My Honest Review Of The High End GE Cafe Refrigerator

If you are searching for the perfect luxury appliances for your kitchen, look no further than the new GE refrigerator line, Cafe! With its sleek design and innovative features, you will be impressed and in love with this gorgeous refrigerator. We have owned the GE Cafe Appliance high-end refrigerator for about 3 months now and I’m ready to share my comprehensive cafe refrigerator review!

cafe refrigerator review

BEST Aesthetic White Appliances on the Market:

At first glance, this refrigerator is BEAUTIFUL and would elevate the look of any kitchen space! There are not a lot of white appliances on the market today, and even fewer brands offer a matte collection. The cafe series has the most affordable and beautiful white and black appliances in matte finishes. But, if you’re still in love with stainless steel, they’ve got you covered there too!

woman putting food in a refrigerator

We have owned this refrigerator for about 3 months now. When our old stainless steel fridge broke down, I knew I wanted to get a refrigerator that would match perfectly with our upcoming renovation plans. I did a ton of research on refrigerators, including paneled refrigerators + compared Cafe to other high-end appliance brands. I’ll give you a bit of a spoiler about this cafe refrigerator review…I think Cafe appliances are a great choice!

Shop Cafe Refrigerators:

What Are Cafe Appliances?

Cafe appliances are a newer line of appliances produced by GE in 2018! They are GE’s luxury line and some of the first appliances to be offered in matte finishes. The french door refrigerator might be the most popular appliance they sell, but they also offer a beautiful range, oven, double oven, dishwasher, and more! When I say these appliances are gorgeous, that’s an understatement! These appliances are obviously luxury and instantly elevate the kitchen in one fell swoop!

Who Manufactures Cafe Appliances?

As I said above, the Cafe line is manufactured by General Electric. When choosing a fridge brand, I knew I wanted to purchase from a brand that is highly recognized as being reliable and energy efficient. For this reason, I felt confident with the quality of the Cafe fridge.

What Are The Pros of Cafe Appliances?

So, to start off this Cafe refrigerator review, I’ll break down the pros and cons!

aesthetic white refrigerator

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t immediately drawn to this fridge for how beautiful it is! I knew that I wanted a matte fridge for multiple reasons. First, it doesn’t show every single smudge and tiny fingerprint! Secondly, the matte finish goes super well with the more neutral style I’m going for in my kitchen.

Whether you have a kitchen with classic looks or a sleek/modern design, this refrigerator will look perfect. It’s neutral and blends in perfectly while also being a stunning statement piece.

I LOVE the look of a french doors refrigerator. All the cafe refrigerators have french doors and a freezer on the bottom.

Cafe Appliances Are Customizable

Cafe refrigerators are offered as a counter-depth fridge or a full-depth fridge.

We went for the counter-depth option because it gave us the most space in our kitchen. We didn’t want the refrigerator jutting out into the walkway. Of note, even the counter depth refrigerator juts out a bit beyond our counter top edge. It isn’t really noticeable but I knew the full depth would have been WAY too large.

The knobs and handles on Cafe appliances are also customizable. The hardware is currently offered in 6 different finishes.

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Brushed bronze
  • Brushed black
  • Brushed copper
  • Flat black
  • Brushed brass

I love the options because you can easily match your refrigerator handles with the hardware in the rest of the kitchen. We went with the brushed bronze because they didn’t have the brushed brass out yet when we ordered. (NOTE: The brushed bronze does have a bit of a rose-gold sheen in certain lighting. The brushed brass looks a bit more like traditional gold. I love the bronze but if I were to order again, I’d likely select the brushed brass to avoid the rosy tint).

cafe refrigerator hardware

The refrigerator body is also offered in several different finishes. Matte white, Matte black finish, stainless steel, and a new slightly different version called platinum glass. They are all gorgeous but I was only interested in the white matte finish. I fell in love with the white/brass combo and I haven’t looked back!

white french door refrigerator by cafe appliances

Luxury LED Lighting

The Cafe refrigerator includes super powerful LED lighting. I am obsessed with how well-lit this fridge is! It allows for such easy access to groceries and I don’t feel like I’m searching for food in a dark cave. Our old refrigerator was poorly lit and I have to say, as lame as it sounds the bright light in this fridge MIGHT just be my favorite feature.

refrigerator organization

Incredible Storage Capacity & Ample Space

I wasn’t sure if something so pretty would be incredibly functional, but let me tell you this fridge is so well-planned. Our old fridge was so crowded and I was constantly having Tupperware fall out at me when I opened the doors. I really wanted a fridge that had the space for our growing family.

If you choose the style we bought, you will get:

  • 2 large drawers for vegetables
  • A full-width tray flex drawer perfect for meats and cheeses
  • 5 well-lit shelves
  • Gallon storage in the doors
  • Internal water feature with water filter
  • Freezer ice maker.
food in a refrigerator

BTW, I am OBSESSED with the french door storage. I can fit 2 gallons of milk in the fridge door and that’s very important for a mom of 3 toddlers.

I love using clear plastic bins to organize my refrigerator.

Smart Fridge with Wi-fi Connectivity

This functionality was super important to my husband and I have to say, the smart features are pretty incredible! The built-in wifi connectivity of this refrigerator takes luxury to a whole new level!

The Cafe refrigerator is a “smart fridge” which means it can do all of the following:

  • Maintain consistent temperatures with temperature monitoring
  • Adjust the temperature with Smart HQ App
  • Status of ice maker level
  • Advanced water filtration system that notifies you when it’s time to order a new filter
  • Schedule service with service provider through the Smart HQ app
  • Syncs with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
french door refrigerator

What Are The Cons Of Cafe Appliances?

In a comprehensive cafe refrigerator review, I think it’s important to share the cons as well! After having our Cafe Refrigerator for about 3 months, I’ve thought over anything I would change/rethink if I were to buy again. Overall I’m SO HAPPY with this fridge. The few small “cons” I have are below:

The Price Of Cafe Appliances

TBH, I think that the price of the Cafe refrigerator isn’t terrible considering it’s a LUXURY line. In fact, for being luxury, I think they are incredibly affordable. However, they are at a higher price point than your average fridge and may be out of reach for some buyers.

The refrigerators run between $2,999 and $4,799. The price fluctuates based on if the fridge is full-sized or counter-depth, and how many extra bells and whistles it has. We decided on the 21.3 sq ft counter depth refrigerator which runs at $3,799 on the Cafe website. We purchased it from Home Depot where it was priced at $3,418.

Check out these various Cafe Refrigerators below:

The Internal Water Dispenser Can Be Hard to Reach

water dispenser in a refrigerator

Again, this isn’t a huge con to me. We purchased the model of the refrigerator without the door water/ice machine. We did this on purpose because I’m not the hugest fan of the door dispensers. I like the internal water dispenser for aesthetics but it is definitely tricky to angle a cup under it and fit another arm in to push the water button.

ALSO, in our model, there isn’t an automatic ice dispenser in the door. However, there is an ice maker in the freezer. I actually prefer to not have the outside door dispenser so this wasn’t a true con for me. Some of the models do include a door ice and water dispenser.

Those are the only cons I have noticed so far! Overall, I am in love with our new fridge!

Are GE Cafe Refrigerators Worth It?

refrigerator organization

After considering all the different aspects of my cafe refrigerator review, this girl is saying, YES! If you are looking for something with a matte finish and maybe a bit fancier/ more aesthetically pleasing than your average fridge- Go for it!

This refrigerator is the perfect high-end look, still affordable and functional. I am so happy we went this route and I can’t wait to get the matching oven/range when we start our kitchen reno next year!

I hope this review was helpful. What questions do you have about the GE Cafe refrigerator? Let me know below!

FAQ About GE Cafe Refrigerators & Appliances:

  • Are GE Cafe refrigerators reliable?

When determining if a large purchase is from a reputable/reliable brand, I always look up lots of reviews and recommend doing the same. Overall, GE appliances are well-known for being reliable and efficient.

  • Is GE Cafe refrigerator worth the money?

This depends on your priorities for your kitchen. But if you are wanting to find something that looks high-end, is customizable and also super functional I absolutely think it’s worth it!

  • Is Café appliances high-end?

Cafe appliances are high-end and considered a luxury line. They are still very affordable compared to other “high-end” appliances.

  • Are Café appliances made in China?

Nope! GE Cafe appliances are made at 1 of 3 plants here in the states!

  • What is the difference between GE and Café?

Cafe is the luxury line of appliances manufactured by GE. Cafe appliances are still considered GE!

  • Is GE Café better than monogram?

It depends on what you’re looking for and what your priority is! Both lines manufactured by GE are high-end, luxury level, and beautiful. Monogram is significantly more expensive than Cafe. Monogram is very top-of-the-line and looks beautiful but they were simply out of my price range and I preferred the look of Cafe anyways!

  • Is GE Profile better than GE Cafe line?

GE Profile is another luxury line produced by GE. The actual layout and price point of the fridge is very similar to Cafe, but these refrigerators are not offered in the matte finish.

  • Is GE Cafe American made?

Yes, the refrigerators are manufactured in the US!

Thanks For Reading My Cafe Refrigerator Review

I hope this review was helpful to you in making a decision on a large purchase like a new refrigerator! If you have any specific questions about this fridge, please ask them below! Also, don’t forget to check out my other Kitchen renovation content HERE!

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  1. Great review, Cassie! I’ve been researching refrigerators because it’s soon going to be time to replace our LG French Door fridge that we bought in 2009. The GE Cafe is one I’ve considered. I would want a version with a water & ice dispenser in the door though. It’s good to know you have a GE Cafe and really like it. Recommendations are so important when buying expensive appliances! Sending much love to you, Nate & the kids! Aunt Tricia xoxo

  2. Hi Cassie
    Just ordered the GE Cafe set in matte white. Your cabinet colors look really close. Are they a match to the matte white fridge? Would LOVE to know the color as we are starting a full kitchen reno.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Anne! That’s awesome! Hope you love it as much as we do! Our cabinet color is original to the house and we haven’t painted them yet BUT we tried to match the paint in the rest of the house as best we could! I would go with either Alabaster by Sherwin Williams or Swiss Coffee by benjamin Moore. They are both really classic (not stark) shades of white. Best of luck!

  3. Thank you so much for the review, it is really helpful! I was wondering if, since the appliance is white, the doors get dirty more easily or are harder to clean than a stainless steel fridge? Thank you 🙂

    1. So glad this helped. It actually stays SO clean. I never wipe it. the material its made of is almost slightly textured and it doesn’t pick up ANY smudges. so easy to wipe down.

  4. I know this is a year old but I am glad to read it. In 2016 we bought a stainless steel Cafe frig, it worked great but the fingerprints were satanic, I was so happy to sell that house and move far away from that thing. Now I want a white one. I want polished nickel kitchen faucet but the appliance handles are matte, and what colors for the knobs and all?? It’s so hard.

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