOU’RE DONE. Decals are even easier to remove.

The ease of this wall treatment makes it the perfect solution for renters, or any of us short on time!

It’s also the cheapest way by far to get the accent wall of your dreams!

  1. Goose Decals
  2. Olive Leaves Wall Decal
  3. Canyon Colors Wall Decals
  4. Horse Wall Decals
  5. Chicken Toss Wall Decal
  6. Safari Animals Wall Decals
  7. Village wall decals
  8. Modern Farm Decals
  9. Sunshine wall decal
  10. Forrest Wall Decal set

White Bedding VS Solid Color Bedding

The bedding is a huge focal point of the design plan for your little girl’s bedroom. A bright and vibrant bedding color palette will complement the white walls and bring the rest of the room to life! If you have a lot of color on your walls or have bright wallpaper, consider a more neutral toned bedding set like the one below!

For a little girls bedroom, I LOVE a gorgeous floral set. I especially love the look of mismatched florals and stripes combined to create a super cute and interesting bedding set. Add a canopy over the top of the bed and you will have the ultimate gorgeous accent!

I recently stumbled across Liberty floral bedding and am obsessed! I plan to do a look like the one below in Charlotte’s big girl room! The mismatched florals come together seamlessly in a beautiful, soft color palette!

Liberty Florals are again, on the pricey side! But you can get the look on a budget with a little searching! Below are my top favorite bedding picks for a little girls bedroom!

Top Picks for Little Girls Bedding

Below are some of my top picks for bedding to enhance the look of the whole room!

bedding ideas for little girls bedroom on a budget
  1. H&M Floral bedding set– $40
  2. H&M Neutral linen check bedding- $35
  3. H&M double Bright Floral bedding set- $85
  4. Crate and Kids striped quilt- $150
  5. Target Pillowfort floral duvet quilt- $40
  6. Target Twin box stitch microfiber quilt- $35

I Hope You Enjoyed These Best Little Girls Bedroom Ideas On a Budget!

I hope this post was helpful and inspired you with some new ideas for great ways to transform your daughters bedroom into a masterpiece! Which idea was your favorite? Let me know below!

little girls bedroom ideas on a budget

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