The Absolute Best Upholstered Beds of 2023 You Don’t Want to Miss!

We recently upgraded from a mattress on the floor to an insanely beautiful boucle upholstered bed from West Elm! I’ve never been more in love with a piece of furniture. I viewed and read reviews on TONS of beds during my search and todays post shares the absolute best upholstered beds of 2023 you do NOT want to miss!

boucle upholstered bed frames with pillows and plaid curtains

Get Me There Faster:

What Kind Of Bed Is Best?

Since a brand new bed is a massive investment, it’s important to really think through what kind of bed you want to buy! I did a ton of research when looking for our bed frame and I narrowed the important elements to these below:

  • Comfort– I wanted a comfy headboard to sit against to read at night!
  • Longevity– I wanted something that would work in our room even if we moved or changed decor styles!
  • Aesthetic– I wanted a piece that would be a show stopper + go with my decor style.
  • Good Quality– I’m at a point in life that cheap quality furniture doesn’t do it for me anymore!
  • Functionality– I wanted a bed that would be non-bulky, easy to move, not be a dust trap, etc…

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upholstered bed with green quilt and throw pillows in master bedroom

Why I Bought an Upholstered Bed and Why You Should Too:

I ultimately decided on the West Elm Shelter Low Profile Upholstered Bed because it is fully customizable. If you love the look of this bed here are the specs of what I ordered:

upholstered bed frame with picture of a tree

The Pros of the West Elm Shelter Low Profile Bed:

  1. The extra tall, wrap around headboard. I love to read/watch TV in bed and this headboard was a HUGE selling point for me. It’s so comfy to lean against and the high headboard is really a statement piece.
  2. The boucle. I love all things boucle and it has been in style for a long time with no end in sight! FYI- this boucle is off white to me, which is what I wanted. It’s not a stark/bright white. It’s also very soft!
  3. The Low Profile look. I am not the hugest fan of bed skirts and I wanted something that went all the way to the ground so I didn’t have to worry about what under the bed looked like. In retrospect, I kind of wish I had paid the extra money to buy the storage version of this bed!

The Cons of the West Elm Shelter Low Profile Bed:

  1. The price. West Elm is pricey and this bed was an investment for sure. However, I wanted something sturdy and great quality we can use for years!
  2. The freaking WAIT TIME! We bought this during the height of covid shipping delays and it took about 5 months. INSANE. Wait times seem to have improved currently. However, it is still a custom item so expect to wait a good 4-6 weeks before you get your bed!

If this bed is out of reach for you financially OR you’re just looking for something a little bit different, you’ll LOVE the following list of The Best Upholstered Beds of 2023!

The Best Upholstered Beds of 2023:

the best tufted upholstered beds

The Best Tufted Upholstered Beds:

Tufted Beds have such a beautiful and elegant silhouette! I love how the tufting adds an extra texture/accent to the room.

  1. Joss & Main Tufted Bed- $600
  2. Crate & Barrel Tufted Leather Bed- $1,799.00
  3. Wayfair Tufted Linen Bed- $1,020.00
  4. Wayfair Velvet Tufted Bed- $879.00
  5. Target Tufted Bed- $1,093.00
  6. Anthropologie Tufted Wingback Bed-$2,598
  7. Wayfair Tufted- $259.00
the best velvet upholstered beds

The Best Velvet Upholstered Beds:

Velvet is SO soft and comfy and surprisingly durable. These lovely bed frames are sure to add a touch of luxe to your room while being the perfect place to snuggle up in at night!

  1. Lulu And Georgia- $1,798.00
  2. Wayfair Vita Upholstered Bed- $520
  3. Anthropologie Ainsworth Bed- $2,198.00
  4. Anthropologie Edlyn Bed- $1,698.00
  5. Wayfair Kelly Clarkson Home- $800.00
  6. Wayfair Tufted Velvet Bed- $529.00
the best patterned upholstered beds

The Best Patterned Upholstered Beds:

2023 is the year of pattern! Stripes and plaids are still going strong but florals are picking up speed as well! I plan to purchase #1 or #6 for my sons big boy room! Which is your favorite?!

  1. Wayfair Black and White Plaid Bed- $1,019.00
  2. Birchlane Upholstered Bed- $1,489
  3. Rifle Paper Bed- $900.00
  4. Wayfair Floral Bed- $1,029.00
  5. Wayfair Joss and Main Stripe Bed- $1,000.00
  6. Striped Upholstered Beds- $699.00
the best budget friendly upholstered beds

The Best Upholstered Bed For a Small Budget:

I was amazed at the affordability of many of these upholstered beds. I actually found so many similar dupes to the bed I bought brand new from West Elm! These options fit in almost any budget and are so beautiful and functional.

  1. Wayfair Upholstered and Metal Bed- $400.00
  2. Wayfair Sleigh Style Tufted Bed- $470.00
  3. Target Upholstered Horizontal Tufted Bed- $379
  4. Target Faux Leather Upholstered Bed- $300.00
  5. Wayfair Simple Upholstered Bed- $250.00
  6. Wayfair Andover Mills Upholstered Bed- $335.00
the best upholstered beds with storage

The Best Upholstered Beds With Storage:

I am seriously regretting buying a bed without storage! These beds incorporate the under bed storage in such a beautiful way, you almost can’t tell it’s there!

  1. Wayfair Tufted Bed With Storage- $344.00
  2. Joss and Main Upholstered Bed with Storage- $1000.00
  3. Anthropologie Tufted Bed With Storage- $2,898.00
  4. West Elm Shelter Bed With Storage- $1,700.00
  5. West Elm Lana Bed With Storage- $2,000.00
  6. Arhaus Wood and Upholstered Bed with Storage- $4,000.00

I hope one of these beds is perfect for you! I think upholstered beds are timeless, beautiful and super functional! Which is your favorite?! Let me know below!

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  1. Never put this much thought in the look of my bed in my bedroom but this is such a great post for decorating your bedroom!

  2. These bed options are all beautiful. I love the idea of an upholstered bed frame. Right now I have a tufted style and it was so beautiful. And then my cats and children got ahold of it. So, while I love them turns out they have an expiration date in my house! lol

  3. Thanks for the information! I have wanted an upholstered bed too. I worry it will be hard to dust and get gross over time since there is no way to clean it. But, you have given me so many options to look into!

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