How to Easily Create Beautiful Terracotta Ornaments from Old Christmas Ornaments

This easy tutorial will help you create beautiful terracotta ornaments from your old, boring Christmas ornaments with one simple product!

Terracotta ornaments on a white marble counter top with yellow and gold velvet ribbon

Merry Terracotta Christmas to You!

Ok, maybe you’ve heard about the new trend taking TikTok by storm… Terracotta Weddings? Well, I thought why not mix it up a little and make it my theme for Christmas?!

Terracotta ornament assortment on a white background

My mom was always big on creating themes for every Christmas. Last year she did a Nordic Christmas, complete with a Nordic menu for Christmas dinner and Nordic themed gifts like hand crafted mugs, hand knitted stockings and Nordic candy. (Yes, her creativity puts me to shame).

Terracotta Christmas might not have the versatility of Nordic Christmas. But it’s a complete vibe I can get on board with as a neutral loving gal. PLUS, this DIY is so easy and cheap – Let’s get started!

Terracotta ornaments with beads and christmas accents

The best thing about the terracotta color scheme is that it still brings in warmth and color without being overly bright and gaudy.

Of course some years, I’ll likely be on board with all the bright reds and classic Christmas colors, but if I decide to buy all new ornaments at some point, I can totally transfer these ornaments to one of our other trees. (Yes, we currently have 3 trees up in our house).

Studio McGee velvet ornaments

Last year, I fell in love with the Studio McGee velvet ornaments above. They sell out almost instantly upon restocking and cost a pretty penny. I discovered upon painting my glittery ornaments, the glitter texture looks like faux velvet after it is painted with the terracotta method! How fun!

Holding diy terracotta christmas ornament in front of green Christmas tree

What You’ll Need to Create Beautiful Terracotta Ornaments:

Terracotta paint assortment

These beautiful terracotta ornaments were created using this one simple product! This paint is not only the perfect assortment of terracotta shades, but is also textured so there is no mixing or guess work involved!

I created some beautiful terracotta pumpkins for autumn using another method. I broke down that method HERE.

Collection of christmas ornaments against a white background

How to Create Terracotta Ornaments: Before

The above picture is what I started with. We have little kids so we’ve always used shatter-proof ornaments and I have had this gold and red ornament set for years. I was ready to replace them this year but was cringing at the prices of any ornaments I actually liked.

The total price of transforming my ornament set was $14! That’s a win for me, especially the month where Christmas shopping gets intense.

Terracotta christmas ornaments

I added a bit of twine to each ornament to create a loop and also used some of THIS lovely yellow/tan velvet ribbon.

Bowl of terracotta christmas ornaments

I’m so happy with how these turned out! I plan to purchase some more cheap, shatter-proof ornaments from FB marketplace to add even more of these to our tree!

Christmas tree with diy terracotta ornaments hanging from velvet bows

I hope this idea is inspiring to you! Terracotta Christmas is coming to town this year, and I’m totally on board!

Bowl of terracotta christmas ornaments

Let me know your thoughts on these easy, terracotta ornaments below!

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