Holly House Transitional Living Room Plans

If you love a mix of timeless, vintage pieces and modern, functional design elements, a transitional decor style might be right up your alley. Transitional design is having a moment in 2024 and the reason why it’s so appealing is that it has that timeless aspect that will be stunning years from now too!

Wow! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any updates about our renovations here at Holly House but trust me, we have been BUSY. Our first few months here in the house have been filled with planning, designing, unforeseen issues, extra expenses and all the things you can expect when you are renovating an old, beautiful home. Today, I’m sharing all about our living room design plans and I can’t wait for yall to see them!

Transitional Living Room Ideas

It’s difficult to define my decor style. I am obsessed with antiques, old rustic pieces, english pine furniture, etc. But I also at times find myself drawn to simplicity, clean lines, neutral colors and, ultra-functionality! If I had to pick a style I best identify with I’d go with transitional.

Transitional decor style is an interior design style that blends traditional and contemporary elements to create a balanced look. It combines the elegance and classic appeal of traditional design with the clean lines and simplicity of contemporary style.

When planning our living room, I knew I wanted the ultra-functionality of some newer pieces, combined with the vintage vibes of antique pieces! So here’s what we’ve cooked up so far:

transitional living room ideas

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The Holly House Living Room

The Holly House living room is beautiful. It’s a large, rectangular room that is anchored by a charming fireplace on one wall and paned windows on the other. The coolest part is that at the end of the room is a charming little sunroom that connects to our stunning deck! Here’s how this room looked when we bought the house:

colonial living room

As soon as we bought the house, I knew that I wanted to immediately change the blue paint color which was really baby-blue in person and very 2005. Going against my better judgment I decided to rush and pick a paint color the week before we moved in. It was SO rainy and really hard to tell what the paint would look like in real life.

living room decor

I chose clary sage by SW and ended up not loving it! In this dimly lit room, it makes the whole place feel like a cave.

What We’re Keeping:

There are many elements we love about this room and will keep as is! We love the paned windows SO much! We can’t wait to accent them with some new curtains. We also love the traditional fire place mantel. It’s so 1940’s and beautiful.

living room decor

What We’re Changing:

Wall Molding + Paint Color:

This room is practically begging for box molding! We will be adding box molding throughout the entire room and on into the foyer. We are also planning to paint the living room Alabaster by SW to lighten things up and make it a bit brighter.


Our floors are a very dark stain which is actually quite lovely but in a house with very little natural light it just doesn’t do us any favors. We plan to refinish the floors in a very lovely, light neutral stain.

Sunroom French Doors:

This will be the priciest bit of this reno but we plan to install 2 sets of vintage-style french doors leading out onto the sunroom. Currently, there is a single french door leading to the sunroom and this will really improve the lighting in the room as well as serve as a stunning accent wall!


Some other simple changes we will add is wiring and installing a new light fixture, new sofa and pillow, an antique-inspired rug, etc…

We can’t wait to get started on this project!

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