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10 Best Amber Interiors Spring Dupes To Save Money (2023)

If you love the earthy, natural accents of Amber Interiors then odds are you’ve already been drooling over her recently released spring 2023 collection! If you are obsessed with Amber Lewis and everything she designs, you probably are familiar with how high the prices of Shoppe Amber Interiors can run! In this post, you’ll find tons of Amber Interior spring dupes to save you money and help keep you on budget.

amber interiors dupes

Shoppe Amber Interiors Dupes & Knock-Offs

If you know me, you know I am ALL about a bargain. A lot of items in my home are thrifted, hand-me-downs, or dupes of designer pieces. I love trying to find the BEST lookalikes of designer pieces to share with you all.

Amber Interiors has a very natural, earthy vibe that is reminiscent of laid-back California style! Some stores that sell similar pieces are:

NOTE: All prices are subject to change. I try to update frequently, but some items are no longer on sale.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Best Shoppe Amber Interiors Spring Dupes (2023)

amber interior dupes
  1. Amber Interiors $650 vs Anthropologie $248
  2. Amber Interiors $1320 vs Wayfair – $890
  3. Amber Interiors- $550 vs Target $45
  4. Amber Lewis- $450 vs Wayfair (set of 2) $300
  5. Amber Interiors- $4,500 vs Crate and Barrel- $1,199
  6. Amber Lewis- $1000.00 vs Overstock- $175
  7. Amber Interiors- $264 vs Lulu and Georgia- $131
  8. Amber Interiors– $420 vs Cura Home- $199
  9. Amber Interiors- $62 vs Overstock- $33
  10. Amber Interiors- $44 vs Addison West- $32

Check out the following collection of Shoppe Amber Interiors Spring Collection dupes, knock-offs, and lookalikes!

Pottery Table Lamp

I am loving this pottery-inspired lamp! It reminds me of an old vase or urn. This natural accent is the perfect lamp for a living room or bedroom. This “dupe” of the very pricey lamp from Shoppe Amber Interiors is actually from her line with Anthropologie. It’s SO similar but hundreds of dollars cheaper. No brainer!

Anthropologie $248 // Amber Interiors $650

Boucle Swivel Chair

Boucle is still going strong in 2023. The texture it brings to living room design is breathtaking. We recently bought a new bed made from a gorgeous boucle material and I am obsessed. I’m hoping to upgrade our living room chairs this year to something like the one below! Check out this awesome and affordable dupe of the beautiful Amber Interiors swivel chair.

Wayfair – $890 // Amber Interiors $1320

Framed Art

Framed art with oversized mats is having a moment in 2023. I’ve been seeing these oversized mats everywhere with pencil sketch art and a rustic frame. I think it’s such a beautiful and classic look. I was floored to find this very similar art from Target! Keep the same frame or switch it out with a more rustic wood frame. The price is fantastic!

Amber Interiors- $550 // Target $45

Woven Dining Chair

I can always go for a good woven furniture piece. Last year we bought cane chairs for our dining room and I haven’t looked back! I love how this chair from Shoppe Amber Interiors has the back support of solid wood and the aesthetic look of a caned seat! Check out this dupe from Wayfair that is SO very similar! At just $150 a chair, it’s a total steal!

Wayfair (set of 2) $300 // Amber Lewis- $450

Burl Wood Desk

Burl wood is coming back in style in 2023. While it’s reminiscent of mid-century modern style, the way Amber Interiors styles it, burl wood could work with a variety of decor styles. I’m currently trying to figure out how I can incorporate some burl wood pieces into my transitional, vintage-decorated home. In the meantime, check out these two cute desk dupes from Crate & Barrel and Wayfair! They are almost identical to the Shoppe AMber Interiors desk and MUCH cheaper!

Wayfair- $939 // Crate and Barrel- $1,199 // Amber Interiors- $4,500

Arched Floor Lamp

I am loving the shape of this curved floor lamp! With a super smooth silhouette, this lamp would be the perfect soft accent in a bedroom or living room space! The price difference here is astounding. Switch out the lampshade to something you like better if you want and you will still have saved hundreds!

Overstock- $175 // Amber Lewis- $1000.00

Vintage Linen Tablecloth

These natural linen tablecloths are so beautifully vintage! I love any vintage accent for home decor and due to my kitchen table being covered in kid’s paint and pen marks, I’ve really been gravitating toward a tablecloth moment for 2023. Lulu & Georgia offers this almost identical linen tablecloth at about half the price!

Lulu and Georgia- $131 //Amber Interiors- $264

Rattan and Bamboo Chair

I love the natural and rustic look of this bamboo and caned chair! It gives the perfect, laid-back, Cali style that Amber Interiors is all about! This lookalike is from a boutique called Cura Home! They have so many pretty, eclectic pieces and this chair is a steal!

Amber Interiors– $420 // Cura Home- $199

Pottery Water Pitcher

Different colors, but this Amazon pitcher has the same, real-pottery look of the much pricier Amber Interiors water vessel. I love any type of stoneware that looks like decor but is dual-functioning for serving and entertaining! You could put this beautiful pitcher out as decor on a shelf or use it for your next dinner party!

Overstock- $33 // Amber Interiors- $62

Woven Bowl

This woven bowl is the cutest coffee table accent! It could also be used in the kitchen as a fruit bowl or on a dresser top! The best part is, it’s not glass so my kids wouldn’t (hopefully) break it in .2 seconds. This Addison West dupe is virtually identical! A total steal you won’t want to miss out on.

Amber Interiors- $44 //Addison West- $32

I hope you LOVE these Amber Interiors Dupes from her spring collection. Which item is your favorite?! Let me know in the comments section below.

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