My Favorite Stores for Neutral, Open-Ended and Wooden Toys

I am a real sucker for neutral, open-ended, wooden toys! We have a lot of the bright, plastic, musical toys in our playroom but the toys in my kids rooms I LOVE to have fit in with the aesthetic of the room. In this post I’m sharing some of the cutest neutral toys that will fit in seamlessly with your sweet nursery decor.

Collection of neutral open-ended toys

Neutral, Open-Ended and Wooden Toys:

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What are open-ended toys?

Open-ended toys are toys that encourage kid’s imaginations. The bright, colored, musical toys are designed to over-stimulate. Much like Cocomelon does. Which lets be honest… Sometimes that’s necessary to parental survival.

However, if you are planning on spending some $$$ on quality toys for your kids, open-ended toys will allow them to play with their toys in many different ways and expand their imaginations!

Neutral/wooden toys also go SO well with design elements in nurseries. I’ve loved having some of my favorite toy purchases sitting out in my daughters vintage style nursery. If you want to leave tons of toys out in the babies rooms, why not have them go with the decor?! (My husband would roll his eyes to this but IYKYK).

Little girl playing with toys in a nursery

Are Neutral/Montessori/Aesthetically Cute Toys Worth the Money?

This is also a great question. I want to put in a full disclaimer that we totally have a plethora of colorful, loud, messy, non-aesthetically pleasing toys in our play room. And TBH, those toys are some of my kids favorites at different stages of development. My son went through an action figure obsessed stage and I wasn’t about to deprive him of his colorful spiderman and batman figures.

Dinkum doll sitting in a Ollie Ella strolley

I think there is something to say though, about toys that are truly good quality and can be passed down generationally. Kind of like heirloom pieces. To me, that’s so special.

Some of these items I paid a little more for and so maybe the actual number of toys my kids got on their birthday was less… BUT, these toys have held up in quality, and my kids continually go back to them after the initial excitement of loud, colorful toys wear away.

SO, if you’re considering making an investment into this style of toy and want to know if it’s worth it: In my opinion, YES!

Little girl hugging doll in a nursery

My Favorite Stores for Neutral, Open-Ended and Wooden Toys:

  1. Ollie Ella – Probably my favorite store of all time! Ollie Ella sells the cutest ever rattan, wicker items for kids. I just purchased the strolley for my daughters birthday and all of my kids play with it every day. They also ram it into doors and walls and lemme just say – That wicker is good quality. Another one of my fave’s is the dinkum doll! Charlotte has a dinkum and a dozy dinkum: Both adorable!
  2. Odin Parker – Um, WOW. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more aesthetically pleasing toys in my life. Odin parker offers all wooden and montessori type toys. They have a variety of wood trucks and cars as well as the CUTEST wooden food assortment I’ve ever seen.
  3. Target – Hearth and Hand Toys has some adorable wood toys! We purchased a mini kitchen aid and cash register for our kids for Christmas and they are adorable!
  4. Bohemian Mama – This shop has a compilation of toys, decor and clothing from various stores. I’ve purchased several items from them and they arrive quickly and perfectly curated!
  5. Amazon – Obviously, amazon has a lot of awesome options. Thinking a little outside of the box though, I’ve purchased THESE wooden peg dolls and painted my own designs on them! It’s a way cheaper option than the wood peg dolls found in speciality boutiques.
  6. Anthropologie – Of course I have to shout my all-time fave store but they have a great collection of cute kids toys I’m obsessed with. Cute stuffed animals, bedding and toys.
  7. Walmart – I also always keep an eye on Walmart toy selection. They have some awesome staple toys like this montessori rainbow.

Hope you enjoy the adorableness of these toys as much as I do. Comment below if you love these type of heirloom toys!

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