How to Easily Create Terracotta Pottery Pumpkins with 5 Cheap Ingredients

In this post I break down how to easily create terracotta pottery pumpkins with 5 cheap ingredients!

The tiktok trend of these terracotta pumpkin pottery dupe is still taking the internet by storm and my tutorial MIGHT be the cheapest I’ve found! Here, I’ll break down how easy and cheap it is to create these adorable, neutral pumpkins that my husband legit thought were pottery!

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Terracotta pumpkin pottery barn dupe

These pumpkins were inspired by the popular Pottery Barn terracotta pottery pumpkins! However, at around $1.25 a piece versus $30 a piece, I think you’ll enjoy this easy dupe!

Pottery barn terracotta pumpkin pottery

What you’ll need to Create Terracotta Pumpkin Pottery:

These are the ingredients I used to get the perfect look for my pumpkins!

Assortment of brightly colored pumpkins and gourds

How to make Terracotta Pumpkins:

Step 1. I started by mixing up my paint. If you purchase the terracotta paint from walmart its easy to get the shade you want. I used my sons paint so it took me awhile to mix the paint. It worked out to a good squeeze of orange, a drop of red, a ton of white and few drops of yellow.

3 bottles of paint in a woman’s hand

Step 2. I painted the pumpkins. I gave them a good first coat but because of the shiny finish on these pumpkins, I had to do a second coat to get good coverage.

Step 3. While the paint was still wet I sprinkled the pumpkins with baking soda. This gives the pumpkin some texture and makes it look more pottery like.

Step 4. Let the pumpkins dry completely. After they have dried if they look like they need another coat, do so. Once the pumpkins dried I rubbed them with flour and then used a paint brush to dust off any excess flour.

Step 5. The final step is to brush the pumpkins with mod podge. This just seals them so they aren’t super flour-ey.

Terracotta pumpkin pottery barn dupe in woman’s hand

These look SO close to identical to the Pottery Barn version and I still can’t beleive how cheap it was! I’m excited to use these around my house this fall!

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY Terracotta Pumpkin Tutorial

Terracotta pumpkins on wood table

I also used this terracotta pumpkin pottery dupe method for the jack-o-lanterns on my front porch! See HERE.

I was so glad to create these terracotta pumpkin pottery dupes because I’ve wanted some cute, neutral pumpkins for my fall decor but I didn’t want to pay a fortune for wood or rattan pumpkins. This was a great and cheap solution!

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