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47 Best Neutral Nursery Wallpaper Ideas For Baby’s Room!

There is no better way to make a baby’s room feel special than beautiful, playful wallpaper in a fun pattern! Selecting the perfect nursery wallpaper can be challenging. You may want something that is gender-neutral and could work for a baby boy OR baby girl! Here you will find my top neutral nursery wallpaper ideas. Whether you want an accent wall, a nursery wallpaper mural, or even a wallpapered ceiling, you are sure to find a wide range of styles here that will give you the best results!

neutral nursery wallpaper green with crib against wall

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Take Me There Faster:

neutral nursery wallpaper

Hattie’s Nursery Wallpaper

I FINALLY finished wallpapering my daughter’s room and it has transformed her nursery into the perfect room for her to learn and grow.

Nursery design is my absolute favorite. I finished Charlotte’s floral nursery last year and it quickly became my favorite room in the house! While I’m a far way from done with Hattie’s nursery, just having the wallpaper up has made it feel like a new room!

I had a challenging time deciding on the perfect wallpaper for her room. I wanted the wallpaper to be gender-neutral in case any more babies join our family in the future. We are also considering transforming the nursery into an office once all the babies are older so I didn’t want it to be overly “baby-ish”.

After much deliberation, I decided on the GORGEOUS, best selling Raphael Green wallpaper by Sandburg.

sandburg raphael green tree wallpaper for nursery

This green neutral nursery wallpaper is so perfect. I paired it with a soft pink for my daughter’s room, but if we ever had another baby boy it would easily transition to a bit more boyish with blue and green accents!

It was my first time wallpapering and I found it challenging… But not as hard as I thought it would be. I have linked the supplies I used below for your convenience. Once you get the hang of hanging the strips evenly in a straight vertical line, it goes pretty fast!

Throughout my wallpaper research, I stumbled upon SO many wonderful baby nursery wallpaper ideas! I’ve gathered my top selections below. Whether you are looking for a fast and easy option like decals or if traditional wallpaper is more your vibe, you are SURE to find the perfect neutral nursery wallpaper here!

Peel And Stick Nursery Wallpaper

Peel and Stick Nursery Wallpaper is a perfect choice, especially if you plan to move or are renting! Even if you own a home, peel-and-stick wallpapers are a great idea.

You might struggle to commit to wallpapering a space due to resale concerns… Fear no more! Here I’ve linked 12 playful wallpapers in a variety of patterns! With a variety of different styles, you are sure to find a beautiful neutral wallpaper design that will transform your nursery walls.

Peel and stick is an easily removable wallpaper option that you will love in your baby’s room.

peel and stick neutral nursery wallpaper
  1. West Elm Tree Tolie
  2. Wayfair Neutral Floral Peel & Stick
  3. Wayfair Animal Peel and Stick Neutral
  4. Wayfair Birds & Strawberries Wallpaper
  5. Wayfair Woodland Animals Peel and Stick
  6. Wayfair Botanical Bunnies
  7. Pooh Bear Toile
  8. Mushroom Peel and Stick Wallpaper
  9. Magnolia Home Olive Branch
  10. Tulip Peel and Stick Wallpaper
  11. Magnolia Plaid Wallpaper
  12. Magnolia Fox and Hare

Boho Nursery Wallpaper:

The bohemian or boho theme is extremely popular when it comes to a nursery wall treatment! This theme focuses on natural accents and neutral colors.

Boho interior design includes a lot of rattan accents, jute rugs and macrame wall hangings.

This theme could easily transition from a baby’s room to a kid’s room as your child grows. It would also work perfectly with gender-neutral nursery decor. Here is some awesome boho wallpaper designs for your nursery!

boho neutral nursery wallpaper
  1. Spoonflower Vintage Morrocan Grasscloth Wallpaper
  2. Schoolhouse Alpine Floral
  3. Wayfair Feathered Leaves Wallpaper
  4. Wayfair Damask Wallpaper
  5. Serena And Lily Priano
  6. Anthropologie Miyuki Wallpaper
  7. Anthropologie Botanical Wallpaper
  8. Sandburg Floral Wallpaper
  9. Sandburg Monica Hazel Wallpaper
  10. Lulu and Georgia Parma Wallpaper
  11. Lulu and Georgia Setana
  12. Wayfair Menagerie Wallpaper

Mural Wallpapers For Accent Walls

When you decide to pull the trigger on wallpapering a room, one thing to consider is if you want to wallpaper the entire room or just do an accent wall. If you go the accent wall route, wallpaper murals are an awesome option!

Below you’ll find links to some of my favorite, affordable wallpaper murals. Whether you want a traditional wallpaper mural or a modern, funky style, a mural is a great way to make your nursery unique.

Common themes for wall murals are florals and tree/forest scenes. There are many different colors you can pair with these murals to create dimension.

If you select the right design for your nursery, a mural will make the room feel professionally designed!

Tips for Decorating With a Mural:

When arranging your nursery furniture in a room with a mural, you want to keep the number of pictures and decor against the mural wall to a minimum!

To create the perfect room, try putting only your crib against the feature wall. This will accent the mural without being too busy! If you need ideas for cribs to go with a beautiful mural like these, check out THIS POST.

You can easily tie the mural colors into the rest of the room with throw pillows, bedding, and other neutral accents!

mural wallpaper woodland scene
  1. West Elm Landscape Mural
  2. Anthropologie Judarn Mural
  3. Wayfair Peel and Stick Mural
  4. Anthropologie Misty Mountain Mural
  5. Vintage Italian Toile Mural

Floral Wallpapers

Floral nursery wallpaper has my heart. Did you know it’s possible for floral wallpapers to be totally gender-neutral?!

Try incorporating soft, neutral shades with simple floral designs to create a comfy, gender-neutral space for baby.

The floral wallpapers I’ve linked below will work for a baby boy or girl and will create the sweetest and coziest space for your sweet little one. With a variety of color palettes, you’re sure to find the perfect wallpaper for your space!

floral wallpaper for nursery decor
  1. Lulu & Georgia Floral
  2. Dainty Leaves Lulu & Georgia
  3. Anthropologie Little Thistle
  4. Wayfair Alshawn Wallpaper
  5. Sandburg Wallpaper Blue Floral
  6. Sandburg Maskoren Floral
  7. Emil Blush by Sandburg
  8. Light Blue Emrik Wallpaper
  9. Wayfair Celinda Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Neutral Nursery Wall Decals

One of the coolest options I’ve seen for Nursery wall treatments is wall decals! These adhesive stickers are even easier to apply AND remove than nursery peel-and-stick wallpapers! 

Start with a smooth, flat surface and apply the sticker to the wall. After that, all you need to do is smooth out and YOU’RE DONE. Decals are even easier to remove.

The ease of this wall treatment makes it the perfect solution for renters, or any of us short on time!

wallpaper decals

Below I’ve linked some of my favorite gender-neutral nursery wall decals. With a broad variety of themes like safari, farmhouse, boho, and floral patterns, you are sure to find the perfect wallpaper decal for your nursery!

  1. Goose Decals
  2. Olive Leaves Wall Decal
  3. Canyon Colors Wall Decals
  4. Horse Wall Decals
  5. Chicken Toss Wall Decal
  6. Safari Animals Wall Decals
  7. Village wall decals
  8. Modern Farm Decals
  9. Sunshine wall decal
  10. Forrest Wall Decal set

There are so many awesome options for neutral nursery wallpapers. Whether you want a temporary and easily removable option like peel and stick or decals OR you want the traditional pasted wallpaper. There is something for you here!

Which wallpaper style is your favorite? Are you a traditional decor lover or does the modern boho theme get you inspired?! Let me know below!

I hope these neutral nursery wallpaper ideas inspire you to transform your baby’s room into a beautiful and cozy haven.

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