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One Room Challenge Week 4 & 5: The Countertop Standstill + My Vintage Kitchen Finds

GOODNESS. I’m still alive and well… Life has gotten absolutely crazy the past few weeks and try as I might the kitchen has reached a bit of a standstill as we try to decide on counter tops…

We have an appointment set up for Saturday to go look at some countertop slabs but until that process gets going I can’t move forward with the next section of my plan… GAH. Isn’t that so how home reno DIY always goes?

Welcome to weeks 4 & 5 of the One Room Challenge! To those of you who are new here, I’m currently part of a design challenge that consists of designing and renovating one space in my home in just 8 weeks! The space I’ve decided to complete is the Holly House Kitchen! Each Wednesday I log on to document my progress and share the fun projects we’ve been up to around here!

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Vintage Finds for The Kitchen

Despite the frustration of the countertop standstill, I have been having a lot of fun searching for special pieces for my kitchen. Here are a few of the super cute vintage accents I’ve selected for the kitchen.

vintage ginger jar

First, I found this beautiful ginger jar at my local antique shop. Usually, these jars run for around $50 and this one was on sale for $25. This will look pretty with the blue stove.

antique pine table

Secondly, this table… OMG, this table. This was a random FB marketplace find that I happened to see at the right time. I am so obsessed! It’s authentic English pine and totally stunning. It sits slightly low so we will add some risers.

I also purchased this stunning set of vintage french knives from Etsy.

vintage frech knives

So what is the plan for the next few weeks?

  • Hopefully, figure out countertops
  • Finish shelving over the oven
  • Find a kitchen island
  • Build Refrigerator cabinet

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