Christmas Gift Guide for Enneagram Type 3 (2023)

If you have an Enneagram 3 in your life, odds are you may struggle to decide on the best gift. Enneagram 3’s are individuals motivated by the desire for success and achievement. When selecting a gift for an Enneagram Type 3, consider items or experiences that align with their goals, interests, and desire for recognition. After all, they truly deserve a wonderful and enjoyable gift this Christmas season. In this post, I’ve compiled an Enneagram 3 Christmas gift guide full of thoughtful gifts for the holiday season that are sure to make your favorite Enneagram 3 smile!

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enneagram 3 christmas gift guide
  1. Big Plans Planner- $25
  2. Vogue Cocktails- $14.95
  3. Faux Fur Blanket- $138
  4. Sam Edelman cognac boots- $200
  5. Abercrombie Trench- $160.00
  6. Vegan Leather Pants – $66
  7. Merino Wool-Blend Pointelle Bodysuit- $80
  8. Satin PJ set- $50 + pants $50
  9. Lulu Lemon Align- $110
  10. Alo Traverse Duffel Bag- $158
  11. Alo Socks $22
  12. Madewell Gold Chain layering set- $52
  13. Valentina Sunglasses- $260
  14. Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Set- b$210
  15. Art of Home Coffee Table Book- $26.45
  16. New Balance Tennies- $156

Enneagram Gift Guides for Christmas 2023

This enneagram gift guide is especially fun for me to write… I’m an Enneagram 3!

I completely relate to the typical Enneagram 3 desire for success, recognition, and being willing to put in some hard work to get there! In addition, my best friend/husband is ALSO an Enneagram 3 (We make it work somehow… We are both natural leaders, fitness enthusiasts (BTW, I have a gift guide for that too!) and high achievers and I think this makes us a perfect match)!  Being an enneagram 3 definitely helps me understand the types of gifts 3’s love to receive. 

A fantastically great way to purchase a super personalized and unique gift for someone is to shop by Enneagram number! So skip the gift card this year and focus on selecting unique gifts that appease your loved ones’ creative side. Understanding your loved one’s personality, and what makes them tick, laugh, and get out of bed in the morning will help you select the BEST gifts this holiday season.

This year, I really wanted to create gift guides filled with meaningful gifts for the different personality types of the enneagram. I love the enneagram test and feel like it’s such a fun way to get to know someone, how they think, and what they love. If you are taking a deep dive into the world of Enneagram Personality types, the first step is to take the test!

If you’ve never taken the Enneagram Personality Test, Here’s a FREE Test!

Practical, Ideal Gifts for Every Enneagram

These gift guides aren’t just another jumble of expensive gifts… I did a lot of research to compile what will be the BEST Enneagram gifts of the season for each type. In addition, I consulted with lots of different enneagram types to find out what they love to receive! I hope this will make your holiday shopping SO much easier and help you select the right gift.

The first step to selecting a personal gift that appeals to the core needs of your friend or family member is to understand their unique personality type!

No matter which Enneagram your loved one is, you’ll find the perfect gift guides for them here! My curated listing of gift ideas below will help you select the gift to win Christmas, no matter which Enneagram type you are purchasing for this year!

This gift guide is a unique list of practical gifts that will appease Enneagram 3’s deepest desire for success, efficiency, and achievement. So if you’re looking for a great gift, the good news is: You’ll find something perfect in the following list!

Enneagram 3 Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Enneagram 3 Christmas Gift Guide

enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

1. Big Plans Planner

Starting out with an essential for every Enneagram 3. We are achievers! And by necessity we are planners. We need to be organized to keep up with our busy schedules and this “big plans” planner will help your fave Enneagram 3 hit those goals!

enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

2. Vogue Cocktails

Enneagram 3’s often love to host. But they don’t just host… They go all out. Party planning can become a sport or a competition and you better believe they will impress everyone with their fantastical party prep! I love the idea of this classy cocktail book for the Enneagram 3 who loves to host. They will undoubtedly put tons of time into perfecting their cocktail game. Plus with its soft gold cover and classy images, it doubles as a fantastic aesthetic coffee table book!

enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

3. Faux Fur Blanket

The coziest, fuzziest, homiest blanket ever! This faux fur blanket is a fantastic decor element. More importantly, it also provides your fave Enneagram 3 a chance to cozy up and relax! (We all know relaxation is NOT our strong suit).

enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

4. Sam Edelmen Cognac Boots

Enneagram 3’s are all about trendy, fashion-forward statement pieces. These boots are gorgeous and will totally steal the show… And just maybe, win Christmas! I can totally picture these paired with a black vegan mini skirt or wide-legged blue jeans. The options are endless.

enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

5. Abercrombie Trench

Yes, the trench is BACK. This lovely trench coat is such a classic statement piece. Every Enneagram 3 needs a classic coat like this that will go perfectly with work wear AND/OR dressy date nights.

vegan silver pant

6. Vegan Leather Pants

How incredibly fun and trendy are these vegan leather pants? They come in a lot of different shades but this silver color is the perfect accent for a fashion-forward Enneagram 3!

enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

7. Merino Wool-Blend Pointelle Bodysuit

This Merino Pointelle bodysuit is so classy. Layer this with a silk bralette or black tank and some leather pants for an adorably trendy look.

silky pajamas christmas gift

8. Satin PJ Shirt + Pants

The older I get, the more I am constantly adding pajamas and other loungewear to my Christmas wish list. I just want to be comfy Ya’ll. But I’ll admit, the Enneagram 3 in me also wants to look great in my pajamas and feel like they are just a little luxurious… Enneagram 3’s LOVE some luxurious pampering and these satin pajamas are IT. So soft, luxurious, and absolutely adorable! These pjs come in multiple shades with a soft/subtle stripe pattern and pearl buttons. Total winner.

the best leggings for christmas gift

9. Lulu Lemon Align

The classic, popular align leggings are always a great choice. Whether your favorite Enneagram 3 is a fitness enthusiast or just loves a sleek but comfy look, these leggings are ultra-flattering and great quality.

the best duffel bag for christmas gift

10. Alo Traverse Duffel Bag

Enneagram 3’s are often fitness enthusiasts. I am no exception. As a huge gym rat, I’ll admit there is just something about having a sleek and stylish gym bag that can inspire you to feel motivated to stroll into your gym. This Alo duffel bag works great for travel or for the gym and is such great quality. It’s roomy and organized plus has that great aesthetic look every Enneagram 3 is searching for.

 enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

11. Alo Socks

These might seem random but I think they are totally essential for Enneagram 3 trend-setters. The new fitness trend is wearing high socks with dad sneakers… But not just any socks… A pair of these thick, good-quality Alo socks to complete the look is absolutely necessary. These socks come in the cutest colors too!

enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

12. Madewell Gold Chain Layering Set

If you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to wow your favorite Enneagram 3, you’ll love this one! The ever-so-trendy gold-layered chain look isn’t going anywhere… This set from Madewell is totally adorable and can be added to over time.

valentina sunglasses

13. Valentina Sunglasses

Is it just me or do these sunglasses look like something you’d see Angelina Jolie wear while running errands..? They are an incredibly classic style that will last forever! After all, trendy + high-quality sunglasses are the most Enneagram 3 thing ever… The tortoise shell finish on these makes them perfect for every season. 

charlotte tilbury makeup kit for gift

14. Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Set

I recently have become obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury Makeup. It’s such great quality and comes in such amazing shades. As someone who really appreciates high-quality face products, this gift would totally floor me!

enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

15. Art of Home Coffee Table Book

There is no more essential home decor accent than a coffee table book! The good news is there are SO many great ones available right on Amazon. This one is a total winner and looks absolutely beautiful!

enneagram 3 christmas gift guide

16. New Balance Tennies

There are a lot of mixed opinions on the “dad” shoes but I love em! Paired with the right pair of jeans or leggings, they make a totally classic but trendy look that Enneagram 3’s will go crazy for!

Want More Enneagram Best Holiday Gifts at Every Price Point?

You’ve come to the right place! Did you know I have a gift guide for each enneagram type?! My lists will help you select personalized gifts that will be great options for every enneagram type! Check out below!

I hope this Enneagram 3 Christmas gift guide was helpful in selecting the perfect gift for your fave Enneagram 3 friend or family member this holiday season! Are you an Enneagram 3? Did any of these gifts speak to you? What did we miss!? Let me know below!

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