Best Antique Look Kitchen Range Cookers and Stoves (2024)

One of the best ways to elevate the look of your entire kitchen is to invest in a fabulously beautiful range. If you stick around here long enough, you’ll know I am all about vintage and antique decor style for our home and I recently have become obsessed with vintage ranges! After doing a TON of research on antique look range cookers, I’ve rounded up a list of the best ones on the market today.

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best antique look range cookers
  1. La Cornue Cornufe
  2. Ilve Nostalgie
  3. Lacanche
  4. AGA Elise
  5. Bertazonii Heritage
  6. AGA ER7 100
  7. Hallman Classico

One of the most frequent questions I get about our 1940’s kitchen renovation is: “Are you keeping that stove?!”

When we bought Holly House, she came with this adorable minty green vintage range. I’m not 100% sure how long this stove has been here but I do know that the brand stopped being made in the 1970’s.

holly house kitchen

My original plan was to keep this adorable stove, but after moving in, we have found it highly unreliable. The burners work ok, although the controls for the gas are too easily turned on for a house full of toddlers. The oven only warmed to about 100 degrees which is an issue for someone who bakes 3 loaves of sourdough a week. Additionally, since the brand is no longer made, there is no one to service it and the parts are very hard to find. Sad day for us.

After realizing my vintage stove dreams had died, I became obsessed with researching all the beautiful appliances I could find. There are a lot of options that can give your kitchen an antique look but are highly modern in terms of function.

Why Invest In an Antique Look Range?

Antique look ranges are increasing in popularity. With multiple color options and highly modern functionality, these ranges completely transform the look of your kitchen.

If you are really interested in an antique look range cooker, you may have already experienced the sticker shock I have. These ranges are stunning but the price tag reflects how stunning they are!

The truth is, a kitchen range is one of the most used appliances in the home and it’s so important to have a high-quality, highly functional range without sacrificing the look you want! While it may seem insane that people spend this amount on a stove, they really do and I’ve heard from very few that regret it.

Here are some reasons to invest your money into a high-quality kitchen range:

  1. You will use your kitchen ranges every single day for your whole life. I mean think about it… You may not use your washer/dryer or even your living room couches every single day, but you will likely use your range every single day (as long as you do any form of cooking in your home).
  2. Good quality kitchen ranges can last a lifetime. While researching many of these pricey French and Italian ranges, I was so impressed at the detail and quality that goes into every step of making these appliances. Many of the companies that produce these stoves are family-owned and take a ton of pride in their work. These stoves are built to last.
  3. You can take your fancy range with you if you move. Many consumers are nervous about investing a lot of money in a range if they plan to move again, but the truth is, you can easily take your range with you when you move!
  4. A beautiful range will elevate the look of your whole kitchen. In fact, many of these French and Italian ranges are so stunningly gorgeous, you can plan your entire kitchen around it, much like an “accent” piece of furniture.
  5. A good quality range is energy-efficient, safe, and reliable. I know several individuals who own vintage ranges and love them! Maybe they are handy folks who can fix appliance issues themselves. However, it’s a simple fact that a newer range will have better safety features and better energy efficiency. Thankfully you can still get the fabulous vintage look along with the better technology of a new range!

How To Get an Antique Look Range Cooker For Cheaper

Once upon a time, I ALMOST scored a Lacanche Chagny 50″ range on Facebook marketplace for $5,000… If you are a Lacanche fan your jaw may have just dropped. I’m not lying! Here are the listing pictures:

I went on the Lacanche website to calculate the price of this range and it came out to $17,000 before taxes and shipping… So yes, in this case $5,000 would have been insanity. The reason I ultimately missed out was procrastinating because I wasn’t sure it would fit in our space and the seller not having any idea if it actually worked or not.

All that to say, there ARE ways to get a luxury range with an antique look without sacrificing your entire life savings. Here are my top tips:

  • Set up search alerts on FB Marketplace for the brands I’ve listed here (AGA, Lacanche, La Cornue). If you are really serious about wanting one of these ranges and they are all way out of your price range, you might be able to find one on FB marketplace, even if it is several hours away. Your best gamble is that someone is selling it for a relative and doesn’t know what the stove is worth!
  • Ebay. Ebay has some of these ranges available but make sure you check the cost to ship. If one of the refurbishing shops is near you, picking up the range can save you 1-3K easily!
  • Estate Sales. I am always pushing estate sales because if someone passes away and has one of these gems in their home, you might end up getting it for a great price. I use the app: Estatesales.net for finding local sales!
  • Floor models: This is the ultimate jackpot for getting a discounted range. If you know you want a certain model of range, call around to all the local store that supply that range and ask if the floor model is on sale. You may be able to negotiate a 10-20% discount! Plus, you won’t have to pay shipping which is HUGE. (Spoiler alert: This is how I got my dream range which I will be sharing SO soon!)

Italian Ranges Versus French Ranges

The majority of these vintage-look ranges that made it into my top 10 are French or Italian ranges. There are some differences between the two styles, however, both are high quality, and great picks for any kitchen.

French ranges tend to have more versatility in terms of precision cooking. For instance, you’ll notice, many of these ranges have a gas oven on one side and an electric oven on the other. Gas ovens have a higher level of moisture while electric ovens provide very dry/consistent heat. French cooktops often have options for attaching fire grills, french plaques, griddles, wok rings and more!

Italian ranges offer a great amount of versatility as well. They also tend to be a bit more user-friendly and price-point-friendly. The quality, however, is still superb.

Top 10 Best Antique Look Ranges:

Without further adieu, I’ve listed the top 10 BEST antique look range cookers on the market. Obviously, I have not owned all these ranges myself. I ranked these ranges based on online reviews, research, price points, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Make sure you do your own research before purchasing as these stoves are huge investments!

1. La Cornue Cornufe

cornufe range


  • Timeless and elegant aesthetic appeal
  • Double electric ovens with convection capability
  • 6 powerful gas burners
  • French plaque, griddle, and wok attachments
  • Completely customizable color options
  • Cons:
  • Pricey (Starting at $10,000 for the smallest size)
  • No oven windows
  • Not digital
  • No built-in timer

Introducing the French range of my dreams: The La Cornue Cornufe.

I first saw this stunning range in a William Sonoma and my jaw literally dropped. This range is absolutely stunning and breathtaking. The pros of this range aren’t just aesthetic. La Cornue ranges are of the utmost quality and function.

In my research, I came across countless reviews raving about the quality and precision of this French range. It seems the price range reflects not only the aesthetic appeal but also the incredible quality.

La Cornue also offers many other styles of ranges, but the Cornufe is the most budget-friendly ( Yes, you read that right…).

2. Ilve Nostalgie


  • Beautiful and elegant design with options for glass oven windows or solid doors
  • Large range of sizes with fully customizable cooktops
  • A high number of colors and finishes are available
  • Fantastic cheaper option for getting an antique look range.


  • Fair amount of reviews warn about longer than promised lead times.
  • Fair amount of reviews complain about difficulty getting issues resolved with customer service.
ilve range

If you are looking for an Italian range that is highly customizable and within a lower price bracket than its French competitors, an Ilve range may be your best option! You may have seen more and more of these Ilve ranges popping up in influencer’s kitchens and for good reason! They are absolutely stunning.

Of note, in my research, I came across more negative reviews on the Ilve stove than I did with La Cornue. Many of these negative reviews had to do with longer than promised lead times and difficulty getting customer service to communicate. Make sure you do your own research before deciding on such a big purchase!

3. Lacanche

lacanche range


  • Highly customizable stove and oven configurations
  • Large amount of size options for tiny-massive kitchens
  • Custom stove tops allow flame grill, french plaque and more attachments
  • One oven can be electric and the other oven can be gas for better precision cooking


  • Decent number of negative reviews about poor communication with customer service
  • Some reviews cite issues with gas burners going out during cooking
  • Pricey with the smallest model starting at about $10,000.

When considering a French range, one of the first ranges I considered was the famous and stunningly beautiful Lacanche! (Remember, I almost got one for $5,000?!) This stove has such a classic and timeless silhouette. While most of the reviews on this model were glowing, there were a few negative reviews citing issues with the gas burners going out. This seems to have been an issue with a particular batch of stoves.

Keep in mind, this stove is not sourced in the US, so it has to be ordered from France OR sourced as a resale. The shipping cost alone is enormous!

4. AGA Elise


  • Offers gas and induction cooktops.
  • 3 separate ovens with multi-functional capability.
  • Slightly cheaper option from cast iron AGA


  • Fewer color options than some competitors.
  • Fewer size options
  • Price is similar to La Cornue and other 48″ ranges.
aga elise range

AGA is known best for their cast iron range which I will cover later in this article. However, the Elise model is a wonderful mid-price-point option for an antique look range. British-made but sold by US dealers, this option is great if you want a stunning aesthetic with English origin.

5. Bertazzoni

bertazzoni range


  • High-quality cooktop offers gas or induction range
  • Brass burners option available
  • Electric oven has an air fryer setting
  • Sold by US dealers with shorter lead time.


  • Fewer color and finish options than some other companies
  • Only 2 sizes are offered with a set configuration.
  • Pricey compared with other 48″ options.

I had never heard of Bertazzoni ovens before until I began researching antique-look ranges. This highly reviewed Italian range is made with the highest quality Italian materials.

Of note, several reviews cited issues with the stoves or cooktops turning off during cooking and difficulty getting customer service to intervene or replace parts. Always do your own research to make sure you are spending your money well!

6. AGA ER7 100


  • One of the only ranges on the market that utilizes cast iron as heating element
  • Multiple sizes and configurations
  • Vintage look with the convenience of a hidden touch-screen
  • Electric hotplate cooktop for energy efficiency
  • Cast iron cooking method retains moisture while cooking and improves food quality.


  • No oven window
  • Extremely heavy and difficult to move for repair or maintenance
  • May be more difficult to find someone who specializes in repairs for such a unique type of stove.
  • VERY pricey, starting at around $24,000 unless you can find one used.
AGA ER7 100 range

I had never heard of a cast iron stove until I began this vintage stove research but I must say I was totally intrigued by this stove from AGA. A cast iron stove is a totally unique way of cooking that creates dishes that maintain a higher amount of moisture and flavor. Cast iron naturally retains heat. Each stove and “hot plate” has its own electric burner underneath which warms the surfaces and cooks evenly.

This stove is insanely pricey, starting at around $24,000 SO most of us could never afford it, but if you’re like me, your favorite past-time might be looking at things you can’t afford online (LOL). OR, maybe you’ve lucked out and found one for sale on FB marketplace and are wondering how much this thing is worth… The answer is a WHOLE lot.

7. Hallman Classico

hallman classico range


  • Price! This is by far the most budget-friendly vintage-look range cooker.
  • Range of sizes from 30″ to 48″
  • Highly customizable colors and finishes
  • Oven windows


  • A fair amount of poor reviews citing slow lead times and customer service issues
  • Cheaper materials are used to lower price point

I had to include Hallman Classico on this list because they are 100% the most budget-friendly option I’ve seen for this look on the market. It is hard to find info on this range and there are very few reviews. Many of the reviews I read were also negative. Just remember that most people don’t leave reviews unless they are upset about something (Hey, I’ve been guilty of that too!)

FAQ about Vintage and Vintage Look Ranges:

Is it safe to use a vintage gas range?

It depends. Many vintage stoves work great, but they may not have all the safety bells and whistles that modern stoves do. For instance, the gas knobs on our vintage stove were super easy to turn on which meant our kids kept messing with them. This was obviously a major concern.

Can You Bake in an oven with no window?

Many antique look french and Italian ranges don’t have an oven window. This is not a big deal though and most users don’t mind this. These ranges are high quality and utilize fans in baking that circulate air evenly. Even if you have to briefly peek in the oven, the air should return to circulation immediately.

Why are antique-range cookers so expensive?

These range cookers are obviously very pricey. Some of them are priced high because of aesthetic reasons but others are priced high due to quality. Many of these ranges are crafted by French or Italian metal artisans and each range is made with very high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last. If you want to purchase one of these ranges, it is an investment.

I hope this post was helpful if you are considering purchasing a new range cooker and want an antique look for your home. Let me know any questions you have below!

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