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The Cutest Bed Ideas for a Toddler Girls Bedroom

Charlotte’s vintage floral nursery is one of my fave home design projects to date! Now that she is almost 3 years old, I have transitioned her out of a crib and am on the hunt for the perfect toddler-friendly bed that can also transition to a regular bed! In this post, I’m sharing some of the cutest toddler girl bed ideas I found at all price points!

toddler girl bed ideas

A New Bed for Charlotte’s Toddler Girl Bedroom

My most viral blog post of all time is Charlotte’s vintage floral nursery! It is so simple, timeless, and sweet. Her room is one of my favorite places to relax. Something about the just slightly girly vibes and vintage accents really calms and relaxes me. Plus, she has the softest rug ever and I’m obsessed with it!

vintage style nursery

Last year, I found an adorable vintage jenny lind toddler bed and was SO excited to use it in her room as we were transitioning her out of a crib. 

As she’s been using this sweet little bed, I’ve noticed the narrowness/shortness of the bed makes it difficult for her to sleep at times (she’s a crazy sleeper) and the bed also seems a bit small for her room. I decided to invest a bit of $ to get her an awesome bed that she can use for a long time instead of the traditional toddler bed.

Selecting The Perfect Toddler Bed Frame

I’m honestly not a big toddler bed person. It makes more sense to me to select a bed that can grow with the child. Charlotte will likely be in this room until she is school-aged or older.

There is also a possibility that my younger daughter, Hattie, will be moved in with her. Because of all these variables I wanted to make sure I really thought through what I wanted for this bed frame.

After scouring Pinterest for toddler girl bedroom ideas, I decided for Charlotte’s room size, we needed to go with a full-size bed.

I was back and forth between 2 twins (for lil sis moving in later on) but, it’s actually quite common for two small children to share a full-size bed. Purchasing a full-size bed is a bit more cost upfront, but it’s an easy way to fill up the room and avoid having to buy even more furniture.

Find a Bed That Can Be a Focal Point of The Room

In nursery and toddler bedroom design, the bed is a huge focal point. It’s basically the equivalent of an accent wall… You want people to walk in the room and feel their eyes drawn towards the interest and dimension the bed creates. I knew I wanted this bed to serve as a “wow factor” when you enter the room.

There are many ways to achieve this. Selecting a bed with bright colors, patterns or intricate/unique details will really enhance the look of your toddler’s room.

Find a Bed that Offers Functionality to the Room

​Children’s bedroom design is all about functionality. The goal here is not to create a picture-perfect room that you are afraid to let them touch. Their room is the one place that is their own space. It should be a place that is private, creative, and most of all functional.

When I create a child’s bedroom design, I try to infuse storage space (specifically toy storage) in every location I can! This helps to keep the rest of the room tidy and is a simple way to capitalize on a small space.

The Best Beds for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

Selecting a new furniture piece is nerve-wracking, especially for those of us on a tighter budget. We want to find a unique piece that can be the focal point of the room and really tie the entire room together in a fun way.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to find a beautiful bed for your kid’s rooms without breaking the bank. Here are my top tips to select a bed that will stand the test of time:

  • Select a bed that will last beyond the toddler years. (I don’t recommend toddler beds… Too much switching and it costs more $ in the long run!) Try a guardrail if the bed is too high. This way you can seamlessly transition them to a big girl room without having to buy yet another bed!
  • Select a bed that offers functionality. Find a bed that has storage drawers on the bottom, or at the very least has space below where you can store toys and clothes. This is a great way to utilize a small space!
  • Select a bed that will go with whatever color scheme you select. A bright color or patterned bed is fun, but just make sure you consider if the bed will go with various themes and colour schemes as your child ages. Kids’ tastes change as they age and while they may be enthralled with a bright pink bed in their toddler years, they may not like that color scheme once they are teens. To create a cohesive look, I recommend going with a slightly more neutral-colored bed. You can still add interest with various patterns and textures!

Best Bunk Beds For Toddler Girl’s Bedroom

I grew up sleeping on the top bunk of an old metal bunk bed since I was about four years old. We had one of those with a full-size mattress on the bottom. My parents successfully stored four of us in one bunk bed. (Family of 10, IYKYK).

Modern bunk beds can actually be quite aesthetically beautiful and very functional for toddler rooms.

Bunk beds are the perfect solution for girl’s bedroom ideas for a small space. Here are a few of my favorite options for a beautiful, aesthetic baby girls’ room.

toddler girl bed ideas
  1. Spindle Bunk Bed- $355.00
  2. Amazon Twin Bunk Bed- $500
  3. Pottery Barn Bunk Bed- $1,499.00
  4. West Elm Modern Bunk- $2,799.00

Best Toddler Girl Beds for a Small Room

One of the frequent requests I get is design ideas for small spaces. Whether you are apartment living or just have a small home and multiple children filling up all the spaces, it can be hard to find functional beds that also have the look you want.

Here are some great solutions for small space bedrooms:

  • Bunk beds to utilize space if kids are sharing a room.
  • Trundle beds for room sharing and having the ability to tuck one bed away when needing play space.
  • Murphy beds work in a similar way. A Murphy bed allows you to close the bed up onto the wall so there is more space in the room during the day.

So if you have a lot of design plans but little space to work with, check out some of these bed ideas for small spaces!

toddler girl bed ideas
  1. Monarch Bed- $119.00
  2. Murphy Bed- $1090.00
  3. Overstock Velvet Tufted Trundle Bed- $1,251.00
  4. Wayfair Trundle- $559.00
  5. Ikea Minnen Bed- $169.00

Best Vintage Style Bed for Little Girl’s Room

You know I had to throw this one in because vintage beds are my obsession. (If you want to find some great inspiration for vintage style kids’ room check out my pinterest board HERE!)

I am convinced one of the best things in the whole world is an antique English pine box bed. These beds were designed to grow with a child and not have to be replaced. BUT, of course, they are impossible to find at a decent price point. 

My dream is to have a vintage pine bed like the one above someday… But since I don’t have $3,000 to spend on a bed, I will continue to browse FB marketplace for them (forever) and likely purchase a bed elsewhere. Luckily, there are a lot of super cute toddler girl room ideas with vintage beds or vintage-styled beds!  If you want a vintage-styled space for your baby girl, you’ll love these vintage-inspired toddler bed ideas:

toddler girl bed ideas
  1. Pottery Barn Chris Loves Julia Spindle Bed- $899.00 (My favorite!)
  2. Pottery Barn Penny Bed- $999.00
  3. Wayfair Metal Bed- $163
  4. Crate and Kids Twin Spindle Bed- $899.00

My Favorite Toddler Girl Bed Ideas

With so many gorgeous options to choose from, I wanted to gather up all my absolute fave beds in one place. Most of these beds are offered in twin, full, or queen sizes, depending on what the needs of your room are!

So, here are my top favorite bed ideas for a toddler girls’ room! These were my faves based off of aesthetics, reviews, and the overall interest/dimension that it brings to the room!

toddler girl bed ideas
  1. Crate and Kids Rattan Bed- $899.00
  2. Anthropologie Heatherfield Bed- $1750.00
  3. Anthropologie Fenna Bed- $2,298.00
  4. Wayfair Canopy Spindle Bed- $339.00
  5. Crate and Kids Jenny Lind Bed- $899.00
  6. Monarch Hill- $208 (on sale!)
  7. Pottery Barn Kids Spindle Bed- $899.00

If you love these toddler girl bed ideas and are looking for more inspiration for kids’ spaces, check out the following posts!

Which bed do you think I’m using for her big girl bedroom update?! Let me know below!

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