5 Shoppe Amber Interior Dupes for Home Designers on a Budget

If you love the earthy, textural style of Shoppe Amber Interiors but the price tag is a bit hefty for you, check out these budget-friendly options that can get you the same look for less! 

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Who is Amber Lewis?

Amber Lewis is the creator of Amber Interiors and more importantly Shoppe Amber Interiors! She is a designer who has become very popular in recent years for her earthy, textural style which she describes as “laid-back Cali”.

When looking at her designs, you’ll notice lots of neutral colors, rustic wood accents, and antique stone. She is one of my favorite interior designers because I feel like her home decor style is based on earthy tones, and simplicity and is attainable on any budget.

While Shoppe Amber Interiors has a high price tag, there are so many great options for decor that looks like Amber Interiors for much less!

​What Are The Best Places To Find Amber Interiors Style Decor?

A few stores that I love to shop for Amber Lewis-inspired items are:

Most of these items today are from my favorite place: The Target Threshold Studio Mcgee & co. collection! Studio Mcgee offers MANY very similar pieces to Shoppe Amber Interiors! Whether you are looking for the perfect coffee table, console tables, or a stunning accent piece for your living room, the stores listed above will have what you need! 

Earthy Tones + Wood and Stone Accents

I’ve always been a huge fan of neutral colors and earthy tones and textures. There is something very calming and relaxing about walking into a room that has soft, calming vibes and reminds you of nature!

This is why I’ve been such a fan of Amber Interiors for years!

I have always loved her earthy, architectural style. She incorporates a lot of natural-looking materials and ties in color in a beautiful way. She also now has an amazing online store called Shoppe Amber Interiors.

Amber interiors image with wood posts, white ship lap and green plants
Source: Amber Interiors INC

Earthy Vibes at a Friendlier Price Point:

I could probably fill 5 carts with items from Shoppe Amber Interiors (if the price was no concern).

I’m absolutely obsessed with her Loloi vintage rug collection and currently own two with plans to buy more. I also love her hosting items. She has the prettiest serving dishes, glassware, and knickknacks for the home.

If you are like me, and can’t spend that much money on household items without marital strife (HA), then these lookalikes listed below will be winners for you! In order to list something as a lookalike, I think it needs to be almost identical and significantly cheaper. All 5 of these lookalikes fit that description!

Wood kitchen with black sink and Dutch door from amber interior.
Source: Amber Interior INC

Vintage Rugs For a Fraction of the Price

I have to plug Loloi rugs once again because the Amber Lewis collection with Loloi totally transformed my home! Over the years I have gained SO much inspiration for my home from the style of vintage rugs from turkey and Morocco.

While it is still my dream to own AUTHENTIC Turkish rugs in every room, the price tag of a true antique is just WAY too high right now. Loloi Rugs offers the same look but as a much more affordable option. I have a post all about my favorite Loloi rugs and which ones I have in my home below!

The Best Amber Interior Dupes

Rattan cups against white backgroud
  1. Threshold Natural Wrapped Tumblers – $15/four glasses

These beautiful rattan-wrapped glasses come as a set of four glasses for $15. So at roughly $4 a glass after tax, there is a significant saving compared to the Amber Interiors single glass at $11 each. The rattan wrap part is removable and the glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher. I think these are such a fun alternative to regular coasters and would look lovely in an outdoor dining space.

Rattan pitchers against white background

2. Threshold Natural Wrapped Beverage Pitcher – $15

While we’re at it, might as well add this gorgeous rattan-wrapped pitcher as well! At over 50% cheaper than the Amber Interior option here, I think this dupe is an awesome way to make your outdoor dining space look bougie without the high price point.

Modern rattan chairs against white background

3. Overstock Hand Woven Rattan Chair – $413

This is a good one! Gorgeous natural rattan and a super unique shape make this chair a show-stopper. This Overstock dupe is over 50% cheaper than the Amber Interior option. Both options are beautiful but I also love that the Overstock chair has a handle on top for easy maneuvering. I think this dupe has a bit more of a rustic vibe which would be a fun accent in a more formal dining room space. I also think they’d look beautiful in an outdoor dining space!

Rattan wrapped mirrors

4. Target Natural Rattan Wrapped Frame Mirror – $349

This Target dupe is just slightly smaller than the Amber interior option and the frame style is basically identical! The Target option definitely has a bit more coastal feeling due to the light rattan. I love this style of mirror for over an entryway table in a foyer area or over a dresser in a bedroom.

Pottery lamps with white shades against white background

5. Threshold with Studio Mcgee Resin Lamp – $55

This might be my favorite dupe of the day. While the colors are different from the Amber Interior Lamp, the shape and style of these lamps are SO similar and the price difference is crazy! $55 dollars for a unique, architectural lamp is a total steal in my opinion! I love the Threshold Studio Mcgee line because they have a lot of incredible pottery vessels, lamps, and bowls for very reasonable price points. This lamp is in my cart as we speak!

Shop The Post:

  1. Threshold Natural Wrapped Tumblers– $15
  2. Threshold Natural Wrapped Beverage Pitcher – $15
  3. Overstock Hand Woven Rattan Chair – $413
  4. Target Natural Rattan Wrapped Frame Mirror – $349
  5. Threshold with Studio Mcgee Resin Lamp – $55

Shop Amber Interiors SPRING 2023 Lookalikes!

amber interior spring dupes

If you enjoyed this post, check out my post HERE where I link a ton of items super similar to Amber Interiors’ new STUNNING spring 2023 collection!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 Shoppe Amber Interior Dupes. Did you know that I actually LOVE trying to find designer items for cheap? Let me know what other Amber Interior items you want to see dupes for below!

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