25 Best Fit Mom Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love (2023)

It might feel wrong to gift your mom fitness equipment for Mother’s Day but this isn’t like that one awkward Christmas when your Dad bought your mom a treadmill and a crockpot… If a mama in your life is fitness obsessed, you will find the perfect gift here! This gift guide has so many fantastic fitness items that will be used for years to come. Your mom is sure to love these gift ideas for fit moms.

gift ideas for fit moms
  1. Weighted Bangles- $55
  2. Alo Crew Socks- $22
  3. Athleta Elation Tight- $65
  4. Alo Weight-lifting gloves- $22
  5. Adidas shoes– $110
  6. Yoga Block– $28
  7. Adidas crop top– $35
  8. Slam Ball– $31
  9. Beats headphones– $129
  10. Personalized duffel– $50
  11. Personalized Yoga Mat– $76.33
  12. Striped sports bra + leggings– $64 + $178

Gift Ideas for Fit Moms

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I began my fitness journey many years ago BUT really kicked it into high gear last year after the birth of baby #3! Since then, I’ve really become addicted to how much better I feel with a consistent workout routine. If I miss a few days, I can tell it really affects my mood.

It’s very true that moms are always giving, giving, giving and there are very few things that moms do for themselves. If a mom in your life enjoys fitness as a hobby, it’s more than ok to surprise them with one of these luxe fitness Mother’s Day gifts!

Mother’s Day Fitness Gifts

I recently told my husband, honestly, that one of my favorite gifts to receive is a cute, new workout set. After all, I work out almost every day, and most days as SAHM, I never really change out of yoga pants anyways! Even if the mom in your life isn’t fitness-obsessed, these cute gifts are sure to be winners.

Whether your mom was a former athlete, enjoys strength training or maybe she’s an avid runner, you’ll find the perfect gift for her here!

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Fitness Lover:

Here are 25 gift ideas for fit moms.

gift ideas for fit moms

1. Weighted Bangles- $55

These weighted bangles are so cute and just a little luxurious. The perfect gift for the mom who likes to walk, these bangles are a great accessory to burn some extra calories while hiking!

gift ideas for fit moms

2. Alo Crew Socks- $22

These stylish Alo crew socks are the perfect finish for a cute and sporty workout fit! They can also be worn out and about running errands with some white tennis shoes for an adorable 90’s look!

gift ideas for fit moms

3. Athleta Elation Leggings- $64

These Athleta elation leggings are some of my favorites. I wore these through two pregnancies, and 2 post-partum periods, and still wear them today. They have the best stretchiness and are not overly compressive but still supportive. If your mom loves pairing leggings with a tee for her go-to look this gift will be a winner.

gift ideas for fit moms

4. Alo Weight Lifting Gloves- $38

#Momswholift… These weight-lifting gloves are the perfect gift for a mom getting serious about her strength training routine. No more annoying blisters or borrowing your husband’s too-large weight-lifting gloves!

gift ideas for fit moms

5. Adidas Tennis Shoes- $110

If she doesn’t have a pair of plain white leather sneakers yet, these are IT. These basic white tennis shoes are worth every penny. Such a sporty-wardrobe staple that she’ll use for years to come.

gift ideas for fit moms

6. Alo Yoga Block- $16

A yoga block is one of those items that I’ve never purchased for my home gym because… Well, I’m not sure why after seeing this beautiful rose color yoga block. It’s the perfect accessory to add to her home gym!

gift ideas for fit moms

7. Nike Crop Top- $22.15

I love this adorable Nike crop top! It would pair perfectly with a cute pair of leggings or even a cropped pair of denim shorts for summer. It’s the type of tee she’ll find herself reaching for it over and over.

gift ideas for fit moms

8. Slam Ball- $31

I’ve wanted to add a few items to my home gym for some time now and a weighted slam ball is at the top of my list. Great for warm-ups and adding a little spice to a lower-body workout, she will love adding this to her weight-lifting routine.

gift ideas for fit moms

9. Beats Headphones- $129

My husband recently purchased beats headphones for work and I occasionally steal them for my runs! They stay in place so securely and are insanely comfortable! This rose color is perfection.

gift ideas for fit moms

10. Personalized Duffel Bag- $22.45

I love a good gym bag and this one is no exception. It’s spacious, has great internal storage compartments, and comes in the best colors. The best part is, it can be customized with her name!

gift ideas for fit moms

11. Yoga Mat- $71.84

Another personalized gift that any yogi will obsess over! This yoga mat is adorable and will make her feel really special this Mother’s Day.

gift ideas for fit moms

12. Alo Bra $64 + Leggings $128

I LOVE the retro vibes of this bra and legging set! If the mom in your life loves an adorable workout fit, this one will really make a statement. You can never have too much activewear!

gift ideas for fit moms

13. Strong as a Mother Crewneck- $37

I love a good crewneck sweatshirt. It’s such an effortless look that is easy to pull off.

This is such a fun crewneck she can throw on after an evening at the gym. Comfy, oversized, and lets everyone know how strong she is!

fit mama tee

14. Fit Mama Tee- $21

Perfect for working out in, this adorable tee will remind her that you see her dedication and perseverance in the gym and beyond! Pair it with a new pair of tennis shoes and a ball cap for the perfect gym look!

brumate water bottle for mother's day gift

15. Brumate Rehydration- $27

Everyone can appreciate an awesome, durable, and LARGE water bottle. Brumate water bottles are vacuum insulated and will keep drinks cold (or hot) for 24+ HOURS. This 25 oz, leak-proof water bottle is perfect for a mom conscious about her water-intake!

therabody theragun massager

16. Therabody Theragun Massager- $277

Killing it in the gym every day unfortunately means SUPER sore muscles some days. Getting a professional massage isn’t always an option so this Theragun massager steps in to save the day!

A little bit of luxury for a mom with super sore muscles, (Hi, it’s me!) this Therabody Theragun massager will be the highlight of her Mother’s Day!

resistance bands

17. Resistance Bands- $15.90

These extra thick resistance bands are AMAZING because they are fabric and won’t rip hair and skin! They stay in place better than the classic rubber bands and also come off easily due to the velcro attachment!

peloton bike

18. Peloton Bike- $1,445

OK, maybe you think it sounds crazy BUT what better gift for a fitness-crazy enthusiast who has very limited time to run to the gym every day because she’s also a MOM?! Peloton is the ultimate gym at home that she will be over the moon for.

I wasn’t sure if Peloton was hysteria or truly worth it… Until I bought one and fell in love. I ride almost every day now and enjoy it so much! (Kendall Toole, you’re my girl!)

fit log book

19. Fit Log- $20

This fit log notebook is perfect for the fitness lover who is also very organized and wants to keep track of her progress!

I’d honestly LOVE this gift. No more scrolling through your phone looking for that one note you saved with your last deadlift PR.

apple watch

20. Apple Watch- $329

If the fitness enthusiast in your life doesn’t have a smartwatch yet, what in the world are you waiting for?!

This is the perfect gift for the mama who wants to start tracking her steps, calories, and HR throughout the day!

gift ideas for fit moms

21. Vitamax Blender- $559

An item that is totally essential to a healthy eating plan is a good blender!

This Vitamix is one of the best-ranked and reviewed blenders on the market today! It blends SO smoothly and eliminates any trace of seeds and other debris from fruits and veggies. It’s a little bit luxurious too, and *bonus points* because she will use it every day.

gift ideas for fit moms

22. Ribbed Crop Tops- $31

This pack of simple ribbed crop tops is the perfect gym wear option for the summer.

I work out in my garage and it can get pretty hot out there in mid-summer. These ribbed tanks are super cute and will keep her cool all year round!

gift ideas for fit moms

23. Lavender Shower Steamers- $16

Everyone needs a good steam-and-relax after a day of super intense workouts and super intense kid-chasing. Help Mama relax with these all-natural lavender shower steamers!

gift ideas for fit moms

24. Planned Macro Cookbook-$60

If the woman in your life is wanting to start eating healthier OR tracks macros and is always looking for new recipe options, this cookbook is GOLD.

I bought it a few months ago and consistently use it every week. It shows you how to prep a large batch of protein and turn it into a variety of macro-friendly meals for the week!

hoka running shoes

25. Hoka Clifton 8 Running Shoes- $275

My personal FAVE running shoes that are worth every penny. Ya’ll, I SWEAR by these.

I started running again after the birth of baby #3. My knees were hurting SO badly and I almost quit running because of how badly my joints hurt. I bought these Clifton 8 running shoes and NO EXAGGERATION, felt better within the first run with these!

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