DIY Terracotta Easter Bunnies (Pottery Barn Dupe)

I am obsessed with all things Pottery Barn and their seasonal decor is no exception! This year, I had my sights set on a set of adorable terracotta bunnies in their spring decor release. With a little acrylic paint and a little imagination, you can easily recreate these DIY terracotta bunnies for a fraction of the price! No need to break the budget with this easy Pottery Barn dupe!

diy terracotta bunnies

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Create This Adorable Easter Craft in Minutes!

woman painting diy project

Do you love the terra cotta pot craze going on currently? I have used this easy method to create an aged look in previous DIY projects (terracotta pumpkins & Terracotta Christmas ornaments) and I just keep coming back for more! This method is SO easy and the perfect way to get a vintage look without the price tag. Get ready for the spring season AND Easter season now!

Pottery Barn VS. Target Dollar Spot

pottery barn terracotta bunnies

I love saving a buck. With this Pottery Barn DIY dupe, you’ll have a lot more than a buck and no one will be the wiser! I was able to create these cutie terracotta bunnies for approximately $7 each while the pottery barn bunnies clock in around $69 EACH! Are you sold yet?!

What You’ll Need To Make DIY Terracotta Bunnies:

diy terracotta bunnies
  • Glass, cardboard or plastic bunnies. I got mine from the Target dollar spot (LINKED HERE), but you can also find some adorable, inexpensive bunnies at the dollar store, Dollar Tree, Michaels or Hobby Lobby!
  • Flour or baking soda (optional).
  • Matte top coat. If you use flour or baking soda, it’s a good idea to brush your bunnies with matte mod podge or a clear coat of spray paint so the flour doesn’t rub off on your other decor.

Step-By-Step How To Make DIY Terracotta Bunnies:

woman doing diy project
  1. Cover your working surface with paper towel or paint drop cloth.
  2. Use a foam brush or small paint brush to begin painting the outer surface of your bunny rabbit. Cover the entire bunny well. I did one coat with a darker chalk paint.
  3. Make sure you get in the crevices of the bunny ears, bunny tail and really cover the entire surface well!
  4. Let the bunny dry completley.
  5. Give the bunny as many coats of paint as you like. I did 2-3 coats. After the first coat of darker paint, I topped it with my favorite terracotta paint.
  6. For a vintage look, after the bunny has dried completely, use sandpaper to rough up the bunny’s ears, paw prints, and other areas that have crevices. This makes it look more like an authentic clay pot.
  7. If you did not use chalk paint or true terracotta paint, sprinkle flour or baking soda on your bunny while it is still wet. Let it dry and give it several coats of paint. Rub flour into the surface of the bunny after your last coat.
  8. For best results, spray with matte spray paint or dab with matte mod podge so the flour doesn’t rub off. This step isn’t necessary if you used chalk paint.
painting diy terracotta bunnies

That’s it! This craft is so simple. If you have young children who want to help, let them join in on the fun! Because you are going for the worn terracotta pot look, it’s ok if the paint job is a bit messy and not perfect!

Create Faux Clay Bunnies With This Easy DIY Craft!

I love how simple this Pottery Barn dupe was to create! Once you master your new skill of terracotta painting, you will want to turn everything in your home into a clay pot look.

Top Tips for Creating DIY Terra Cotta Bunnies:

woman doing diy project
  1. You don’t have to stick to white paint! Try painting your cute bunny different shades of easter pastels OR your favorite colors.
  2. Use pipe cleaners to rough up/distress hard-to-reach areas on the bunny. This will add to the vintage look!
  3. Get creative with the craft supplies you have on hand. If you have ribbon, try tying ribbon around the neck, etc…
  4. These decorative bunnies would be PERFECT in an adult Easter basket. It’d be a lot of fun to receive this in your basket on Easter morning!

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Happy Crafting!

adorable terracotta bunnies

If you make this incredible Pottery Barn dupe, PLEASE let me know! I love to see my crafts recreated. Don’t forget to check out my other fun Easter Content HERE!

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