The Best Unlacquered Brass Hardware For a Vintage Kitchen

Unlacquered brass is an extremely popular hardware selection in 2024. With its stunning vintage-look patina and timeless appeal, it is an instant upgrade to any kitchen. If you are looking for a unique kitchen hardware option that goes with the vintage theme of your home, unlacquered brass is a great option because it looks very antique and gives the whole room a worn-in vibe that odes to a bygone era. In this post, I break down the best unlacquered brass kitchen hardware we selected for our cozy 1940s kitchen renovation + some more affordable options if you want to replicate the look!

best unlacquered brass kitchen hardware

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What is Unlacquered brass?

Also called unfinished brass, uncoated brass, and raw brass, an unlacquered finish is simply brass without a protective coating. It still LOOKS shiny but it also has what is called a “living finish”. The lack of protective coating allows this brass to form a natural patina over time. This unique patina looks very vintage and adds so much character to the design it’s part of!

brass hardware

From the very start of my kitchen design plans, I knew I wanted to have unlacquered brass hardware because I’m a HUGE fan of all things vintage and character-filled. I also knew I wanted to select really durable, solid brass hardware that is of great quality.

Cheaper hardware is noticeable and after having very builder-grade hardware in every house we’ve owned, I felt ready to invest a bit more to get better quality. I think I found what is truly the BEST unlacquered brass kitchen hardware and I can’t wait to see it every day!

best unlacquered brass kitchen hardware

Why You’ll Love Unlacquered Brass For Your Kitchen:

I love my new hardware SO much and I think you will too. Here are a few reasons I think you’ll love this style of hardware:

  • Vintage Vibes. If you love my blog, then chances are, you are all about vintage and antique style for home decor. My house is filled with old furniture pieces, vintage art, and vintage-styled textiles. This hardware with its unique patina fits right in with the vintage aesthetic.
  • Matte-ish finish. I hesitate to call the finish “matte” because the hardware certainly has some shine to it, but it’s a much more understated level of shine. I’m obsessed with the unique patina on every piece!
  • Durability. Brass hardware stands the test of time and as long as you don’t mind the patina on your hardware, it requires basically NO upkeep.

If you love unlacquered brass hardware and want a kitchen faucet to match, check out THIS POST, where I break down the top-rated brass faucets on the market!

Our Unlacquered Brass Cabinet Hardware

best unlacquered brass kitchen hardware

When it comes to selecting the best unlaquered brass kitchen hardware, there are a ton of good options available, catering to various design styles and price points. From cabinet latches to drawer pulls, appliance pulls to cabinet knobs, there’s no shortage of options and this can feel a little overwhelming.

I started my search for the perfect hardware by scouring Pinterest for inspiration pictures. I really loved the look of these English country kitchens.

English Country is sort of like cottage style but has a mix of laid-back design elements with slightly luxurious finishes. Our kitchen has a very cottage feel to it already so I wanted to elevate the laid-back design with some high-quality hardware.

Rejuvenation Unlacquered Brass Cabinet Knobs

rejuvenation hardware

Rejuvenation Ball Knob

I selected THESE knobs for our kitchen and absolutely love the look! We used these on all the drawers rather than cup or bin pulls and I’m obsessed! I also used them on all the upper cabinets for an understated look.

Rejuvenation Unlacquered Brass Cabinet Latch

rejuvenation hardware

Rejuvenation Large Oval Latch

Goodness, these latches are stunning! I used these latches on our lower cabinet doors in a few spots. I recommend using these latches on doors you don’t open quite as frequently as the latches require more effort to open than a knob or pull.

Rejuvenation Unlacquered Brass Drawer Pulls

rejuvenation hardware

Rejuvenation Vernon Bin Pulls

The last piece I selected for my kitchen was this Vernon bin pull. I wanted bin pulls for our slide-out garbage and recycling bins. These pulls are simple and lovely. We went with the 4″ option.

Affordable Unlacquered Brass Hardware

The stunning Rejuvenation hardware has a high price point which in my opinion, is reflected in how solid and good-quality the hardware is! If you are looking for something similar but on a lower budget, here are some suggestions!

Knobs Vs Pulls Vs Latches

Having never replaced kitchen hardware before, I had a million questions.

What is the right combination of knobs/pulls/latches?

Do I mix and match or go with just one style?

Can I mix different types of metals? If so, what goes with unlacquered brass?

If you’ve had all these questions, I have the answers!

How to Mix and Match Hardware Styles

kitchen reno

First, I love the look of mixed and matched hardware styles. My kitchen is a small space so I ended up using 3 different styles, but in a larger space you could add more.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mixing and matching hardware styles, but I always recommend they balance each other. For instance, if you are using a thick/chunkier bin pull, balance it with a small/dainty knob so the look is cohesive and not too heavy.

kitchen hardware

I have always loved the look of knobs, so I’d say my kitchen is on the knob-heavy side for hardware. Because my kitchen space is so small, I liked that the knobs were smaller too and didn’t look clunky or heavy in the aesthetic of the space.

best unlacquered brass kitchen hardware

I absolutely love my latches. They add such a classic look to the kitchen. I will note that these latches are on the larger size so I’m glad I only used them on the lower doors and balanced them with knobs above.

Which Mixed Metal Goes with Unlacquered Brass?

best unlacquered brass kitchen hardware

Mixed metals are becoming increasingly popular for kitchens and bathrooms alike. It’s a good way to keep the overall look of your kitchen diverse and not overly themed to one metal type. If your wondering which metals look good with unlaquered brass, here are my suggestions:

  • Polished Chrome
  • Stainless Steel
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

FAQ About Unlacquered Brass Hardware:

best unlacquered brass kitchen hardware

Is unlacquered brass good for Kitchen Hardware?

Uncoated brass has been used to make kitchen hardware for hundreds of years! Brass is great for kitchens as it is extremely durable, and corrosion-resistant! 

What lasts longer brass or stainless steel?

Stainless steel is another metal that is very corrosion-resistant and durable for kitchen appliances. Various aspects of stainless steel may make it more durable than brass. Brass seems to be more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel while stainless steel seems to be more rust-resistant.

What brass does not tarnish?

The amount of visible tarnish is dependent on the coating/finish. Using a satin brass or matte brass finish will prevent tarnish. Polished brass is beautiful with its bright and shiny finish but it will be more likely to show signs of wear. Unlacquered brass shows its age BUT in a beautiful and vintage patina.

Is brass hardware going out of style?

Nope! Stainless steel had its moment In the 2010’s but warmer metals are all the rage in the 2020s! Warm metals like brass and copper have been used for hundreds of years, even before stainless steel existed. If you love a timeless look, brass hardware is a great pick!

Is brass high maintenance?

It depends on the finish you select for your brass. Polished brass takes more polishing to keep it bright and gleaming. If cared for poorly, it may tarnish quickly. Unlacquered brass naturally patinas over time with no maintenance needed. While this look may not appeal to everyone, it is the lowest-maintenance brass option.

Does brass turn green?

Brass is two-thirds copper. For this reason, it behaves like copper if neglected. If left uncleaned, brass may form some spots of greenish-blue tint.

How do you keep brass shiny?

The best way to preserve your brass and avoid tarnish is it to keep it clean. Wipe it down regularly using soap and water and buff it dry. There are many different products you can apply to your brass fuacet which may slow the tarnishing. Linseed oil is popular for polishing. Another all-natural option is baking soda and lemon juice mixed into a paste. Apply the paste on your faucet and then remove with soap and water.

How do you keep brass from turning green?

As stated above, the best way to avoid the green patina from forming is regular cleaning of your hardware. Wipe down with soap and water and polish with wax or linseed oil as needed.

Is bar keepers friend good for brass?

Bar keepers friend is safe for brass and can help remove blue/green spots. If you are looking for a more natural cleaner try one of the options above!

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