FREE Spooky Halloween Vintage Photo Printables 

If you are wanting to switch out your standard art with some spooky antique-style images for Halloween, I’ve got you covered with my Halloween antique photo free printable! In this post, you’ll find 6 super unique, creepy haunted images that will make your Halloween decor so much fun- and don’t forget- totally FREE!

Happy Halloween!

Let’s get to the art of it…

If you want to download all 6 FREE vintage photo Halloween Prints in One shot, CLICK Below OR continue to scroll to download each individual photo print.

Yes, it’s finally ALMOST my favorite time of year. The leaves are falling, the evening air is a bit crisp, black cats sneak through the shadows, the smell of apple cider fills the air and somewhere I’m huddled under a blanket planning elaborate Halloween family costumes!

Halloween is such a fun time of year and as a mom of small kids, I’m always looking for ideas to make our decor more fun and spooky for the whole family to enjoy! 

This year, I decked out my whole home with a “Witch’s Cottage” spooky decor theme! Check it out HERE!

Free Vintage Halloween Printables

halloween antique photo free printable

Halloween is such a fun holiday, but it’s not a major holiday, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas hot on its heels, I always cringe at the thought of spending more money on decor items. I’ve had a ton of fun making some quick and easy DIY decor items for Halloween this year and these Halloween antique photo FREE printables are some of my faves!

These FREE printables are so easy to resize and print on your home printer to add a quirky “haunted” vibe to your home! 

Vintage Halloween Images

halloween antique photo free printable

If you look around my blog long enough, you’ll find that I think everything is better when it’s vintage! While I love a lot of different styles of decor, I’ll be the first to admit that bright oranges and greens, and purples are NOT my thing.

You’ll see a lot of muted, vintage Halloween decorations in my home this year… And I wouldn’t have it any other way! These vintage Halloween graphics are so fun because they naturally mesh with the rest of my home decor.

Free Vintage Halloween Printables

Here is my collection of 6 spooky Halloween theme FREE printables for your Halloween decor collection! These are one-of-a-kind, super unique vintage images that everyone will love!

All you need to do is click on the image and it will take you to its own PDF page where you can easily download the image for your own use! It’s so easy to download a Halloween antique photo free printable and no email address is required!

How to Resize Your Vintage Art Using Canva

You may decide you want to resize your free download for your personal use. That is totally fine and EASY to do using Canva.

  1. I use Canva to resize all my images. If you don’t have a Canva account, don’t worry! It’s SO easy to create a free account. Canva lets you create a custom-size download. This is the easiest way to resize an image in high resolution.
canva art print

2. Once you log onto Canva, select “create a design”, then at the bottom of the pop-up window is a “custom size” option. I like to resize it to 8×10 in. If I need a different size, I go back in later and adjust.

3. After your download is resized correctly, it’s time to print!

The Best Way To Print Your Vintage Halloween Downloads

Here are the best ways to print your spooky art downloads:

  • For smaller images (8×10, 5×7, 4×6) I print on my home printer! I like to use either good-quality card stock or watercolor paper. These options provide the best look of authentic art. You almost can’t tell they are downloads!
  • For larger images, I like to print at Staples print center. There are so many places you can print these images though. Walgreens, Shutterfly or even a local print shop are all great options!
  • To create a very authentic look, try getting a vintage art download printed on canvas! Canvas prints look so real and allow you to display your art in so many beautiful ways!

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If you download these images, do me a HUGE favor and let me know how you like them/how you styled them in your home! I love to get new styling ideas from my readers!

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