30+ Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Enneagram 1

Enneagram 1 Christmas Gift Guide

If you have an Enneagram 1 in your life, odds are you may struggle to decide on the best gift. Enneagram 1’s are practical, ethical, self-controlled, and rational. They are most likely the last person to impulsively buy things for themselves so they truly deserve a wonderful and enjoyable gift this Christmas season. In this post, I’ve compiled over 30 thoughtful gifts for the holiday season that are sure to make your favorite Enneagram 1 smile!

enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

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  1. 2024 Planner- $26.00
  2. Atomic Habits- $15.86
  3. Cashmere Sweater- $148.00
  4. White + Leather Suitcase Set- $126
  5. Irobot Vaccum- $184.00
  6. Madewell Crossbody Bag- $158.00
  7. Madewell Robe coat- $258.00
  8. Darcy Ankle Boot- $198
  9. Gorjana Parker Huggie Gold Earrings- $50.00
  10. Half Baked Harvest- $15.98
  11. Architectural Digest Coffee Table Book- $99.00
  12. Personalized Stationary Set
  13. Large Grocery Store Tote-$69.95
  14. Reusable Glass jars with silicone lids- $45.95
  15. Le Cruset Cast iron Skillet- $289.00

Enneagram Gift Guides for Christmas 2023

There is no better way to purchase a super personalized and unique gift for someone than to shop by Enneagram type! Understanding your loved one’s personality, and what makes them tick, laugh, and get out of bed in the morning will help you select the BEST gifts this holiday season.

This year, I really wanted to create gift guides filled with meaningful gifts for the enneagram personality types. I love the enneagram test and feel like it’s such a fun way to get to know someone, how they think, and what they love. 

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These gift guides aren’t just another jumble of expensive gifts… I did a lot of research to compile what will be the BEST gifts of the season for each type. In addition, I consulted with lots of different enneagram types to find out what they love to receive! I hope this will make your holiday shopping SO much easier!

No matter which Enneagram your loved one is, you’ll find the perfect gift guides for them here! My curated listing of gift ideas below will help you select the gift to win Christmas, no matter which enneagram type you are purchasing for this year!

Practical, Unique Gifts for Every Enneagram

I’m an Enneagram 3. I’m 100% a go-getter, goal setter and can be a bit stubborn and success-obsessed. I can definitely relate to the Enneagram 1’s unique personality trait of desiring perfection, and order and having high standards for themselves...And let’s be honest, if we know and love an Enneagram 1, we also want to help them let their hair down, relax, and not worry about solving all the world’s problems at once (at least on Christmas day). This Enneagram 1 christmas gift guide will help you select the best gift to do just that!

This gift guide is a unique blend of gifts that will appease Enneagram 1’s deepest desire for order and structure while also helping them to slow down and enjoy their day-to-day with practical gifts that are luxurious and beautiful! So let’s get to it!

Enneagram 1 Christmas Gift Guide For Her


1. 2023 planner

 Enneagram 1’s are planners. They love a good to-do list and always honor their commitments. If you know and love an Enneagram 1, I’d be willing to bet they already have a detailed planner of some sort. But with the new year coming up, this beautiful planner from Anthropologie is a wonderful gift to help them get a head-start on all their planning!

atomic habits

2. Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits has been at the top of the New York Times best-sellers book for a LONG time now… That’s because it is just THAT good. This book is all about creating habits in your life that drive success. As natural leaders, I can assure you this book will appease the go-getter attitude of your fave Enneagram 1!

cashmere sweater enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

3. Cashmere Sweater

Enneagram 1’s are practical. They enjoy high-quality essentials that will be versatile and durable. This classic cashmere sweater will never go out of style and with proper care will last for years.

fancy luggage set for enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

4. White + Leather Suitcase Set

Yet another practical and wonderful gift for an Enneagram 1… A new, pretty suitcase set! Suitcases are one of those things that you don’t think about purchasing… Until you’re about to travel and realize yours is in shambles. This classy set will help your fave Enneagram 1 stay organized while they embark on new experiences!

irobot vaccum

5. I-robot vacuum

I’m sure they exist, but I don’t know an Enneagram 1 who doesn’t LOVE a clean house. This amazing robot vacuum will take some of the work off their plate and let them enjoy quality time with family this holiday season (instead of cleaning).

madewell crossbody bag for enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

6. Madewell Crossbody Bag

This simple, versatile crossbody bag is a go-to. Nothing fussy or fancy, but purely functional, and sleek, and I think it’s adorable. This would be a great gift for the organized Enneagram 1 on the go!

madewell robe coat

7. Madewell Robe Coat

This gorgeous coat is such an essential staple piece. When talking about practicality and sustainability, this is a total win. I bought a robe coat 3 years ago and it’s still in pristine condition. It fits even while pregnant!

ankle boots

8. Darcy Ankle Boots

Continuing on with our theme of practical, sustainable gifts- a good pair of ankle boots is absolutely essential. No matter what enneagram number your friends or family members are, they will absolutely LOVE and get a ton of use out of these cute ankle boots.

huggie earrings for enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

9. Gorjana Parker Huggie Earrings

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for your fave Enneagram 1, look no further! These Gorjana huggie earrings are timeless and beautiful. They are the perfect small gift for gift exchanges or to slide in a stocking. 

half baked harvest cookbook

10. Half-Baked Harvest Every Day

I became obsessed with Half Baked Harvest a few years ago and frequently use her recipes when I want to make something that’s easy but a little bit “fancy”. Help Enneagram 1’s tap into their creative side with these simple but elevated recipes that will be so much fun to share!

architectural digest

11. Architectural Digest Coffee Table Book

Enneagram 1’s probably don’t spend a lot of money on non-essential decor. Most of the enneagram 1’s I know have a very straightforward, minimalist sense of style. This simple, versatile Architectural Digest coffee table book is a home decor essential. It’s one of the best gift ideas for the Enneagram 1 who wants to spruce up their home this year!

personalized stationary

12.  Personalized Stationary Set

I’m not an Enneagram 1 but even I would LOVE this! Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial, but I am constantly scouring the house for a thank you card/ envelope and something decent to write with. Enneagram 1’s will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift and will put it to good use (cause let’s be honest, they never miss a thank you card)!

grocery tote

13. Large Grocery Store Tote

I can’t believe more stores don’t sell these. This idea is genius! Instead of bringing a bunch of random tote bags, this giant tote fits into a cart. It then easily pulls out of the cart and can be placed in your trunk and then transferred inside. What a great way to be sustainable, ethical, AND practical. The PERFECT gift for enneagram 1’s!

reusable glass jars

14. Reusable Glass Jars with Silicone Lids

Enneagram 1’s are the most likely type to bring healthy, carefully packaged lunches to work. These cute and versatile glass jars with silicone lids are such a great way to help them in their journey of sustainability.

cast iron skillet le creuset

15. Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet

This cast iron skillet is a classic. Such quality, such versatility. Probably not something a frugal enneagram 1 would buy for themselves but the PERFECT gift for Christmas!

Enneagram 1 Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Men are often the hardest to holiday shop for, so here are some suggestions for your fave Enneagram 1 guy!

enneagram 1 christmas gift guide
  1. Rustico Mens Planner- $119
  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad- $6.95
  3. J Crew Cashmere Sweater- $119.00
  4. Tumi Mens Briefcase- $475 OR Fossil $119
  5. J Crew Mens Classic Trench- $375
  6. Leather Bound Notebook- $20
  7. Cocoon Bag Organizer- $28
  8. Golf Organizer- $31.00
  9. Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses- $100
  10. Fleece Lined Bomber Jacket- $148
  11. Audible Subscription
enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

1. Rustico Mens Planner

The perfect, stylish men’s planner! This Rustico leather is leather bound, super durable, and professional.

rich dad poor dad for enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

One of the most popular books about finances and raising kids with the right mindset around money. The perfect book for an Enneagram 1 dad who wants to raise financially smart kids in today’s culture.

enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

3.J Crew Cashmere Sweater

A good quality crew neck sweater is an absolute staple regardless of personal style. This simple crew neck sweater is something he’ll reach for over and over.

enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

4. Tumi Mens Briefcase

My husband became obsessed with the quality and function of Tumi bags a few years ago. He travels for work and is always looking for a decent bag that can withstand the wear. and tear of constant flights. This one is of incredible quality. If you want a cheaper option, check out this option from Fossil.

enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

5. J Crew Mens Classic Trench

My husband purchased a classic men’s trench a few years ago and uses it all the time. It’s perfect if your loved one travels or works in business or for church or other more formal events. Plus, it lasts forever!

enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

6. Leather Bound Notebook

The perfect, aesthetic but practical notebook. Your fave enneagram 1 will love using this simple notebook to create to-do lists and schedules.

enneagram 1 christmas gift guide

7. Cocoon Bag Organizer

Ever the perfect gift for an uber-organized Enenagram 1, this cocoon bag organizer will help them travel more efficiently.

gold organizer

8. Golf Organizer

Continuing on with the theme of organization- this golf organizer will be a huge crowd-pleaser for your Enneagram 1 friends. Help him stay organized and clutter-free with this versatile golf organizer!

warby parker glasses

9. Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses

If your enneagram 1 loved one is constantly hard at work with an office job, odds are they could use a pair of blue light glasses. Warby Parker offers many stylish and durable frames!

fleece lined bomber jacket

10. Fleece Lined Bomber Jacket

This super versatile lightweight bomber jacket is perfect for fall, spring, and everything in between!

11. Audible Subscription

No explanation is needed… An audible subscription is just plain incredible.

Want More Enneagram Gift Ideas?

I hope this enneagram 1 christmas gift guide was helpful in selecting the perfect gift for your fave Enneagram 1 friend or family member this holiday season! Are you an Enneagram 1? Did any of these gifts speak to you? What did we miss!? Let me know below!

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