DIY Halloween Grapevine Witch Hat (Pottery Barn Hack!)

Pottery Barn has some of the cutest and most timeless Halloween decor! It can also be very pricey. I recently saw this adorable, neutral “witch hat” made from grapevines while doing some online browsing… It’s the perfect front door decor accessory and I had to try my hand at making my own. In this post, I’ll break down how I made an adorable DIY grapevine witches hat for only $25.

diy grapevine witches hat

Front Porch Halloween Decor On a Budget

Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for. The whimsy of the season is so unique and I love adding spooky elements to our home for the fall! This year I’ve discovered quite a few simple DIY’s that really help to elevate our Halloween “haunted mansion” look!

While I like to go pretty simple for Halloween decor (usually a wreath and a few jack-o-lanterns will cut it!) I wanted to attempt this adorable grapevine witch’s hat that looks just like the pottery barn version.

diy grapevine witches hat

Halloween Pottery Barn Hack

Here is the original Witches hat from Pottery Barn that caught my eye.

diy grapevine witches hat

I’m a neutral gal, and I loved that this witch’s hat is earthy, neutral, and the perfect accent for front porch decor. This Pottery Barn version clocks in around $90 per hat… My version cost $35!

I love that I was able to recreate this similar version for such a great price…

PLUS, it’s totally reusable as a little grapevine Christmas tree with some creative dismantling! But more on that later…

Supplies for DIY Grapevine Witch Hat:

Here are the simple materials you’ll need for this fun DIY!

diy grapevine witches hat
  • Base for the hat. I tried a few different things for this but ended up choosing to use a cheap $6 grapevine wreath for the base. Any local craft store or craft supplies wholesaler will carry these. You could also try a wreath frame and wrap it in the grapevine but I found this to be hard to work with and ended up picking up this cheap grapevine wreath for a faster option.
  • Floral Wire. I actually didn’t buy this because the grapevines I ordered were bound up with a ton of this florist wire which I removed and repurposed… But more on that later.
  • Christmas lights (If you want it to light up… I got these from my Christmas hoard in the garage!)

Step By Step- DIY Grapevine Witches Hat

Step 1: Prep The Frame

The first step is to prep the frame. Start by turning the tomato cage upside down so the circle part is the base. Next, pull the prongs of the tomato cage to a point and secure. I used floral wire to secure the prongs. Zip ties would also work. You just want a secure tie at the top so that it looks like a pointy cone.

​Step 2: Unravel Grapevine

I haven’t done much crafting with grapevine so I’m not sure if all grapevine comes with metal florist wire binding it into bunches, but THIS ONE I ordered from Amazon did. I started by removing all the florist wire from the lengths of the grapevine. This took a little time but wasn’t difficult. I set aside all the craft wire.

Next, I gently separated the grapevine strands to make them look a little fuller/spread out/fluffier.

NOTE: I later found it easier to cut the grapevine bunches into more manageable pieces before wrapping the tomato cage. You can experiment with this to determine what is easier for you.

Step 3: Wrap The Tomato Cage With Christmas Lights

diy grapevine witches hat

If you want your witches hat to light up for a special effect, be sure to loosely wrap the tomato cage with some string lights before adding grapevines. I didn’t do a lot of lights, just loosely wrapped a few rounds of lights and then stuffed the rest of the lights into the inside of the tomato cage. Be sure to leave enough length to plug in.

Step 4: Wrap The Tomato Cage With Grapevines

diy grapevine witches hat

This part is fairly simple. You can start at the base of the cone, but I found it easier to start at the very top. I secured a few strands of grapevine to the top of the cone and began to wrap it around the tomato cage in a circular motion. It almost wraps itself since the grapevines were packaged as spiral rounds.

Every once in a while, I added a piece of wire to better secure it to the tomato cage frame. The grapevine naturally blends and sticks together which makes this process pretty fool-proof.

After I had applied one package of grapevines, I decided I wanted better coverage so I ordered a second package. If you prefer the sparser look, this isn’t necessary. However, to best replicate the Pottery Barn witches hat, I recommend the 2 packages!

Step 5: Attach Grapevine Wreath Base to Pointy Hat

diy grapevine witches hat

The last step is to secure the grapevine wreath to the base of the “pointy hat” portion. You can do this with more floral wire or with a hot glue gun. I opted to use just a few pieces of floral wire.

NOTE: If you want the entire witch hat to light up, make sure you wind a few lights around the wreath prior to attaching it!   

diy grapevine witches hat

​That’s it! If you want the point of your hat to tip to one side for a jaunty angle like mine, simply bend the tomato cage in the direction you want.

Tips For Creating a Pottery Barn Lookalike Witches Hat:

1. One of the coolest things about this DIY is that it can be super versatile for more holiday seasons! If you loosely secure the wreath base to the cone portion of the “hat”, you can easily remove the wreath and repurpose the grapevine tomato cage as a mini neutral Christmas tree!

It’s already lit to perfection, just add a cute little star on top! The grapevine wreath can make an awesome neutral centerpiece for a ton of different holidays (Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc…) so hang on to that one too!

2. Try getting various sizes of tomato cages to create a staggered look for your porch!

Happy Halloween!

I hope you enjoyed this quick, easy diy grapevine witches hat. Comment below if you make one of your own!

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