75 Anthropologie Home Lookalikes That Will Save you $1000’s

The Best Anthropologie Lookalikes For Any Budget

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Anthropologie is well known for its elegant baroque style decor pieces that keep us coming back for more.

As much as we love to drool over the unique style of Anthropologie home items, they have a hefty price tag. The good news is, there are plenty of options that will give your bank account some relief. In this post, I’ll help you achieve the look of Anthro for less with these 75 Anthropologie home lookalikes that will save you $1000’s !

These Anthropologie lookalikes are the real deal. Whether you are looking for an Anthropologie rug lookalike, the best Anthropologie mirror lookalikes, or an Anthropologie wreath- you’ll find the best anthro style here!

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best anthro lookalikes

The Best Stores to Find Anthropologie Lookalikes:

The good news is that there are actually quite a few stores that offer a similar design style to Anthropologie! Here are a few of my favorites!

It’s just a matter of digging and searching til you find the right item. Thankfully I’ve done the searching for you, so sit back, relax, and find the perfect piece to get the boho vibe you love!

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Anthropologie home curved boucle white couch versus Walmart curved boucle white couch

Note: I’ve tried hard to only link items that are in stock, look VERY close to the real thing and are from reputable sources. The prices in these photos are current to when I posted. I will try to update but sales come and go.

Here are 75 Anthropologie home lookalikes that will save you 1,000’s!

Accent Chairs & Stools:

Check out these Anthropologie chair lookalikes! A good mixture of modern, funky, textures, and different colors. I’m obsessed. And I’m a little amazed at how spot on these chairs look to Anthropologie at a FRACTION of the cost!

Anthropologie $898 // Wayfair – $196

Anthropologie- $598 // Wayfair- $470

Urban Outfitters- $454 // Anthropologie $1,398

Anthropologie- $398 // Wayfair- $349

Anthro- $898 // Wayfair- $610 // UO- $499

Anthro- $1398 // Wayfair- $279 // UO- $454

Wayfair- $389 // Anthropologie- $1498

Anthropologie- $1498 // Target- $579

Anthropologie- $2498 // Target- $315

Anthropologie- $398 // Amazon- $229

Anthropologie- $398 // Amazon- $172

Anthropologie- $1698 // Wayfair- $200

Anthropologie- $398 // Target- $120

Sofas & Sectionals

Anthropologie always thinks outside the box for their sofa designs and I’m feeling it! This year they have introduced a lot of curved designs, asymmetrical styles and COLOR! When it comes to finding a budget-friendly option for a sofa, check out these great lookalikes!

Anthropologie- $3998 // Walmart- $1399

I love everything Amber Lewis has ever created. (Did you know I have a separate post dedicated to Shoppe Amber Lewis lookalikes?! Click HERE). This curved boucle sofa is to die for and this Walmart lookalike has the same vibes at a much lower price.

Anthro- $1998 // Wayfair- $1239 // Walmart- $539

This sofa is so elegant and classically beautiful. This rectangular shape is perfect for a living room or formal sitting room space. These two lookalikes from Walmart and Wayfair are sure to be show-stoppers.

Anthropologie- $2698 // Wayfair- $849

Curved and asymmetrical furniture is having a moment. This serpentine sofa is so unique and would be a total statement piece in a sitting room! This Wayfair lookalike can give you the same feel at a fraction of the price!

Anthropologie- $1998 // Wayfair- $469

Anthropologie- $2000 // Urban Outfitter- $1299

Anthropologie- $1698 // Wayfair- $1120

Anthropologie- $3098 // Wayfair- $1323

Anthropologie- $2198 // Wayfair- $1120

Ah, the Chesterfield Anthropologie Sofa. It’s so elegant and luxurious. Well, this Wayfair look-a-like is virtually the same thing!

Anthropologie- $2698 // Wayfair- $1189

The Anthro Mina sofa is yet another classy and elegant pick from Anthropologie which is also one of their top sellers. Wayfair offers this gorgeous look-a-like in a very similar velvet with gold finishes!


Anthropologie is known for its unique, luxurious beds. With some of the funkiest and coolest styles on the market, you’re sure to fall in love with some of these beds- and appreciate the price tag of these lookalikes!

Anthropologie- $998 // World Market- $599

The Anthropologie Pari Rattan day bed meets its equally cute but much cheaper counterpart- the World Market Mya bed!

Anthropologie- $998 // World Market- $599

This beautiful Venus rattan bed from Anthropologie looks almost identical to the World Market honey rattan day bed!

Anthropologie- $2298 // Wayfair- $1220

The Rosalie four-poster bed from Anthropologie is hard to match but I think this Wayfair option has very similiar vibes.

Anthro- $2098 // Wayfair- $259 // Amazon- $366

The Heatherfield bed from Anthropologie caught my eye as soon as they came out with it a few years ago! At the time, we were in the market for a new king-size bed and I desperately wanted this one! Unfortunately, it was back-ordered for about 9 months so we went a different route.

These rattan headboards offer a similar, wrap-around vibe!

Anthropologie- $1598 // Wayfair- $619

The beautiful Anthropologie deco bed is a total statement piece and this Wayfair look-alike is insanely similar!

Anthropologie- $2638 // Wayfair- $1340 // World Market- $1299

The Anthropologie Lombok collection is iconic and timeless! These lookalikes are so similar and incredibly affordable!

Media Cabinets & Sideboards

If you’re looking for that iconic statement piece for your living or dining room space, odds are Anthropologie probably sells it. Here are some great look-alikes that will get you the same statement piece for far less $!

This gorgeous cabinet from Urban Outfitters is a spot-on lookalike for the Anthro Fern cabinet!

Best Anthropologie Mirror Lookalike

A mirror with gold accents is the perfect finishing touch for any room! Anthropologie is famous for its gleaming primrose mirror- and for good reason! It’s so gorgeously vintage and polished at the same time.

The Anthropologie version of this mirror starts at over $500! But don’t worry, you can get a beautiful mirror for a fraction of the cost with one of these incredible options!

Here you’ll find so many pieces VERY similar to the Anthropologie gleaming primrose mirror, plus other awesome anthro mirror lookalikes, and the only major difference is the price tag!

Anthropologie- $548 // Wayfair- $235

Home Depot- $279 // Wayfair- $205 // Amazon- $229

Wayfair- $259 // Amazon- $239

Anthropologie- $168 // Target- $52

Gleaming primrose but make it small and cute?! I’m down! If almost $200 isn’t your cup of tea for a vanity mirror, this Target option is just as pretty!

Anthropologie- $998 // Amazon- $145

This gorgeous Fern mirror meets its much cheaper counterpart from Amazon! At only $145, this floor-length mirror is a STEAL!

Art & Wall Hangings

Anthropologie = Iconic art, tapestries, and shelving. But you can have it all! These lookalikes make Anthropologie Art/wall hangings attainable! I hope you like the following Anthropologie Home options!

Anthropologie- $998 // Target- $85

Anthropologie- $178 // Hobby Lobby- $25

Home Decor Items

Anthro- $25 // Walmart- $12 // Target- $15

Any true Anthropologie fan knows the smell of THE volcano candle which permeates every Anthropologie store in existence. It’s the smell that draws you in and makes you loosen up your wallet! All of my sleuthing has led me to these two candles being the closest smell-a-likes to the famous Blue Capri Volcano candle!

Coffee Tables

Check out these very popular coffee table lookalikes! With unique shapes, smooth lines, and beautiful textures, you can get the look you love without the price tag!

Anthropologie- $998 // Wayfair- $308

This is a very popular Anthropologie lookalike! The iconic Amber Lewis coffee table is to die for BUT at over 50% cheaper, this Wayfair option is IDENTICAL!

Anthropologie- $1598 // Wayfair- $486

End Tables & Nightstands

If you’re looking for the perfect accent table for your bedroom or gathering space, Anthropologie probably has it. Luckily, I’ve linked a few other dreamy AND much more affordable options!

Anthropologie- $1198 // Wayfair- $335

Anthropologie- $898 // Wayfair- $459


Before selecting a light fixture of any sort, I always visit Anthropologie for instant inspiration. These options are equally as unique and timeless!

Anthropologie- $228 // World Market- $59

Anthropologie- $328 // Target- $70

Anthropologie- $168 // Amazon- $48

Anthropologie- $228 // Amazon- $40

Anthropologie- $198 // Target- $60

Anthropologie- $168 // Wayfair- $89

Anthropologie- $398 // Amazon- $50

Anthropologie- $658 // Amazon- $50

This Anthropologie chandelier is gorgeous! But look at that price tag… If you aren’t on board with the $658 price tag, check out this Amazon chandi at just $50! I styled this flush mount in Charlotte’s Vintage Floral nursery and am still obsessed!


Anthropologie- $187 // Target- $109

Anthropologie- $328 // Amazon– $127

The Anthropologie Rivulets quilt is a top seller! Joanna Gaines made it popular when she used it in several episodes of Fixer Upper! This Amazon quilt mimics the graceful swoops and layers at a cheaper price point.

Anthropologie- $69 // Urban Outfitters- $49

Anthropologie- $98 // Amazon- $16

Anthropologie- $98 // Amazon- $54 // Wayfair- $49

2023 is the year of the floral curtain! Wayfair and Amazon offer these gorgeous pieces that are spot on and just as gorgeous.

Anthropologie- $70 // Amazon- $52

Anthropologie- $65 // Amazon-$50

Anthropologie- $129 // Amazon- $73

This Macrame swing is so adorable! This would be perfect hung in a nursery or playroom! This Amazon swing is equally as adorable and much cheaper.

Drinkware & Bar

Anthropologie- $16 // World Market- $7

This year one of my goals is to replace all our random, cheap stemware with ones I truly love! These coupes are so classy and gorgeous and this World Market glass is spot on!

Anthropologie- $16 // Wayfair- $8

I have always loved these marble, gold-edged coasters, and these Wayfair coasters are a steal at just $8 each!

I hope you found something you love in this post. My goal is always to help you get the look you love while staying in budget! Which of these Anthropologie home pieces are you crazy about?! Let me know below!

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  1. I absolutely love Anthropologie but don’t have Beyonce money to buy any furniture from them. Thank you for finding a cheaper way to do home decor at a fraction of the cost.

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