Enneagram 2 Christmas Gift Guide (2023)

If you have an Enneagram 2 in your life, odds are you may struggle to decide on the best gift. Enneagram 2’s are givers… They are generous, loving and always thinking of how they can put others’ needs above their own needs. Most Enneagram 2’s enjoy quality time, creative and personalized gifts, and thoughtful gestures. They are most likely the last person to impulsively buy things for themselves so this can make us feel a lot of pressure to get them the best gift ever. After all, they truly deserve a wonderful and enjoyable gift this Christmas season. In this post, I’ve compiled an Enneagram 2 gift guide! This large list of thoughtful gifts for the holiday season that are sure to make your favorite Enneagram 2 smile!

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enneagram 2 gift guide
  1. Anthropologie Longline Cardigan- $148
  2. NuFace Mini Toning Set- $250
  3. Pinch Provisions Mini Emergency Kit- $28
  4. Humble Botanics Bath Bomb Set- $19
  5. Old World Sourdough- $10.96
  6. Anthro Snow Globe Candle- $38
  7. Classic Straight Leg Jean- $128
  8. Reeboks (Vintage)- $90
  9. World Market Decorative Mixing Bowls- $138
  10. Breville Barista Touch- $1,499.00
  11. Saint Laurent Bag- $1,790.00

Enneagram Gift Guides for Christmas 2023

A fantastically great way to purchase a super personalized and unique gift for someone is to shop by Enneagram number! So skip the gift card this year and focus on selecting unique gifts that appease your loved ones’ creative side. Understanding your loved one’s personality, and what makes them tick, laugh, and get out of bed in the morning will help you select the BEST gifts this holiday season.

This year, I really wanted to create gift guides filled with meaningful gifts for the different personality types of the enneagram. I love the enneagram test and feel like it’s such a fun way to get to know someone, how they think, and what they love. If you are taking a deep dive into the world of Enneagram Personality types, the first step is to take the test!

If you’ve never taken the Enneagram Personality Test, Here’s a FREE Test!

These gift guides aren’t just another jumble of expensive gifts… I did a lot of research to compile what will be the BEST enneagram gifts of the season for each type. In addition, I consulted with lots of different enneagram types to find out what they love to receive! I hope this will make your holiday shopping SO much easier and help you select the right gift.

No matter which Enneagram your loved one is, you’ll find the perfect gift guides for them here! My curated listing of gift ideas below will help you select the gift to win Christmas, no matter which Enneagram type you are purchasing for this year!

Practical, Ideal Gifts for Every Enneagram

The first step to selecting a personal gift that appeals to the core needs of your friend or family member is to understand their unique personality type!

I’m an Enneagram 3. I’m 100% a go-getter, goal setter and can be a bit stubborn and success-obsessed. BUT, my secondary number, or “wing” is #2! I love caring for others, cooking, cleaning, and all the little things to make others’ lives easier. I can definitely relate to Enneagram 2’s deep desire to serve others good food, create warm spaces, and make others’ lives easier.  And let’s be honest, if we know and love an Enneagram 2, we know they deserve to relax and pamper themselves for a change! 

This gift guide is a unique list of practical gifts that will appease Enneagram 2’s deepest desire to create warmth, joy, and comfort for their family members and friends. So if you’re looking for a great gift, the good news is: You’ll find something perfect in the following list!

Enneagram 2 Christmas Gift Guide For Her

enneagram 2 gift guide

1. Anthropologie Longline Cardigan

Enneagram 2’s are the queens of cozy. They will be obsessed with this cozy robe-like cardigan that is perfect to wear around the house or office. It’s like the Snuggie… only cute and stylish!

enneagram 2 gift guide

2. NuFace Mini Toning Set

Enneagram 2’s are so busy caring for others that self-care is often at the bottom of their list. Help them put their best face forward with this super luxe mini toning set from NuFace!

enneagram 2 gift guide

3. Pinch Provisions Mini Emergency Kit

Enneagram 2’s are usually the person who has the gum, safety pins, and tide-to-go. They are always prepared to make sure everything goes smoothly and no one is left stranded or inconvenienced. This mini emergency kit is the perfect gift for the ultra-prepared Enneagram 2.

humble botanics bath bombs

4. Humble Botanics Bath Bomb Set

Everyone knows that Enneagram 2’s deserve to be pampered. Treat your favorite Enneagram 2 to a luxurious at-home pampering sesh with this Humble Botanics bath bomb set!

new world sourdough

5. Old World Sourdough

Enneagram 2’s are all about creating a warm, homey space for themselves and their loved ones! Baking sourdough is a fun hobby that blends their passion for serving others with a skill they can hone and develop. This cookbook is amazing for beginners and advanced sourdough bakers!

anthro snow globe candle

6. Anthro Snow Globe Candle

Nothing is more homey or delicious than a brand new Anthropologie candle. This Anthro candle is extra adorable and personalized with a monogram of your choice! It’s a total winner.

enneagram 2 gift guide

7. Classic Straight Leg Jean

One of my Enneagram 2 friends told me recently that she had never spent money on buying a good pair of jeans… A good pair of jeans are absolutely essential for every day life. These classic straight leg jeans fit everyone and are so comfy and classic.

vintage reeboks

8. Reeboks (Vintage)

Another classic, versatile item that your fave Enneagram 2 probably won’t splurge on for themselves… These vintage-style Reeboks are SO cute and will go with every outfit!

enneagram 2 gift guide

9. World Market Decorative Mixing Bowls

For the Enneagram 2 who is constantly in the kitchen, whipping up delicious food for her family… These decorative mixing bowls will brighten up her kitchen space and make the tedious tasks of every day a little prettier!

breville touch screen espresso machine

10. Breville Barista Touch

For the Enneagram 2 that loves to host… This gift is absolutely fantastic. Though a bit pricey, this touch screen Breville Espresso Machine. will allow Enneagram 2’s to do what they love to do most- serve others (with a delicious cup of coffee!)

enneagram 2 gift guide

11. Saint Laurent Bag

The ultimate luxury that no Enneagram 2 would purchase for themselves… This bag is of the highest quality and will make any outfit look instantly luxe. Blow them away with this gift for Christmas because we all know they deserve it!

Want More Enneagram Gift Ideas?

Did you know I have a gift guide for each enneagram type?! Check out my other Enneagram Gift Guides below!

enneagram 1 gift guide

I hope this Enneagram 2 gift guide was helpful in selecting the perfect gift for your fave Enneagram 2 friend or family member this holiday season! Are you an Enneagram 2? Did any of these gifts speak to you? What did we miss!? Let me know below!

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