30 Best Bodysuit and Jeans Outfits for 2023

It’s 2023 and bodysuits are insanely popular! If you are searching for ways to wear a bodysuit and jeans outfit but aren’t quite sure where to start, consider this your ultimate guide! As a busy mom of 3, a good bodysuit is my go-to outfit for everything from errand-running to preschool drop-off to a hot date with my hubs. I love the simplicity and versatility of styling a body suit with jeans. This post breaks down some of my all-time favorite places to buy bodysuits and flattering ways to rock a body suit!

bodysuit and jeans outfit

Can I Wear a Bodysuit with Jeans?

YES. Bodysuit and jeans outfit ideas are so popular! In fact, a bodysuit and jeans outfit is the best way to rock a bodysuit! Bodysuits tend to be tighter fitted across the torso and wearing jeans over your bodysuit gives a super sleek, tuck-in look that won’t budge!

Do Bodysuit Outfits Work For Moms?

Again, YES. I have been rocking bodysuits for years and even wore one to my husband’s 30th birthday party, about 2 months postpartum!

simple bodysuit and jeans outfit

I have a few tips/tricks to make bodysuits work with a mommy pooch 🙂

  • First, try a looser-fitting bodysuit! Not all bodysuits are skin-tight. I have a few silky bodysuit tops that work so great postpartum but stay perfectly in place.
  • Second, control top underwear. I usually recommend NOT wearing underwear with a bodysuit but if you are freshly postpartum, or you just want a little more tummy support, wear control top underwear beneath your body suit! it works wonders.
  • Third, size up! Bodysuits usually run small/tight. My top trick for postpartum fashion is DON’T try to fit in the size you were before. It usually fits and feels so much better if you simply go up a size! No one will know 🙂

Top Picks for Black Bodysuit with Jeans

A black bodysuit is an absolute wardrobe staple. This piece is so versatile and goes with literally everything. It is the perfect choice to create a chic look for work with a trouser pant or a pencil skirt BUT my favorite way to wear a black color bodysuit is with a pair of faded wash blue jeans!

For this bodysuit and jeans outfit, I’ve styled my favorite black bodysuit (below) with a pair of faded wash bell bottoms and high heel clogs. This bodysuit from Abercrombie is my favorite because the knit bodysuit material is so comfortable and flattering! This is a simple look but it gives retro vibes and is SO comfy. My favorite thing about this bodysuit is that it stays put! No sliding or re-tucking needed!

Shop Black Bodysuits:

top picks for black bodysuit
  1. Abercrombie and Fitch Seamless Scoop Neck Black Bodysuit – $45
  2. Margo Lace Longsleeve Black Bodysuit – $248
  3. Lulu Swiss Dot Black Bodysuit – $39
  4. Lulu Tie Strap Black Bodysuit – $34
  5. Revolve black leather bodysuit -$118
  6. Abercrombie Cozy Long sleeve bodysuit – $50 (as pictured above)

Top Picks for White Bodysuit with Jeans

Another absolute wardrobe staple is a simple white bodysuit! A white bodysuit looks amazing with jeans and a black leather jacket, or with a long flowy summer skirt! You can also style a simple white long-sleeve bodysuit with a pencil skirt for a gorgeous business casual look! My favorite look for summer is styling a white bodysuit with distressed jean shorts

I styled this simple white bodysuit with a pair of my favorite high-rise jean shorts for a fun summer look! I added a strappy sandal and it’s the perfect summer casual date night look or BBQ outfit!

jean shorts with white bodysuit

Shop White Bodysuits

white bodysuit
  1. Lulu White Floral Jacquard Bodysuit – $49
  2. Free People Tie Strap Corset Bodysuit -$68 (in my cart!)
  3. Majorelle Cory Top in White – $158
  4. Abercrombie Solid Long Sleeve Square Neck Bodysuit- $50
  5. Revolve Stacia White Lace Bodysuit Tank– $68
  6. NBD sheer sleeve Blaine Bodysuit -$158

Top Picks for Sexy Bodysuits

Bodysuits are effortlessly sexy! Although they tend to fit tighter than most shirts, they stay in place and require way less fuss to reposition. A HUGE trend for 2023 is wearing a black lace bodysuit with distressed jeans and a leather jacket OR blazer. I’ve seen this trend everywhere. If you are the bold type to try a lace bodysuit, check out the one below!

As much as I love a sexy date night look, I am also a mom of three and super practical when it comes to the clothing I purchase. For this reason, I love styling a bodysuit for a polished look for work and then transitioning it to a sexier evening look for date night! Two for the price of one!

Different Ways To Style One Bodysuit

Here is an example of how I styled a simple black bodysuit, blazer, my favorite jeans, and high heels for work and then removed the blazer for a flirty date night look. It’s always a great idea to purchase pieces you can style in multiple ways!

sexy bodysuits
  1. Lulu Black Lace Bodysuit- $34
  2. Lulu Plunge Black Bodysuit– $34
  3. Revolve Black Lace bodysuit– $78
  4. Free People Corset Bodysuit– $48
  5. Free People Long Sleeve V-neck Bodysuit– $68
  6. Lulu Sheer Long Sleeve bodysuit- $34

Top Picks for Floral Bodysuit

For a fun pop of color and a bold look, try a floral bodysuit. I am a mostly neutral kind of gal, but floral bodysuits are so pretty, and especially during the cooler months, I like to wear something a bit edgier. A floral bodysuit with jeans is such a fun and classic look!

Check out my top picks for floral bodysuits below!

floral bodysuits
  1. Lulu Bright red floral bodysuit– $35
  2. Lulu Dark and Moody Bodysuit– $25
  3. Lulu Neutral Smocked Floral Bodysuit– $54
  4. Revolve Bustier Floral bodysuit– $161
  5. Lulu Long sleeve Velvet Winter Bodysuit– $54
  6. Lulu off-the-shoulder tropical bodysuit– $34

FAQ about Bodysuit and Jeans Outfit:

What Kind of Jeans Do You Wear With a Bodysuit?

Bodysuits go with a variety of jeans styles! The best style of jeans to pair with a bodysuit is high-waisted jeans. The tightness of a bodysuit and the slimming effect of definition at the smallest point of the waist creates a gorgeous hourglass figure!

Other styles of jeans go with bodysuits too. Below is a stunning bodysuit with boyfriend jeans! Such an easy and effortless look.

I also love pairing a cute bodysuit with mom jeans! Mom jeans are slightly more fitted than boyfriend jeans and create an adorable casual look!

Here is a gorgeous bodysuit styled with mom jeans. This silhouette is breathtaking and effortless. I paired this look with white sneakers for a fun sporty vibe.

bodysuit and jeans outfit

You can also style a tight bodysuit with Wide Leg Pants or trousers.

Celebrities everywhere can be seen in these baggy trouser pants! I recommend a really tight bodysuit to balance out this look without looking frumpy.

Don’t forget about Jean shorts! It might only be march, but I’m already thinking about how cute jean shorts would be styled with a simple bodysuit like this one! Add a strappy sandal and you have such a cute summer look.

cutoffs and bodysuit

Can you wear a bodysuit with skinny jeans?

Wearing a cute bodysuit with skinny jeans is totally still in style! While skinny jeans might not be the most popular look in 2023, wearing a flowy bodysuit with a pair of skinny jeans helps balance out the look. I usually try to wear a tighter top with looser jeans and vice versa. So if you’re dying to break out some sexy leggings or skinny jeans, try pairing them with a looser bodysuit top!

Why wear a bodysuit with jeans?

Wearing a bodysuit under jeans is a great way to get the “tucked in” look without your top moving or coming out of place. Plus, it’s a gorgeous and feminine look that is so easy to pull off!

Do you wear a bra under bodysuit?

This depends on the style of the top. I have several t-shirt material bodysuits and I always wear a bra with those! Some of my bodysuit tops have a built-in bra or thicker material and in that case, I nix the bra.

Are bodysuits still in style 2023?

Absolutley! Bodysuits have been growing in popularity over the past few years but they are hitting that sweet spot where even those of us who were hesitant at first want to see what the fuss is all about!

Can you wear just a bodysuit in public?

Bodysuits are basically like giant onesies with snaps between the legs. So that’s gonna be a no for me. Ha!

How do you go to the bathroom in a bodysuit?

This is a valid question. I once bought a body suit that did NOT have snaps. It was a cheap one from Forever 21. I didn’t think this was a big deal until I had a few drinks and tried to use the restroom. If you don’t want to get completely undressed in a random bathroom ONLY buy a bodysuit with snaps LOL. You simply have to pull down your pants and unsnap it. Easy-peasy.

How do you hide a bra in a bodysuit?

If you are larger chested and need to wear a bra OR the style of bodysuit requires a bra, try a strapless option like sticky boobs HERE. For bra straps that keep slipping out and showing, try my FAVE apparel tape.

Do you wear anything under a bodysuit?

You do not have to wear underwear with a bodysuit. Most bodysuits have a thong-style bottom that can double as underwear. If you are uncomfortable with that style of underwear you can definitely wear underwear underneath BUT it can give a bulky panty line.

When I first started wearing bodysuits I always wore them with underwear. I just thought it’d be strange not to. But I started noticing (especially with tighter ones) that it looked bulky and awkward under my jeans. Try purchasing a thong bodysuit that you don’t have to wear underwear with! You will notice it fits so much better and without bulky panty lines!

How can I look better in a bodysuit?

If you are dying to wear a bodysuit and jeans outfit but want some tips to feel more confident, here’s my hot take. Bodysuits tend to be tight-fitting but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull one off! A few things that can help you feel more confident in a body suit are:

  1. Select the right bra. You don’t want bra bulge or straps popping out. Pick a bodysuit with a built-in bra to simplify this issue!
  2. Wear shapewear under your body suit. I always do this when I wear a bodysuit postpartum. It feels good to have that extra support
  3. Wear with high-waisted jeans or high-waisted skirt to accentuate the smallest part of your waist.

How do you wear a bodysuit with a big belly?

I started wearing my bodysuits again when I was only a few months postpartum with my third baby. I just couldn’t;t give them up. It took quite a while for my belly to go back in after my third baby and what worked for me was:

Wearing control top underwear underneath my body suit and wearing high-waisted jeans! Seriously, try it.

I love helping my followers create looks they love. Let me know of any help you need!

I hope you feel inspired to put together a bodysuit and jeans outfit! A bodysuit like any of the ones here will instantly elevate your look and you’ll feel so confident! What questions do you have about styling bodysuits? Ask me below!

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