NEW Best Halloween home decorations for 2023

I can’t beleive it but the spooky season is already coming up FAST. Last year was the first year I ever decorated for halloween and my kids absolutley loved it! Halloween decorations are just plain fun and whether you are searching for the best halloween decorations for your front door, dining table or living room, you will LOVE this collection of the best halloween decor for 2023!

best halloween decor 2023

​Halloween Home Decor Everyone Will Love

For some reason, I never bothered to decorate much for Halloween in years past. Last year I kind of went all out. Not only did I decorate our front porch and spice up our dining room with spider webs and smiling pumpkins, I also planned family Halloween costumes which were a major hit!

family halloween costumes 2023

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Halloween night is such a fun, whimsical holiday for kids and mine were absolutley obsessed with all the fun decor and costumes.

While kids love the halloween animatronics and life-size skeletons, my take on Halloween is a bit more subtle. But don’t worry, you can still create loads of fun with these decor items from Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie and West Elm!

Best Halloween Decor For 2023

Outdoor Halloween Decor

A simple place to start with decorating for Halloween is to add a few outdoor decorations to your fall collection that ode to more of a Halloween vibe. I love how Jenna Sue decorated their Florida home with synthetic bats, spider webbing and outdoor ghosts! It’s simple, but spooky and tons of fun.

Halloween Decor For Your Front Door

Adding a simple Halloween wreath and welcome mat is a fun way to spice up your front porch. You can also add some spooky skeletons or ghosts to give your house more of a haunted mansion vibe!

Indoor Decorations for Halloween

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create some fun Halloween vibes for your home! Adding a few small accents to your coffee table, living room shelves, and table top are all you need to give your house a haunted mansion vibe!

I love a good witches hat, simple cinnamon broom, skulls and black cat cut outs! Be sure to swap out your usual home art pieces for something a little spookier!

Best Halloween Home Decor From West Elm

West Elm is one of my favorite places to shop. They have such a classicly modern, sleek style! This year, their Halloween collection features a lot of really cool snake candle holders and center pieces! Here is a collection of my favorite items from West Elm Halloween 2023:

best halloween decor for 2023 from west elm
  1. Metal Snake Wine Glass Set- $30-120
  2. Black terracotta Skull- $40
  3. Snake Candle Holder- $129
  4. Molded Skull Candle- $30
  5. Marbled Glass Pumpkins- $69-$99
  6. Doormat- $29-$39
  7. Spooky Pillow- $39
  8. Embroidered Eye Pillow- $49

Best Halloween Home Decor From Anthropologie

Everyone knows that Anthropologie is my favorite store of all time. If you’ve seen my gigantic Anthropologie home dupe post, you’ll understand why! Anthro’s Halloween collection does not dissapoint! If you are looking to add a bit more of a vintage flair to your Halloween decorating, you will LOVE these products:

best halloween decor for 2023 from anthropologie
  1. Pumpkin Spice Candle- $36
  2. Spirit Table Runner- $68
  3. Dachshund Pumpkin Doormat– $48
  4. Crow candle Holder- $28
  5. Happy Halloween garland- $58
  6. Black cat mug- $16
  7. Halloween Critters- $16
  8. Cocktail napkins- $28

Halloween Home Decor From Crate & Barrel

Another one of my absolute fave stores, Crate and Barrel has a ton of really fun and beautiful Halloween decor ideas! A bit more on the modern side, I love the sleek and classic look of their Halloween collection. It is sure to stay in style over the years!

best halloween decor for 2023 from crate and barrel
  1. Ceramic LED Ghosts- $9.95-$12.95
  2. Bats Old Fashioned Glass- $12.95
  3. Pumpkin Lanterns- $39.95
  4. Trick or treat mat- $29.95
  5. Faux black branch wreath- $69.95
  6. Black candle sticks- $39.95
  7. Black cauldron bowls- $9.95
  8. Black house Cut Out- $19.95

Halloween Home Decor from Pottery Barn

Throughout my Halloween decor hunting, I’ve found that Pottery Barn definetly has the biggest and most detailed collection of Halloween items. From terracotta Jack O Lanterns to life-like outdoor ghosts and the CUTEST skeleton cheese board, there is something for everyone here!

P.S. If you love Pottery Barns terracotta Jack O Lanterns, check out my easy DIY HERE to save some $$$!

best halloween decor for 2023 from pottery barn
  1. Terracotta Jack O Lanterns- $89
  2. Light Up Ghosts set of 2- $99
  3. Jack O Lantern pillows- $79
  4. Light up wire pumpkins- $89
  5. Light up jack o lantern stack- $179
  6. Mr Bones shaped pillow- $79
  7. Handcrafted ceramic ghosts- $49
  8. Skeleton cheese board- $99
  9. woven light up witches hat- $99
  10. woven light up bats- $79

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