Top Loloi Rug Picks and How to Beautifully Style Rugs Like a Pro

Joanna Gaines knows how to beautifully style a rug. I remember when she released her first line of Loloi rugs back in 2016. I was already an avid Fixer Upper watcher and I was so excited to get a rug like the ones she styled in her flip homes. Fast forward 6 years and Loloi is still the first place I look when considering a rug for a space. Oh, they also sell on Amazon now which means they can be on your door step within 2 days. AMAZING. In this post I’ll share some of my favorite Loloi rugs and how to beautifully style them in your home.

Selection of Loloi rugs on white background with wording the best of Loloi rugs

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How Do I Style a Rug When Designing a Room?

If you’re designing a room, when in the process do you decide on a rug?

In the past, I’ve always found myself in 1 of 2 predicaments when choosing a rug for my space.

  1. I’d decorate the entire room (curtains, art, furniture, paint color) and then realize at the end of my process I’d end up selecting either a jute rug or a very plain white rug.
  2. I’d find a rug I love and decorate the entire room AROUND that rug. Then I would feel that all my other decor elements were too plain and if I ever changed my mind on the rug I’d feel like I didn’t like the decor elements I had picked out.

There are a lot of really smart designers that probably have better processes than me when selecting a rug but my CURRENT PROCESS falls somewhere in the middle and focuses a lot on PATTERN with less stress on color.

My Tips for How to Select and Style a Rug:

Every room I design for my home fits into a specific realm of colors and because I have a very pattern-mixing friendly decor style, I am 100% ok with adding a lot of patterned elements.

SO, to simply how I pick out a rug now: I look at the room I am designing and consider

  • What is my color palette for this room?
  • Which patterns have I already used/do I plan to use and do I want to add any more patterns?
  • Is it most important that I have a super soft rug or super easy to clean rug (might be more important for a nursery) or am I ok with 100% going off aesthetics?

As long as you select patterns that go and keep the rug colors within your color palette, it’s ok to select a “busier” rug! You don’t have to go jute/white for every room to avoid clashing.

Here are some examples of how to mix patterns and why it works:

Little girls nursery with rug chair and lamp
Photo from Brooke Lorraine Smith

This darling little nursery is a perfect example of a beautiful mix of patterns. There is a lovely floral wallpaper, some splashes of plaid/gingham and even an ikat pattern pillow. The key is that all the patterns fit into a color scheme of pinks, greens, tans and ochre. It works really well.

Wood Jenny lind bed in mauve room with Persian rug
Photo from: Robyn Rebecca

Here is another example of a beautiful Chris Loves Julia Loloi rug being mixed in with a lot of other pattern for this sweet girls room. The mauve paint color works with the blue/mauve rug and the bedding ties in hues of blue and green. It’s absolutely darling. They could have totally picked a super plain rug, but this mixing of pattern really takes it to the next level.

Amber interiors image with beautiful bed and chairs on Turkish rug
Photo from Shoppe Amber Interiors

What a great example right here! Rug, pillows and bedding are ALL different patterns. But, it WORKS because it’s all within this gorgeous color scheme of teracotta and soft green/grays. Also I have a personal weakness for mixing an antique Turkish style rug with stripes.

Here are my Top Loloi Rug Picks!

Vintage Turkish rug green

Number 1:

Amber Lewis with Loloi – Billie Tobacco Rust

This rug is SO beautiful and antique looking. I am personally a huge fan of fading and color variation but I know some people are not. However if you love that and are searching for a really neutral pattern to work off of- this is it! This is one of the more faded styles I found and since the pattern isn’t super heavy, I think this could be paired with bolder patterns in the pillows/curtains/bedding in the room.

Pink and green floral rug from rifle paper

Number 2:

Rifle Paper with Loloi – Peonies Blush Rug

MAJOR need for this rug in my life. I could see this being so cute in a powder bath with mauve walls and a yellow plaid shower curtain. It’s so cheery and fits into one of my favorite color schemes (BIG mauve, green, ochre guy over here).

Chris loves Julia red oriental rug

Number 3:

Chris Loves Julia with Loloi Rugs – Merlot Oriental

I have been eyeing this rug forever and am SO excited to say it will be coming to my home VERY soon! Photos to come. I will 100% be styling this rug with a darker paint shade, some stripes and possibly antique wood accents.

Rifle paper gray and floral rug

Number 4:

Rifle Paper with Loloi Rugs – Fiore Hawthorne Charcoal

I had to share another rifle paper rug because they are literally so perfect for any space you want a bit of girly flare! This beauty is in my daughter Charlotte’s room and I still am SO obsessed. It’s incredibly soft underfoot and my kids love running and sliding on it. For all the commotion it receives, it’s still in awesome shape!

Little girls nursery with rifle paper rug and black crib

Here is a look at how I styled this rug in my daughters nursery!

Chris loves Julia gray checkered

Number 5:

Chris Loves Julia with Loloi Rugs- Polly Slate Rug

Since they released the Polly collection, I have been in love with this rug. Most of the rooms in my house I gravitate towards floral or vintage styled rugs and then blend in stripes and plaids in the pillows/curtains or other textiles. This rug gives you the option to do the reverse. I think a really bold floral curtain would look awesome with some turkish rug inspired pillows. You could really mix many patterns with this modern style rug.

Amber Lewis Georgie oriental

Number 6:

Amber Lewis with Loloi Rugs – Georgie Bordeaux Vintage Rug

I love featuring rugs that I have in my own because I can 100% attest to the look and quality! This rug is in our owners suite and of course I love it. These vintage styled rugs have a place in my heart because I have DREAMED of owning an antique Persian rug for years but have never been able to afford it. I don’t think these look totally authentic but they are close enough to give the room the look you want.

Man changing baby on bed in room with red rug

One tip: The rugs are low pile so invest in some rug tape. They can get wrinkles or creases that are hard to get out! If you love Amber Interiors as much as I do, check out my post HERE for my top Shoppe Amber Interior dupes!

Magnolia  with white background and rust design

Number 7:

Magnolia with Loloi Rugs – Annie Rust/White

This rug is AMAZING. The design could totally go multiple ways style wise but I picture this in a more traditional home setting. It adds a hint of vintage/rustic flare with the faded sections but gives a more formal feel than the Amber Lewis vintage rug styles.

Oriental rug from amber interiors

Number 8:

Amber Lewis with Loloi Rugs – Salmon/Ink Antique style Rug

Another favorite because I recently bought this one for my living room. I still pause when walking through the living room in the morning and think ”Good job, Cass.” Ha! This rug is so great because it hides SO much. It’s already had a few spills and it’s not noticeable at all.

Coffee table styling with couch and chair

In this picture you can see how I mixed this rug with floral curtains and striped/plaid pillows.

Woman’s feet in white boots standing on oriental rug
Chris loves Julia sage green and soft pink

Number 9:

Chris Loves Julia with Loloi Rugs – Sage/Blush Oriental Rug

I’m throwing another oriental style rug in the mix because I love it! I also think this rug is a great option in a more formal or traditional space. It has the oriental rug look but without the faded areas the Amber Lewis rugs have. This is the rug featured in one of the nursery example pictures I have above.

The Best of Loloi Rugs:

Quick Note on Oriental Rugs:

Did you know I am obsessed with authentic oriental/persian and turkish rugs? It’s true! I actually almost started a rug shop a few years ago. I went as far as to order sample rugs from Turkey. It’s still a dream I’d love to pursue some day.

When the Amber Lewis rugs came out, a lot of small shops weren’t thrilled because they are similiar to what they sell but at a somewhat lower price point. I want to throw a disclaimer in that there is no comparison in quality and unique-ness to an authentic, antique, oriental rug! Specifically Persian rugs are so unique, well made and have so much history. With that said, I wanted to share a couple of my absolute favorite AUTHENTIC oriental rug small shops!

Oriental rug with blue couch
Photo from Rebecca and Genevieve

Rebecca and Genevieve

This is the cutest home decor shop run by Valeria. She is such a sweet person who I’ve followed since she had a small online rug shop.She is now running a large brand and sells authentic Turkish and Persian rugs in her curated decor shop through her blog!

Woman sitting on a pile of oriental rugs
Photo from New England Loom

New England Loom

This shop is a husband and wife rug hunting team. They originally bought turkish rugs to layer down the aisle for their wedding (literally sounds like my dream). That transformed into them figuring out how to hunt these rugs down, restore and sell them!

One of the coolest things is they also have custom upholstered benches, shoes, bags and other items made from rug segments that couldn’t be totally restored.

Oriental rug on floor with dresser and floral curtains
Photo from Swoon Rugs

Swoon Rugs

This small shop offers beautifully restored vintage and antique rugs. They also sell authentic morrocan rugs which are extremely hard to find. Be sure to check out their pillow covers and other one-of-a-kind items!

I hope you love these rug options for your home and are inspired to do some pattern mixing! I love to help people find rugs for different spaces. Reach out below in the comments section and I’d be happy to help you find a rug for your space!

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