20 French-Inspired Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

francophile mother's day gifts

Mother’s day is fast approaching and let’s be honest- mums can be hard to shop for! I always found myself stumped when it came to picking out something for my mom… Until the past few years when she became obsessed with all things France! This led to me finding the perfect francophile mother’s day gifts that I’m sharing here!

If you have a francophile mother in your life (or MAYBE it’s you and you’re just picking out your own mothers day gift which is PERFECTLY FINE!) this gift guide will help you find the perfect francophile mother’s day gifts!

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What is a Francophile?

According to Oxford Languages, a francophile is:

“A person who is fond of or greatly admires France or the French.”

At first glance, it sounds like a very strange word, but truly it just means you have a strong fascination with France and french culture! This is definitely my mom, and to be honest, I’ve become a bit of a francophile myself in recent years. I love the classic fashion, french food, and rustic home decor style of France!

What Should I Gift a Francophile?

If you have a special occasion approaching and are not sure what the perfect gift is for someone obsessed with France, I’ve got you covered!

The French way of life is so unique and different, you may not even know where to start! Here are some ideas to consider when selecting a gift for the francophile in your life:

  • French Fashion- Classy, simplistic, and minimalistic pieces. The French basically invented the capsule wardrobe.
  • French Food- Rich with wine sauces, seafood, and chicken dishes are the star here! But don’t forget about creme brulee, croissants, and macarons!
  • French Wine– This is the first thing that comes to mind. France is famous for red and white wine and of course, authentic Champagne!
  • French Decor- A variety of decor styles come from France. Whether you love the classic and sleek Parisian style or the french countryside simplicity is more your speed, there is a decor style for everyone!

The best part is that I’ve already done the work for you below! Check out the selections below for the best francophile mother’s day gifts!

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For a Francophile Mama

1. Parisian Inspired Blouse

francophile mother's day gifts

J.Crew One Shoulder Ribbed Top – $26.99

There is nothing more francophile than a simple, classy blouse or top. This off-white, one-shoulder beauty is so classically gorgeous and versatile!

2. French Perfume


There is nothing quite as classy AND french inspired as Chanel perfume! This thoughtful gift will go the extra mile to show your mom how much you care!

francophile mother's day gifts

3. Croissant Cutter

francophile mother's day gifts

Croissant Cutter – $8.99

Is it bad that I had to google how to spell croissant numerous times? This is a great gift for the baker in your life! This stainless steel croissant cutter helps you get the perfectly shaped croissant every time!

4. Authentic French Macarons

Box of 12 L’incontournable Macarons – $47

Unbelievably hard to find/purchase in the US, these macarons are authentic Laduree macarons. If you are a huge francophile, you know that Laduree was the inventor of the original macaron! What a thoughtful gift for your favorite francophile!

francophile mother's day gifts

5. Authentic Paris Candle

francophile mother's day gifts

Diptyque Paris Candle – $42

Diptyque is the famous candle of France! Apparently, almost every household in Paris has these candles burning year-round! With so many amazing scents, which should you choose? I hear the fig scent is incredible!

6. Parisian Interior Coffee Table Book

Parisian Interiors – $339

What better gift for the francophile interior design lover than this massive coffee table book of Parisian designs! Don’t let the price tag scare you, there are currently used options on Amazon!

parisian interiors

7. Compagnie De Provence Exfoliating Soap

francophile mother's day gifts

Compagnie De Provence Soap – $32

This authentic french soap from Marseille has an exfoliator in it and is highly reviewed! With numerous scents to choose from, this soap is sure to give her a little scent of France!

8. French Cottage Sign

Gold Merci Sign – $24

This beautiful gold sign is just like one you’d find on the door of a little french cottage. I think this would be adorable on a french inspired gallery wall!

french cottage sign

9. Life In a French Country House Coffee Table Book

french country house

Life in a French Country House – $55

Every picture in this entire book is basically my dream life. The images in this coffee table book are breathtaking! I know my mom would love this one.

10. French Press

Le Creuset French Press – $85

The most french country-inspired french press ever! And such good quality. This is a gift that a Parisian coffee lover would get a ton of use out of.

french press

11. Macaron Baking Kit

francophile mother's day gifts

Red Velvet NYC DIY French Macarons Baking Kit – $35

So crucial to French culture and obviously delicious is the french macaron. Immerse your loved one in French culture with this adorable macaron kit because, let’s be honest, they aren’t easy to make without detailed instructions!

12. French Country Coffee Table Book

Perfect French Country – $41

Perfect French Country is an amazing collection of inspirational interiors that are more geared towards the south of France and the French countryside. This totally speaks my language.

perfect french country

13. Salt & Pepper Mill Set

salt and pepper grinders

Peugeot Salt and Pepper Mill Set Adjustable Grinders – $70.15

A staple of every household in France, these Peugeot grinders are simply stunning.

14. Madeline Pan

2 Pack Nonstick Madeleine Pan, 12-cup – $16

My mom is a huge baker and would think this double set of Madeleine pans is so fun! Immerse them in the baking culture of France with this fun, thoughtful gift.

francophile mother's day gifts

15. French Bistro Mug

tiled margot monogram mug

Tiled Margot Monogram Mug – $14

A bit more on the Parisian side of France, this French bistro mug is perfectly classic and elegant. Don’t forget about the rest of the dishes available in this pattern!

16. French Cookbook

My Paris Kitchen – $19.29

If you have a French cook in your life, they are sure to love and appreciate this highly-rated french market cookbook!

my paris kitchen

17. French Champagne Glasses

francophile mother's day gifts

La Rochere Versailles Tasting Glasses, Set of 6 – $75.99

This gorgeous set of La Rochere Versailles tasting glasses is the perfect accent for a french-inspired tablescape. You may want to purchase a set for yourself, especially if you are serving mothers day brunch!

18. Timeless Paris Coffee Table Book

Timeless Paris – $40

I had to throw one more coffee table book in the mix because this one is SO gorgeous! The author photographed 20 of his favorite places in Paris, so it’s essentially as close as you can get to touring Paris without the plane ticket.

timeless paris

19. Authentic French Champagne

rose champagne

Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose Champagne– $69

The wine lover in your life will be so excited by this authentic French Rose from the Champagne region on France!

20. French Art

Eiffel Tower Water Color Print – $0

What better perfect way to celebrate a love for France than a breathtaking, vibrant watercolor of the Eiffel tower? All this needs is a beautiful, simple frame and you have the perfect francophile gift! CLICK HERE to download this free print.

eiffel tower watercolor

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Mother figures, Wives, and Baby Mamas out there!

I hope these francophile mother’s day gifts inspire you to celebrate your mom and I hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day celebration this year. If you are searching for more shopping guides, check out my posts below!

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