51 Best Creative Easter Basket Ideas For 1 Year Olds (2023)

Easter is approaching and soon all of us parents will be scouring the Target dollar spot looking for last-minute easter basket ideas! Soon your kids will be waking up on Easter morning excited to see what the Easter bunny brought them! If you are the Easter Bunny this year, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your 1 year old here! Get a head start on your Easter basket shopping with these great 1 year old easter basket ideas for your baby.

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1 year old easter basket ideas

Older Kids Easter Ideas VS Little Kids Easter Ideas

Older kids love easter for all the chocolate bunnies, easter egg hunt, and outdoor activities/games. I remember my parents filling my easter basket with sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, and outdoor games. Little kids should love Easter just as much! This post will give you great ideas for how to make your Easter basket SAFE and FUN!

Easter baskets do not have to be filled with sugary junk food and cheap, easily breakable toys. I’m on a mission this year to create thoughtful and useful baskets for my kids that will benefit us all year long!

51 Creative and Useful 1 Year Old Easter Basket Ideas:

Let’s start breaking down the fun items for a baby easter basket!

Here are the TOP 1 year old easter basket ideas!

easter basket ideas for 1 year old

The Best Easter Basket Ideas For Babies and Toddlers

Before we can start filling baby’s basket with great easter basket fillers, we need a BASKET!

Just think of your little ones face lighting up on Easter morning when they see their playful bunny basket! These adorable easter baskets are SO MUCH FUN!

I prefer to purchase baskets that are reusable. If I’m going to spend money on a basket, I don’t want to throw it away when the holiday is done. These are all adorable baskets that could be re-purposed in baby’s playroom!

  1. Crate and Barrel Bunny Basket
  2. Target Decorative Basket
  3. Green Wire Easter Basket
  4. Crate and Barrel Felt White Easter Bunny
  5. Amazon Easter Bunny Basket

Once you’ve selected the perfect easter basket, it’s time to fill it with adorable gifts for your 1 year old!

easter bunny ideas for baby

1. Easter Bunny Stuffed Animals

The first item for your 1 year olds easter basket is a cute and snuggly easter bunny stuffed animal.

I love the idea of buying a neutral stuffed bunny. Steer clear of the stereotypical bright-colored easter bunny and get one of these stuffed animals that will look sweet in your baby’s nursery all year round.

My favorite bunny here is the sweet peter rabbit in his little blue jacket! What a cute and fun twist on an easter bunny for your baby.

Really any type of stuffed animal bunny is so cute and will look fantastic in your basket while also being developmentally appropriate for your baby!

  1. Hannah the Bunny (Cuddle and Kind)
  2. The Velveteen Rabbit
  3. Henry The Bunny (Cuddle and Kind)
  4. Blossom Bunny Rabbit
  5. Peter Rabbit Stuffed Animal
  6. Flopsy White Rabbit
easter eggs for 1 year old easter basket

2. Good Quality, Reusable Easter Eggs

Here is my favorite twist on the traditionally bright and gaudy easter eggs.

These sweet wooden eggs are so much fun and will be a fantastic staple for baby’s play kitchen. Totally reusable and adorable. You could use them every year for your easter egg hunt!

I also linked my daughter’s favorite squeak plastic eggs. We bought them two Christmases ago and they get played with daily at our house! These eggs are so great for progressing fine motor skills, learning colors, and basic problem-solving for toddlers as they learn to piece the eggs together!

  1. Anthropologie Easter Eggs
  2. Bella Luna Wooden Egg set
  3. Odin Parker Wooden Eggs
  4. Amazon Squeak Eggs
easter books for 1 year old easter basket ideas

3. Easter Books For Toddlers and Babies

You can’t go wrong with a sweet interactive Easter book to read with your baby.

A memory that makes me feel nostalgic is my Dad reading us the Easter story and then all piling in the car and going to church on Easter Sunday as a family! Even if you don’t enjoy the religious aspect of Easter, there are MANY sweet books your baby will love in their easter basket!

Our family loves the resurrection story and it has become a big part of our easter Sunday tradition to read through the easter story before church. Book #7 is a great, simple gospel primer that we have really enjoyed for our little kids

These are all board books with engaging pictures and short, sweet stories babies will love!

  1. Peter Rabbit Baby Book
  2. Jesus Rose for Me Easter Board Book
  3. Bunny Roo Easter Book
  4. Lllama Llame Easter Egg
  5. Happy Easter Courderoy
  6. Little Blue Truck Springtime
  7. The Gospel Primer
  8. Known

4. Easter Sippy Cup for Little Kids

easter sippy cups for easter basket ideas

Another great addition to your Easter basket is a sippy cup!

As a mom of 3 toddlers, I can truthfully say that there is no such thing as too many sippy cups. As soon as you think you have plenty, 1 or 2 will go missing under a bed or in the car.

These sippy cups are a great, inexpensive gift that will also be extremely practical. Almost all of these cups have handles which make them perfect for little hands!

  1. Mushie Toddler Training Cup
  2. Toddler Silicone Cup with Straw
  3. Silicone Sippy Cup with Handles
  4. Bunny Sippy Cup Set
  5. Target Simple Sippy Cup
  6. Target Sippy Cup Thermos

5. Jelly Beans (+ Healthier Easter Sweet Treats)

easter basket ideas for 1 year old

Jelly beans are kind of a staple for easter baskets, right? They are beloved by older kids but many parents may not want them for their toddlers. Besides the obvious sugar overload, they can be a choking hazard if not watched carefully!

Here are some jelly bean alternatives that are a bit healthier! Plus, a fun jelly bean color/sorting game for toddlers! Just in case you can’t resist the classic jelly beans, I’ve linked them here as well.

  1. Felt Jelly Beans
  2. Vitamin C Pops (Jelly bean alternative)
  3. Classic Jelly Beans
  4. Smart Sweets

6. Easter Sidewalk Chalk (Nontoxic and Safe For Little Kids)

sidewalk chalk for 1 year old easter basket ideas

I am always wanting to get my kids gifts that will get them outdoors. Sidewalk chalk is fantastic… until you have a toddler like mine who will instantly eat the chalk… And not a small amount of chalk… Like ALL the chalk.

While a simple google search will tell you ingesting a small amount of chalk is probably NOT a big deal, it doesn’t hurt to be safe! This chalk is low in dyes and free of toxins so even if the baby gets a little taste, everything will be just fine!

  1. Eco Kids Chalk
  2. Twee Bunny Chalk
  3. Urban Infant Chalk
  4. Mud Pie Chalk Eggs

7. Bath Time Toys (Perfect For Little Kids)

1 year old easter basket ideas for baby

Bathtime toys are always a big win in our family! Bath toys are a great addition to baby’s first easter basket because they are incredibly practical! My kids actually get insanely excited about anything they can take in the bath or pool.

These bath toys are perfect for a 1 year old, just learning to explore the water!

  1. Bath Boats
  2. Sophie Bath Toy
  3. Mold Free Bath squirt toys
  4. Sophie Bath Book
  5. Target Bath Toys
  6. Mickey Mouse Bath Toys

8. Easter Small Toys (Big Kids Will Love These Too!)

adorable small toy ideas for 1 year old easter basket ideas

This is my favorite part of assembling easter baskets- the fillers! These gifts might be a bit more “themey”, but SO much fun for little kids and older kids alike! Your little girl or boy will get hours of play from these sweet toys.

  • The Carrot counting toy is so great for fine motor skills and learning to sort and stack! My baby would play with this for HOURS.
  • These finger puppets are such a great value. With a variety of different animals, your little guy or little girl will get hours of fun playing with these! They are the perfect size for little hands and it would be so much fun for little kids to put on a finger puppet show for family members on Easter morning!
  1. Russian Nesting Doll Bunnies
  2. Carrot Counting Toy
  3. Children’s Easter Finger Puppets
  4. Carrot Teether
  5. Little Chick Chicken Coop
  6. Plush Veggie Play Set
  7. Pat the Bunny book and stuffed animal set
  8. My First Bunny

Get To Work, Easter Bunny!

I hope these 1 year old easter basket ideas were helpful and that you have the most magical day celebrating with your little one!

If you loved the sweet, simple style of the toys and items I listed here, be sure to check out my post about open-ended toys for more inspiration!

What are your favorite Easter Basket Gifts for Kids? Let me know below!

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