Arhaus Labor Day Sales 2023 (Up To 80% Off!)

It’s here! Your exclusive sales guide to your fave pricey home decor stores for Labor Day 2023! Here you’ll find the best of Arhaus’s home decor sales and let me tell you, it’s good! With discounts of as much as 80% off of some of Arhaus’s most popular and beloved home decor and furniture items, this is one sale you do NOT want to miss!

arhaus labor day sales 2023

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Arhaus Labor Day Sale 2023

arhaus living room

Arhaus is one of those stores that I dream of being able to purchase from someday but without a bit of a discount is a little out of reach for many of us middle-class folks.  I decided to check out the Arhaus website to see what kind of sales are ongoing for Labor Day and I was floored to see these awesome Arhaus promotions! 

The good news is that this sale has many clearance items marked down well below 50% off! Whether you want to shop sectionals, shop beds, outdoor dining, or any other quality furniture NOW is the time to pull the trigger while these massive sales continue!

Arhaus Labor Day Furniture Sale

Without further adieu, here are the best Arhaus Sales for Labor Day, 2023!

arhaus entry way

Living Room Furnishings

I love these sale items from Arhuas’s living room collection! These furniture items and textiles bring the perfect rustic warmth to any room and create the high-end designer look we all dream of!

gilmour coffee table


The Gilmour coffee table is GORG. This substantial, LARGE coffee table is the perfect accent to a living room with room to spare. This bad boy is usually $3,699.00 so the discount is well over half off! RUN!

Gilmour Coffee Table- $1,299.00


Next up is another equally beautiful coffee table with a similar shape. The Hudson coffee table is large and in charge and we are loving it! Usually $3,899.00, this is a steal!

Hudson Coffee Table- $1,299.00

hudson coffee table


The Hudson end table pairs perfectly with either the Hudson coffee table or the Gilmour coffee table. Rustic, high-quality wood meets functionality with this sweet, round side table which would be perfect for living or bedrooms!

Hudson End Table- $900.00


Check out this adorable cowhide lumbar pillow on sale for $90. Normally priced at $179, this is an awesome deal. It comes in tan or black!

Cowhide pillow- $90.30

cow hide pillow
batavia pillow


I’m obsessed with this adorable pillow cover which is in my cart as we speak! At only $27.50, this is a total steal and would be perfect in the living room OR Bedroom!

Batavia Pillow


An Arhaus vase for under $30 is UNHEARD OF. This architectural vase is full of texture and character and I envision it with the rest of my antiques on my living room styled shelves!

Kalani vase- $27.30

kalani vase

Dining Room

kensington dining table


I can’t even believe the price of the Kensington table! This table is usually $4,899.00… INSANE. If you have been patiently saving for a high-quality and beautiful dining room table, RUN!

Kensington Table


This beautiful tiered chandi is usually over $5,000.00… This thing is massive and a total show-stopper for any dining room space!

Leyland Chandelier

arhaus labor day sales 2023
arhaus labor day sales 2023


This pricey Sukhi Chandi goes for over $8,000 when not on sale! It’s absolutely stunning with frosted glass beads and AGAIN, this thing is huge! What a statement piece.

Sukhi Chandelier- $3059.00


This gorgeous gold leaf chandelier reminds me of something from Rivendell in The Lord Of The Rings (nerdy, I know!). It’s so delicate and beautiful and under 1k!

Goild leaf chandilier- $949

arhaus labor day sales 2023
arhaus labor day sales 2023


I am DROOLING over this rustic but elegant wood mirror! The Khali wall mirror also comes in a floor-length version and I just LOVE the warm wood accent it adds!

Khali Wall mirror – $419.30


It’s rustic, chippy, and screams vintage and it’s just the prettiest sideboard I’ve seen in some time! It’s the Waverly sideboard that usually costs almost $3000… Get it NOW for under 1K!

Waverly sideboard- $999.00

arhaus labor day sales 2023


arhaus labor day sales 2023


These terracotta Amalfi dressers are absolutely beautiful and unique. They offer this design in a 6-drawer and a 3-drawer option!

Amalfi Three Drawer Dresser in Terracotta- $2,499.00 + Amalfi Six drawer dresser- $3499.00


This little authentic wood-carved chest is stunning, unique, and a total statement piece! Discounted at over 50% this is a total deal!

Ming Shanxi Elm Hall Chest- $999.00

arhaus labor day sales 2023

There you have it! These Arhaus Furniture promotions will go FAST so if you’ve been eyeing one of these pieces, NOW is the time to act! Happy Shopping!

Shop More Home Decor:

If you love Arhaus style, check out these round-ups of my favorite home furniture items + lookalike items!

Shop Arhaus Labor Day Sales 2023:

  1. Gilmour Coffee Table- $1,299.00
  2. Kensington Table- $1,999.00
  3. Hudson Coffee Table-1,299.00
  4. Ming Shanxi Elm Hall Chest- $999.00
  5. Amalfi Three Drawer Dresser in Terracotta- $2,499.00
  6. Cowhide pillow- $90.30
  7. Kalani vase- $27.30
  8. Gold leaf chandelier- $949
  9. Khali Wall mirror – $419.30
  10. Hudson end table- $900.00
  11. Amalfi Six-drawer dresser- $3499.00
  12. Sukhi Chandelier- $3059.00
  13. Leyland Tiered Chandelier- $1899.00

I hope you enjoyed these Arhaus Labor Day Sales 2023!

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