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23 Best Brass Kitchen Faucets Your Home Needs in 2023

If you are looking for the best brass kitchen faucet, look no further! Brass kitchen faucets are beautiful, timeless, and look perfect in every kitchen space. Brass can uniquely blend with mixed metals, wood, and painted cabinets of all shades. It is also extremely durable. Whether you’re looking for the perfect aesthetic for your kitchen or just after hard-core FUNCTIONALITY, you’re sure to find the perfect faucet at an affordable price here!

23 best brass kitchen faucets

Our kitchen faucet recently began leaking far ahead of schedule. We have a staged kitchen renovation planned for our home and I wanted to replace the faucet later this year. But as always, homes have minds of their own. SO, I started out researching the best kitchen faucets, the best materials for faucets to be made from and the most FUNCTIONAL faucets on the market.

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Are Brass Kitchen Faucets a Good Idea?

Brass kitchen faucets have been in existence for hundreds of years. They are proven to be extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. In addition, brass is a highly hygienic metal that mixes well with other fixtures and finishes! Many stores sell brass faucets and the various parts that may break or wear over time are easy to access for replacement. Brass Kitchen Faucets are also affordably priced and within reach for most homeowners!

Personally, I LOVE the aesthetic look of a brass kitchen faucet. When we started our faucet search, I already had my heart set on a brass faucet, I just needed to find the perfect one. With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to find the perfect faucet SO I’ve broken it down for you here.

23 Best Brass Kitchen Faucets of 2023:

Top Pick for Single-Handle Faucet:

best brass kitchen hardware

KRAUS Britt 2nd Gen Commercial Style Pull-Down Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet in Brushed Brass

This chic faucet is beautiful and HIGHLY functional for any kitchen! I love the unique style of the coiled high arc spout.

A Kraus faucet is sure to be a winner. Kraus has been a leader in the plumbing fixture industry since 2007.

The benefit of a single-handle faucet is that many users find it easier to operate! You only need one hand to adjust the water temperature. In addition, some people enjoy the sleeker look of a single handle to a double one.

Here are a few of the design features that make this faucet a good choice:

  • Lead-free faucet body/ water lines. A common concern with brass faucets is that if the internal spout/pipes has lead added to them, the lead can be higher in drinking water. Obviously, water safety is important to me and my family so while researching I wanted to make sure the faucets are lead-free!
  • Wear-resistant brass finish. If you are not a fan of the worn patina look of an unlacquered brass faucet, this faucet may be more your style! The finish is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion.
  • Pull-Down sprayer with 3 settings. Having a sprayer is super important to our family. Besides making it easier to clean dishes, and the sink itself- I love it for bathing babies! It’s so much easier to wash hair, etc with a sprayer. Plus, the multiple spray settings help with a variety of water pressure needs!
  • Single-hole installation. If you previously had a single hole faucet, this is a huge bonus because it should be very easy to replace! Overall, only having to drill one hole makes the installation easier.
  • Ceramic disc cartridge. This is something you’ll see me reference over and over in this blog post. It might sound boring but basically, a faucet with a ceramic disc will have WAY fewer leakage issues. This is a big deal for us because the issue with our previous faucet was a constant drip/leak and we’d wake up to water on our kitchen floor!


“My husband did a lot of reach for a good kitchen facet that was durable, easy to install, and not break the bank. We love it so much that we purchased another for our downstairs sink as well. Great product!!!”

– Joan

Check out these other amazing top picks for single-handle faucets!

unlacquered brass kitchen faucet
  1. KRAUS Britt 2nd Gen Commercial Style Pull-Down Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet in Brushed Brass
  2. RB0836DC Designer Collection Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
  3. Solid Brass Kitchen Faucet Single Handle 1 Hole 360-Degree Swivel Gooseneck Bar Sink Mixer Tap, Brushed Gold
  4. 22972-2MB Crue Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
  5. KS8192NYL Kingston Brass New York Kitchen Faucet

Top Pick for Unlacquered Brass Faucet

antique brass kitchen faucet

ROHL U.4719L-EG-2 Kitchen FAUCETS, 3.75 x 26.50 x 17.00 inches, English Gold

Unlacquered brass has my whole heart. If you aren’t familiar with unlacquered brass, here is what you need to know:

Unlacquered brass is just like any brass metal, except it is left un-lacquered which creates natural darkening with time. It has a beautiful patina that naturally and gracefully ages over time. It is rust-resistant, low maintenance and timeless.

If you are a fan of traditional design or (like me) are obsessed with everything antique and vintage European, you’ll LOVE unlacquered brass.

My favorite thing about unlacquered brass is that it truly gets better with age. As time passes, the patina becomes even more speckled and vintage looking.

My top pick for an unlacquered brass faucet is by Rohl. This faucet is an excellent choice! Rohl faucets are a bit on the pricey side, but are very highly reviewed! Here are just a few amazing features you will enjoy with this faucet:

  • Solid Brass Construction. This one is very solid, heavy, high-quality brass! The whole faucet weighs 7 pounds!
  • Lever Handles. If you prefer the traditional look of two-handled faucets, you’ll love this one! The lever handles easily adjust water temperature while looking stylish and timeless!
  • High-arc spout, perfect for filling taller pits/pitchers.
  • Vintage style and aged brass finish that will beautifully patina over time!
  • Option to purchase side sprayer which in my opinion is a must-have for cleaning up grimy kitchen messes.


“The quality is 100% top notch, it feels solid in your hands and has such an old world charm that vibes with our transitional aesthetic. Yes, they are pricey but I really wanted a faucet that stood out on our window backdrop and this faucet doesn’t disappoint. Worth it in my book. you won’t find a better price and customer service. Thanks!”

– Verified Purchaser (Overstock)

Check out these other top picks for unlacquered brass faucets!

farmhouse faucet kitchen
  1. ROHL U.4719L-EG-2 Kitchen FAUCETS, 3.75 x 26.50 x 17.00 inches, English Gold
  2. Newport Brass 9452-1/03N Chesterfield Double Handle Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray and Metal Cross, Polished Brass Uncoated
  3. Etsy Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Faucet | Brass Bridge Faucet With Sprayer and Cross Handle
  4. A3358ILWSULB-2 Campo™ Bridge Faucet With Sidespray
  5. U.4279LS-ULB-2 Holborn Bridge Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

Top Pick for High-Tech Faucet

gold kitchen faucet with stainless steel

Kohler 23764-2MB Tone Kitchen Sink Faucets, Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass

The top pick for a high-tech faucet is this beauty by KOHLER. This faucet is INCREDIBLE and probably the best value for high-tech faucets on the market. In modern homes, many people want more tech-savvy appliances and this modern faucet is sure to please. Here are the amazing features you get if you go with a Kohler high-tech faucet:

  • Motion Sensor. Activate your faucet with a wave of your hand or touch. I can only imagine how functionally AMAZING this feature would be! I’m picturing myself trying to drain hot bacon grease down the sink with babies hanging on to either leg and no free hands. This feature would be SO helpful for me.
  • Voice activation. Voice activation is the way of the future. My husband is in the tech space and he swears all kitchen appliances will be interactive and voice-activated in the next 10 years! We’ll see about that, BUT the voice activation feature of this faucet is incredible. You can make a statement like “dispense 3 cups of water” and the faucet will dispense it automatically.
  • KOHLER Konnect. Konnect is the smart feature that pairs with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home Kit.
  • Water flow monitor. This monitoring system detects things like irregular usage and notifies you throughout the month of how much water you are using so you aren’t shocked when that water bill arrives! SO COOL.
  • Pull-down spray head with 3 settings: Aerated stream, Sweep spray and Boost technology for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • High-arch spout makes it easy to clean/fill large pots and pitchers
  • Single lever handle for easy water temperature adjustment.
  • Temperature memory function: This is amazing. This allows the water temperature to be consistent with the temperature it was last on! No more being blasted with cold water seconds after you had hot water flowing.
  • KOHLER ceramic disc– Remember this means NO LEAKS/DRIPS. A must-have.


“I have a Kohler stainless sink that needed a new faucet, and to say this is a quality faucet is an understatement. Point blank, you see a lot of metal here where you’ll see plastic on other brands. It has ceramic valves which are one word: SMOOTH. This is perhaps one of the biggest “noticeable differences” between a cheaper faucet and a more expensive one is how smooth the valve operates. It’s supposedly “build-up resistant” but, honestly I’m not sure if there’s any such thing. Leave it go long enough and you’ll see build up form. My solution is to pull the spray head down and put it in a glass of white vinegar and let it soak for an hour or 2. This will both dissolve any built-up gunk, but disinfect the spray head as well. Not as cheap as some faucets you’ll come across, but you get what you pay for. The quality here is pretty outstanding, easily on par with ANY faucet I’ve used before, and I highly recommend it. And I especially recommend it if you have a matching Kohler sink like me!”

-Verified Purchaser

Check out these other top picks for high-tech, modern faucets!

gold faucet with stainless steel sink
  1. Kohler 23764-2MB Tone Kitchen Sink Faucets, Vibrant Brushed Moderne Brass
  2. Moen 5923EWBG Align Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless One Handle Pre-Rinse Spring Kitchen Faucet, Brushed Gold
  3. Artifacts Pull Down Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Docknetik and ProMotion™with Accessories
  4. GIMILI Gold Touchless Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Brushed Brass Motion Sensor Smart Hands-Free Activated Single Hole Spring Faucet for Kitchen Sink

Top Pick for Budget Brass Kitchen Faucet

best brass kitchen faucets 2021

KS1277ALBS Kingston Brass Heritage Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

This Kingston faucet is my top pick for an affordable brass kitchen faucet! At just over $200, this faucet is a steal. Kingston faucets are highly acclaimed and trusted as reliable and functional. These faucets are carried at Home Depot, Lowes, and other large home improvement stores, so if any parts need to be replaced it won’t be a headache.

Here are a few more amazing features:

  • Solid Brass construction. This means it is not plated with a different metal inside, making the quality much better!
  • Pull-out sprayer. An amazing feature at this price point!
  • Vintage Brass finish is less high-maintenance than a highly polished brass and doesn’t look overly “Yellow-y”.
  • Vintage style knob levers for hot/cold add a touch of elegance to this faucet


“Amazing! This is the polished brass and I absolutely love it. I had it professionally installed and the plumber commented on the quality and construction of the faucet and how heavy it was. I searched for months for just the right faucet design for my 1980s built farm cottage. It goes perfectly with my kitchen remodel.”

-Jennifer, verified purchaser

Check out these other affordable faucet options. All of these faucets are under $250!

best brass kitchen faucets 2023
  1. KS1277ALBS Kingston Brass Heritage Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray
  2. KS8193CTL Kingston Brass Continental Kitchen Faucet
  3. Kingston Brass Concord 8-Inch Adjustable Center Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet, Brushed Brass
  4. Wall Mount Faucet 6 Inch Center Antique Brass Kitchen Sink Taps 2 Cross Knobs Handle Victorian Commercial with 9inch spout
  5. Brushed Gold Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Lava Odoro Single Handle Gold Kitchen Sink Faucet, Brushed Brass Faucet for Kitchen Sink 1 Hole and 3 Hole, Deck Plate Included, KF421-SG

Top Pick for Vintage Style Faucet

vintage kitchen faucet

Unlacquered Brass Bridge Faucet With Linear Legs and Various Handles Styles

Of course, the faucet I choose for my kitchen renovation has to be traditional and vintage style! I’m modeling my kitchen after old English country kitchens with maybe just a hint of the French countryside (that makes sense, right?). If you are a lover of DeVol kitchen, you GET IT. Anyways, after looking over an insane number of different types of faucets, I’ve settled on this BEAUTY.

Here are just a few amazing features you will enjoy with this faucet:

  • Customization of both the spout and reach of the handles. The spread of the handles can be 6 inches or 8 inches. It can also be bought with a sprayer.
  • It is 100% solid brass construction with non-leaded pipes.
  • 5-year warranty on faucet parts. Because this faucet is vintage-styled and a bit unique, this was important to me because I didn’t want it to be incredibly difficult to replace parts if need be.
  • The high arc style faucet which makes filling taller pots/pitchers easy
  • The additional sprayer brings function to the highly vintage design.
  • Easy to clean: Unlacquered brass is easy to care for and the natural patina makes wear and tear blend right in!


“I ordered the faucet and sprayer and out of all the things in my kitchen I think it is the star of the show (I think it oven outshines my monogram range)! The faucet is exactly like it is in the photos and the customer support you get is instant and super helpful!”


Here are more vintage options for brass kitchen faucets you’ll LOVE in your kitchen!

best vintage style faucet
  1. Unlacquered Brass Bridge Faucet With Linear Legs and Various Handles Styles
  2. ES1272AXBS Elements Of Design Heritage Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray
  3. ROLYA Old Style Vintage 3 Way Kitchen Faucet Farmhouse 3-in-1 Dispense Purified Water Sink Mixer Tap Antique Brass
  4. Kingston Brass KS7793ALBS English Country Bridge Kitchen Faucet, Antique Brass

FAQ About Brass Kitchen Faucets:

Is brass good for Kitchen Faucet?

Brass has been used to make kitchen faucets for hundreds of years! Brass faucets are great for kitchens as they are extremely durable, and corrosion resistant! They are also low maintenance and easy to replace parts if needed.

What is the most dependable kitchen faucet?

There are so many kitchen faucet brands, it can be overwhelming to know where to start! According to a study by Forbes magazine, some of the best brands are Kraus, Moen, Kohler, Waterstone, and Grohe. These have consistently ranked as highly dependable and efficient and are a great place to start looking!

Are solid brass faucets good?

Solid brass is the GOLD standard for a brass faucet. Ideally, the entire faucet should be solid brass construction. This helps to prevent the leaching of metals into the water when the water is sitting in the faucet/ water lines. Solid brass faucets are built to last DECADES without scratching, cracking or leaking!

What are the disadvantages of brass?

The biggest disadvantage to brass faucets is the concern over the ability of lead to leach into the drinking water. Up until 2014, the laws on the amount of lead that was allowed in the faucets/water line parts were very relaxed. This led to a concerning amount of lead being allowed in the making of brass pipes/faucets. After 2014, the amount of lead allowed in the making of brass faucets/pipes is a minuscule amount. The amount is so small, many consumers are no longer concerned. HOWEVER, if it is still fear for your family, there are brass faucets that are certified LEAD FREE.

What lasts longer brass or stainless steel?

Stainless steel is another metal that is very corrosion-resistant and durable for kitchen appliances. Various aspects of stainless steel may make it more durable than brass. Brass seems to be more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel while stainless steel seems to be more rust-resistant.

Why use brass instead of steel?

Brass has better thermal conductivity. This means water temperature changes occur more rapidly which is preferable for kitchen faucets! Brass is also more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel. Lastly, the aesthetic look of brass is timeless and traditional. Stainless steel is beautiful and sleek but often has a bit more of a modern twist.

What brass does not tarnish?

The amount of visible tarnish is dependent on the coating/finish. Using a satin brass or matte brass finish will prevent tarnish. Polished brass is beautiful with its bright and shiny finish but it will be more likely to show signs of wear. Unlacquered brass shows its age BUT in a beautiful and vintage patina.

Are brass faucets going out of style?

Nope! Stainless steel had its moment In the 2010’s but warmer metals are all the rage in the 2020s! Warm metals like brass and copper have been used for hundreds of years, even before stainless steel existed. If you love a timeless look, brass faucets are a great pick!

Is brass high maintenance?

It depends on the finish you select for your brass. Polished brass takes more polishing to keep it bright and gleaming. If cared for poorly, it may tarnish quickly. Unlacquered brass naturally patinas over time with no maintenance needed. While this look may not appeal to everyone, it is the lowest-maintenance brass option.

In recent years, warm metals have become very popular. Warm metals like brass and copper were what faucets were made from for centuries. While stainless steel is here to stay, many home designers are preferring the timelessness and warmth of brass and copper!

Does brass turn green?

Brass is two thirds copper. For this reason, it behaves like copper if neglected. If left uncleaned, brass may form some spots of greenish-blue tint.

How do you keep brass shiny?

The best way to preserve your brass faucet and avoid tarnish is it to keep it clean. Wipe it down regularly using soap and water and buff it dry. There are many different products you can apply to your brass fuacet which may slow the tarnishing. Linseed oil is popular for polishing. Another all-natural option is baking soda and lemon juice mixed into a paste. Apply the paste on your faucet and then remove with soap and water.

How do you keep brass from turning green?

As stated above, the best way to avoid the green patina from forming is to keep your faucet clean! Wipe down with soap and water and polish with wax or linseed oil as needed.

Is bar keepers friend good for brass?

Bar keepers friend is safe for brass and can help remove blue/green spots. If you are looking for a more natural cleaner try one of the options above!

Does vinegar turn brass?

Using vinegar on brass is not recommended as the vinegar can dissolve the brass coating. If would take a large amount of vinegar and some scrubbing to actually have this occur, but it is best to use a more gentle cleaner for your brass faucet.

How do you seal brass so it doesn’t tarnish?

The only way to seal brass to avoid tarnish is to apply lacquer. If you have purchased a brass faucet (other than an unlacquered brass faucet), it should already be sealed.

I hope you enjoyed these GORGEOUS 23 best brass kitchen faucets of 2023! Do you LOVE the look of unlacquered brass? Or are you more into the elegance of polished brass? Let me know your favorites below!

If you love the vintage style of these brass faucets, you’ll love these VINTAGE STYLE POSTS by Cassie Jean Blog!

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