Best Montessori Toys From Amazon For Babies and Kids

Montessori toys are unique, beautiful, and a great way to nurture and develop your child’s fine motor skills while they play. I have always been drawn to the simplicity of these toys and how they enhance the look of the room they are in. I love to store our Montessori toys where they can be seen. If you love Montessori toys but don’t want to spend a ton of money, you’re in luck. In this post, I’ve gathered the top Montessori toys from Amazon for babies- Kindergarten age! 

best amazon montessori toys

The Montessori Philosophy

“Play is the work of the child.”

The Montessori philosophy is an educational approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator in the early 20th century. Dr. Montessori’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that children are naturally curious, capable, and have an innate desire to learn.

The Montessori method emphasizes creating an environment that nurtures a child’s natural development and allows them to learn at their own pace through self-directed exploration.

What are Montessori-friendly Toys?

best amazon montessori toys

Montessori toys are educational toys that are specifically designed to align with the principles and philosophy of Montessori education. These toys are carefully crafted to promote independent learning, hands-on exploration, and the development of specific skills in children.

Here are some key characteristics of Montessori toys:

  1. Purposeful Design: Montessori toys are thoughtfully designed with a specific educational goal in mind. They often focus on developing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive abilities, sensorial exploration, problem-solving, and concentration.
  2. Hands-on Manipulation: Montessori toys prioritize hands-on manipulation and engagement. They provide children with opportunities to explore and interact with the materials using their senses, promoting active learning and discovery. Toys that can be taken apart and put back together enhance gross motor skills while developing a child’s imaginative play skills.
  3. Self-Correcting: Many Montessori toys are self-correcting, meaning they allow children to identify and correct their own mistakes. This fosters independence and encourages children to learn from their experiences without constant adult intervention.
  4. Natural and Simple Materials: Many of us think of Montessori toys as very neutral and aesthetically simple toys. Montessori-friendly toys are typically made from natural materials like wood, fabric, metal, or glass. They often avoid electronic components or flashy designs, instead opting for simplicity and a connection to nature.
  5. Open-Ended Play: Montessori toys encourage open-ended play, allowing young children to use their imagination and creativity. They provide opportunities for children to explore different possibilities, make decisions, and engage in self-directed learning.
  6. Child-Centered and Child-Led: Montessori toys prioritize the child’s interests, needs, and abilities. They allow children to choose and engage with the toys based on their own preferences and developmental stage, promoting autonomy and a love for learning.

Montessori toys are not just about entertainment; they are carefully designed educational tools that support the holistic development of children. By providing engaging and purposeful play experiences, Montessori toys facilitate the development of important skills and foster a lifelong love of learning.

The Best Toys for Open-Ended Play

best amazon montessori toys

Open-ended play is a big component of Montessori learning. Open-ended play is made possible by toys that are versatile, not overly-themed and can be used in a lot of different ways. Some good examples of open-ended toys are wooden puzzles that can be done time and time again, wooden blocks that can build 100 different shapes/structures, dress-up or imaginative play items like play food and baby dolls. 

Check Out My Fave Stores for Open Ended Toys

Check out the post below for my favorite sources for open-ended toys!

The Best Montessori Toys On a Budget

best amazon montessori toys

Montessori toys can be pricey. This is because they are typically made very well and with expensive materials like wood and silicone rather than cheap plastic. In our family, we prioritize fewer, good quality toys over a lot of cheaply made toys. However, I think you can still get good quality wood toys at very affordable pricing and Amazon is a great place to start! The following list is a group of the best Montessori toys that I’ve found on Amazon! 

Best Amazon Montessori Toys for Babies

best amazon montessori toys for babies

This list of Montessori-inspired toys for babies is a great place to start if you want to incorporate the Montessori approach with your little one at an affordable price.

Here is my comprehensive list of the BEST Montessori and Montessori-friendly toys for each age group. Many of these toys I have purchased for my kid firsthand and can speak to their high quality.

Best Amazon Montessori/Waldorf Toys for Babies

best amazon montessori toys

Mushie stacking cup– $14.99

These adorable neutral-colored stacking cups from Mushie are the perfect size for little hands! It amazes me how long my babies are entertained with these simple types of toys!

best amazon montessort toys

Mushie paint palette toy– $14.99

Another adorable toy from Mushie, this little paint palette is a good choice for babies to develop color recognition and hand-eye coordination.

best amazon montessort toys

Silicone stacking rainbow– $16.99

A silicone stacking rainbow is a staple Montessori toy. We have a simple wood stacking rainbow in our playroom but there is something about the smooth texture of this silicone rainbow that babies love! This a great, versatile toy for older babies and toddlers.

best amazon montessori toys

Wooden car set– $19.98

These simple wood cars are great toys AND decor items for a baby’s nursery. I love toys that are aesthetically beautiful like these to add to open shelving in a Montessori nursery.

best amazon montessori toys

Silicone stacking bears– $20.99

My sister bought these silicone stacking bears for my daughter as a Christmas present. Even my 5-year-old loves them! They are a great tool to nurture hand-eye coordination and color recognition as well!

best amazon montessori toys

Wooden walker with blocks- $59

Trade in the bright plastic, overstimulating walker with the batteries that die at record speed for this sweet little wood walker. It comes with a set of beautifully colored wood blacks for baby to interact with.

best amazon montessori toys

Itzy ritzy crinkle teether- $14.99

This is the cutest teether/lovie I’ve found on Amazon! I love the linen fabric. It has several different options, including an adorable dinosaur.

best amazon montessori toys

Itzy ritzy car seat toy- $8.59

A car seat toy is one of those things I always forget to purchase when a baby is on the way. This sweet little car seat toy will keep the baby occupied on short and long drives alike!

best amazon montessort toys

Linking rings set $7.99

This is the simplest toy but it’s the perfect toy to keep your baby occupied! For some reason, babies love these so much plus they are a great tool for sensory development. 

best amazon montessori toys

Wooden rattle rollers- $14.99

These cutie simple rattles are perfect for the little learner! They come in soft colors and are an ideal rattle because they aren’t overly loud or obnoxious (which is a plus for parents too!)

best amazon montessori toys

Wooden egg shakers– $18.99

Another simple wooden rattle option is these cute egg shakers! They can double as play food for baby’s kitchen play.

best amazon montessort toys

Montessori carrot toy- $13.99

I shared this toy for my easter basket post last year and it sold like crazy! Super affordable, and a great tool for developing object permanence, baby will be obsessed with this toy!

best amazon montessort toys

Montessori set of 4 puzzles – $17.99

Puzzles are a top pick for Montessori parents. This is because they are fantastic for developing babies problem-solving skills and nurturing brain development! These cute, simple wood animal puzzles are a fantastic pick! 

best amazon montessort toys

High contrast book- $6.39

A young baby’s vision is different from our own. Babies actually notice and are transfixed by higher-contrast images like this black-and-white book!

best amazon montessort toys

Dino soft book- $16.99

This dino soft book is sweet and fun! It also is much harder for teething babies to destroy which is a huge plus for me!

best amazon montessort toys

Crochet teether- $14.99

This is the cutest little crochet teether and is one of my favorite finds on Amazon! It’s the perfect gift wrap topper for a baby gift as well!

best amazon montessort toys

Wood train set- $19.99

If your little one is obsessed with motor vehicles and trains, they will love this adorable wooden train! All the little details just make this train the cutest thing and also the perfect shelf decor idea for babies nursery.

best amazon montessort toys

Wood blocks– $16.99

A set of simple wood blocks is an absolute staple for the Montessori method of education. These wooden blocks are super versatile and a great option for open-ended play for kids of all ages!

best amazon montessort toys

Baby animal book– $17.95

This sweet soft book features various baby animals! It’s adorable.

Best Amazon Montessori-Friendly Toys for 2 Year Old

As your little one grows and develops, it may be time to add a few more toys into the rotation that challenge your toddlers new skills! Here are a few of my favorites from Amazon.

best amazon montessort toys

best amazon montessort toys

Nature puzzles- $22.99

Montessori education has a big emphasis on nature! These sweet little puzzles help teach baby all about the big world around them.

best amazon montessort toys

Mushroom toy– $22.99

Another fantastic “nature-inspired” toy, these cute little mushrooms are so fun to add to babies toy rotation!

best amazon montessort toys

Basket of babies – $35

As your toddler grows, imaginative play is a huge developmental milestone. These simple babies in a basket are adorable and allow little girs and boys to practice vital skills. 

best amazon montessort toys

Learning tower– $200

Learning towers like this one are a big deal in Montessori households. The idea is to let your child accompany you and learn while you cook, work, and do life!

best amazon montessort toys

Shopping cart- $88.50 + Cheaper option  $44.27

When baby turns 2, they hit what I like to call their “pack-rat” stage. They love to bring all their beloved toys around with them and load and unload them into various containers. This cute little cart will let your toddler explore with their toys!

best amazon montessort toys

Montessori stacker- $14.99

This little stacker is versatile enough for baby too, but I included it here because it can be tricky to match the holes up correctly.

best amazon montessort toys

Fidget book –$20.99

This little book is a great way to keep small hands busy and occupied! It has a variety of simple, interesting objects for baby to play with in order to foster fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

best amazon montessort toys

Bakery goods -$21.95

I am obsessed with this cute little bakery set! We also have the “cuttable” wood food and TBH, I prefer these sets. They are less messy to clean up and the kids love them just as much!

best amazon montessort toys

Real sink toy – $32.18

I bought this for my 2-year-old last year at Christmas per recommendations and it is worth the hype! At only $32, this little sink has given my toddler hours of imaginative play.

best amazon montessort toys

Wood market toy– $28.99

For a larger set of wooden food that doesn’t slice up and create a messy disaster, check out these food options! 

best amazon montessort toys

Cute xylophon – $26.99

For a sweet, neutral option for musical instruments, check out this new Amazon seller!

best amazon montessort toys

Wood sorter tool– $30.00

I love this simple wood sorting tool. The base is wood with accents in silicone which adds durability.

best amazon montessort toys

Rattan doll house purse– $50

I love this little rattan doll house purse! Perfect for storing figurines and other trinkets, your toddler will love it!

Best Amazon Montessori Inspired Toys for 3 Year Old

best amazon montessort toys for 3 year old

best amazon montessort toys

Bunny mixer– $36.12

I’ve been eyeing this adorable wooden baking set from Manhattan Toy Company for years now. At only $36, this is a total steal!

best amazon montessort toys

Sensory bin tools– $35.99

Everyone knows a staple of Montessori education is sensory bins! This little sensory tool kit is a fantastic resource to be used over and over.

best amazon montessort toys

Mouse rag dolls- $49.00

I bought these for my daughter’s dollhouse last Christmas and they are the absolute cutest!

best amazon montessort toys

Melissa and doug cleaning set–  $33 or Manhattan toy company cleaning set- $69.

Check out this adorable cleaning set from melissa & doug! If you want an even cuter version look at the option from Manhattan Toy Company.

best amazon montessort toys

Stacking blocks- $44.99

These stacking rocks are another Montessori staple toy! They are a fantastic open-ended toy that be used in so many play scenarios!

best amazon montessort toys

Emotive peg dolls- $33.99

These emotive peg dolls are an amazing tool for teaching kids to identify their own emotions. It can spark conversations about how to express emotion in a beneficial way.

best amazon montessort toys

Bee hive sorting tool- $45

This is just so dang cute! What a fun way to teach kids about the natural world, how to count and sort, and more!

best amazon montessort toys

Montessori climbing gym– $250

This adorable pikler triangle climbing gym is a wonderful playroom resource. Many Montessori classrooms have these gyms because they allow kids to put them together, take them apart, and be super creative! If I ever have a playroom big enough to store one, I will purchase one for sure!

best amazon montessort toys

Sorting dinos $19.99

These cute sorting dinos can be used to teach multiple skills! Color sorting, counting, grouping, and more!

best amazon montessort toys

Animal puzzle- 16.99

This cute wood puzzle is a great resource for learning animal names and more! Great for younger ages as well, you’ll get a lot of use out of this one.

wooden tea set ideas

Tea set- $34

I’ve wanted to purchase a tea set for my two-year-old for some time now! Tea sets offer hours of imaginative play and this wooden set is adorable.

best amazon montessort toys

Horse stable toy- $27

This cute little horse stable is creative and adorable.

wood noahs ark set

Noahs ark- $44

If you’ve been searching for a sweet, wood noahs ark toy check out this Amazon option! Complete with puzzle sides for added learning, this toy is so sweet and fun!

Best Amazon Montessori Toys for Preschoolers

best amazon montessort toys for preschool

best amazon montessort toys

Magnitiles- $25.99

If you are looking for a toy that provides hundreds of hours of imaginative play over the course of years, this is one of the best! Every Montessori playroom needs a set of magnitiles.

best amazon montessort toys

Peg dolls- $16.99

I love the simplicity of Montessori toys and these peg dolls are a great example. Perfect for helping kids use their imagination and work on their color recognition at the same time.

best amazon montessort toys

Sensory beads– $12.99

Sensory beads are a fantastic, inexpensive educational toy that your older toddler will love!

best amazon montessort toys

Dino animal pieces- $31.99

These cute dinos are a fantastic tool for teaching colors, upper case and lower case letters and pairing letters!

best amazon montessort toys

Counting ladybug toys– $32

What a cute and unique way to practice counting and sorting skills with these adorable ladybugs!

best amazon montessort toys

Reading block tool- $19.99

This is such a great reading practice tool in preparation for preschool!

best amazon montessort toys

Montessori counting beads $25.99

Not suitable for very young toddlers due to the size of the beads, but this is such a fantastic tool for teaching sorting, colors, patterns, counting, copying, and more!

best amazon montessort toys

Mushroom basket– $29

I love this cute little mushroom basket! It’s the perfect decor item for a Montessori bedroom.

best amazon montessort toys

Teepee- $60.00

This simple white teepee structure will give your older toddlers tons of imaginative play ideas!

organic art book

Organic art book – $13.99

This book is SO cool. It teaches kids how to make their own art supplies out of organic and natural materials!

I hope this list of the best Amazon Montessori toys is helpful in your shopping this year! What are your favorite Montessori-inspired toys? Let me know below!

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